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if for very dry skin should use what product? thank u

Hello hwa hwa,

Normally dry skin needs both water humactants (glycerin, panthenol, amino acids, urea, sodium hyaluronate etc) and oil-based ingredients (squalane, lecithin, ceramides, plant oils etc) for moisturizing. Humactants replenish moisture very fast but result might not long lasting due to vary factors (such as thin skin, harsh weather etc). Ingredients like plant oils, ceramides, cholesterol, lecithin, phospholipid are meant for barrier repair in order to retain moisture. You might need some minerals, vitamins, peptides, AHAs, yeast etc (depending on your skin age) for skin revitalizing because moisturizing alone would not improved your skin deep.

However, not every dry skin is identical, dry skin could be acne-prone or sensitive or easily dehydrated. Beside, it could be resulting from chronological aging, pollution, air-conditioning, stress, climate condition and so forth, hence you need to carefully select the ingredients that suit your skin best. For example, light oil such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil are suitable for younger or acne-prone dry skin; wherereas heavy oil such as olive oil, avocado oil, borage oil will nourish mature dry skin better.

Most products on the market have included various ingredient that I mentioned above. From my experience, taking care a very dry skin in windy climate/winter, some comedogenic ingredients like petrolatum, shea butter, dimethione etc are extremely helpful to protect skin. My suggestion is, understand what you need according to your skin before choosing a product for dry skin. (“v)

hey BT, i enjoyed reading your review. they are very useful! i wasn’t aware there are so many brands over ar BBK.

i’m from singapore.

Welcome Kiki,
I am more than delighted to hear a compliment from my reader, thank you!

Many international beauty brands are available in Bangkok but rather limited outside of Bangkok. Some of the brands are highly mark up as TH has high DT fee/tax (30% as I known few years ago) for imported cosmetic item. At the moment I would say Hong Kong has most variety of cosmetics. (“v)

hi how are u . ur product so nice and very efactive .plz if u can send me ur contact number .iwanna make bussniss with u.iwanna make regster ur prodct here in my cambany ratag medical phon no 00249912839827.
that lot plz iform me my regard

Hi Dr.nagaf hassan,

Thank you for interested in my blog content. However, all products that I reviewed in my blog are purchased from department/cosmectic stores, I never developed my own product. (“v)

Please More information about the beauty analyzer 21 ad machine ,, im looking forward to be your distributer and the agent in kuwait ,, Please send me your final price of that machine for large quantities .

Hi, please liase with Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. for further information. I am purely a beauty blogger here.


Hi Autumn,
I guess you were asking questions in first two lines?

1. Best way to keep skin fair (is staying away from sunlight)
2. Best way to maintain Boyish look is (visit hair salon every month to keep your hair short)
3. What spoil skin the most (are any bad habit like late night, smoking…etc)
4. Procedure to turn fair (included IPL, Q-switched lasers and vitamin C injection by dermatologist)

want to know the price of clarins sunscreen spf40

Hi manya masand,
I am not selling anything here, please refer to other online seller or your local Clarins for the price.

what is the effect of olay total effects on facial hair.I have been using olay total effects from last one month.

Hi lalita,
I have never noticed of that, since you were already using it you probably can tell me what its effect on facial hair. (“v)

First time visiting your blog, very neat & informative!

Thanks Sandra, your blog is interesting. (“v)

Dear Sir/mdm,

I wish to parches your pearl collagen mask sheet,

can you help me how to key in your website.

please can you email me.

Thamnk you

Hello m I Bradley,
I never sold skin care product on my blog. I am purely sharing my skin care review here, please try searching the mask in (or other buyer you are interested) since I bought the mask from a Sasa retail store in Hong Kong. (“v)

I really love your blog.

Thanks mesommy,
You’re very cute and your blog is cool! (“v)

Have you ever try this?

My new favorite sunscreen ^ ^

Glad to hear from you again mesommy,

I never tried the Laura Mercier sunscreen but look at the ingredient list, it seems to be similar with those Japanese milky sunscreens. It is quite pricey but I would like to give it a try since it doesn’t contain suncreen ingredient that I’m allergy to. Thanks for telling me about this sunscreen. (“v)

Hi, I am in the cosmetic industry- a chemist and a marketer, in NYC, USA. I read some of your blogs and quite impressed with your work. Your passion for products clearly displayed by your writings and photos! Where are you located? I’d love to meet you if you are in USA. You can email me directly. Great job!

