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grape seed oil

I have tried some DIY skin care before, and I think this one is worth to highlight. Grape seed oil is one of the best oil that not only enriched with OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) for antioxidant, most importantly, it is non-comedogenic and odor free. Unlike Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that could be occlusive.


grape seed oil2


I used grape seed oil for light makeup (eye brow makeup and sunblock) removal. First, focus on oily T-zone. Gently massage the dry skin with dry fingers in small circular motion for 1-2 minutes, blot off the excess oil with tissue, and follow with a facial cleanser (sweep the foam on skin 5-10 seconds) . 

Aside from evening cleansing, it was ideal for my morning cleansing too. I doubted if it works initially, but my skin has never been better since I adopted the method.  Really really, my skin moisture retains perfectly and I was so in love with this day by day. Instead of relying on facial washing foam that mostly caused dryness, I love “oil + cleanser” cleansing way.  Once in a while, I also alternate the grape seed oil with natural-based cleansing milk for morning cleansing, they just work fabulous for my skin.


grape seed oil content-cotton


I am proud to tell you that I have no breakout in past 6 months. Well, 1-2 clog pores due to new product testing may be, but no annoying breakout at all. Yet, I found this was amazing to clear blackheads. Although I have my favorite deep cleansing mask, Biotherm Biopur One-minute Unclogging Mask to be with me, but I restricted an usage per week. Therefore, grape seed oil is the great blackhead scavenger to fill the time gap. In fact, daily use of grape seed oil massage works thousand times better to keep the pores clean and the way is more gentle for my sensitive skin.


grape seed oil content


Although EVOO failed me in the past, but I couldn’t tell anything bad about the grape seed oil after used for more than 6 months. My skin moisture was also improving that my hydrating serum and makeup foundation became occasional necessities or only for particular spots. Anyhow, it was not so dramatic that I still need a proper moisturizing care in dry season. Best of all, the method is my “Blackhead Ranger”.


For reference purpose, I performed a simple yet cruel cleansing test to the grape seed oil (refer to below pictures). The test consists of shimmering lipsticks, shimmering primer, creamy foundation, powder foundation, waterproof sunblock, waterproof mascaras, waterproof eyeliner and eye shadow.

BT’s challenging test

grape seed oil-test1

wait for 10 minutes to settle the makeup

grape seed oil-test2

Take about 1 tsp of the oil and gently massage the oil on skin for 5 seconds. Most of the makeup had gone easily, only the most stubborn Fasio mascara and some fine glitter-particles still strugglingly survive.

grape seed oil-test3

Take the oil again and gently massage the oil for another 5 seconds, the mascara is fully dissolved, but those fine glitter-particles still exist.



The grape seed oil is good enough to remove normal makeup, not suitable for heavy and very water/sebum resistant makeup, unless you are willing to do double or triple cleansings. However, a good facial cleanser is sufficient to remove all those glitter-particles properly.


In such case, I was using commercial makeup cleansing oil for waterproof makeup if I am too exhausted, else I really don’t mind to repeat the process twice to make the cleansing thoroughly. I bought the Borgese grape seed oil at local supermarket at merely 179 baht for 500ml, not to forget it is multi-purpose too, good for cooking as well.  By the way, store the oil away from heat and sun light. (“v)


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