Thanks for your comment and nice to know you, Ginger King.

I am currently residing in Pattaya, Thailand. I believe many women, including me, are started very concerning about skin care when they see their first sign of aging or, when other people comment negatively their skin. I don’t want to look old, meanwhile I also learn gradually how to appreicate and embrace the aging nature, the more I learn about the relationship between beauty product and skin care, the more I respect the dedication and devotion of chemist to beauty. (“v) Best wishes.

hello ,

this is my first time visit your blog and im very impressive abt it . You provide very helpful information abt the pdts ^^

i have dehydrated combination sensitive skin , but also acne-prone skin>.<

i would like to ask you which moisturiser you are using now ? so that i can give it a try since i havn't found my best suited moisteriser

also i would like to have your opinion abt this : if i used a moisturiser which already had spf ( olay white radiance uy whitening cream), will it be ok if i also put another layer of sunsreen on top of it ?


Hello selina,
Welcome to my skin care diary and hope you enjoy the reviews.

At the time of writing, it is hot humid season in central Thailand and my skin turned to be combination-normal, hence my skin care routine is pretty simple.

Currently I use a serum before sunblock in day and a moisturizing face oil at night only. The only moisturizer that I still use occassionally and is sitting on my desk now is Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream from Taiwan. This is quite nice and I still enjoy using it after few months but I’m not sure if it okay for acne-prone skin. However, I would suggest you to find out what is your main skin care concern and try to understand your skin behavior so you can find your ideal moisturizer easier. (“v)

It’s ok if you add another layer of sunscreen after applying a SPF day cream as long as your skin is feeling comfortable with that. Just a small reminder here, the SPF value would not combine. For eg, you wear Olay cream SPF24 and then apply a sunscreen with SPF50, theoritically the total SPF value you have is SPF50 only, it takes the biggest one provided you apply sufficient amount. If you want to learn more, you can read here. (“v)


Hi Asmaa,

The Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Cream SPF19 had been discontinued about 2 years ago, that said, Olay no longer selling this product and had replaced it by Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Cream SPF24. Beware, if you still see someone selling this product elsewhere, most probably it is a fake product or old stock.

Do you have an UPDATED skin routine for your face? Can you share it to us please 🙂
And what product would you recommend for an ACNE PRONE skin and in shrinking PIMPLES easily 🙂 RSVP 😀 Thanks! ❤

Hi simplecharm07,
I just put up a post of my current skin care routine, I will update the post from time to time also. (“v)

For acne-prone skin, sorry to say I’m not the best person to recommend you any product. Once a while I do get acne-prone but it normally related to my internal heath/diet since I got pimples on my chest as well. The only product I had tried for my “acne-prone” skin is Metholatum Acnes Sealing Jelly, it helped to cure my pimples actually. For now, whenever I suffer from breakout I just avoid any product on the acne spot and let them healed naturally because certain ingredients in skin care product could be comedogenic or over-supply what the skin/acne really need. Besides, I also use powder (baby powder) to dry the acne.

My friendly suggestion is, understand the reason that responsible for your acne-prone skin is very crucial, and only use appropriate skin care product that match your age and skin condition. (“v)

Thanks for your blog! I really appreciate your reviews. I recently got a sample of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair as a gift of buying their doubwear light foundation. So I was wondering, what exactly it does/how it works and so on. I don’t want to be in those marketing scam. Your blog will be in my reader subscription. Thanks for all the information!

Hi Sherry Xie,
Thank you for your lovely comment. Glad to know my review provides useful information, and that’s also what I always want my review to be. By the way, you have a really nice blog (“v), I have added the blog into my bookmark in order to read more! (‘*v)

hey Iam from Oman and I used your product rojukiss laser for perfect pore less and it was funtastic , I bought it from thailand and it is almost finished and I wish to have it again, so I was asking about the nearest place where I can get it because I cant to to thailand again. thanks
warda from oman

Hi Warda,
Sorry for the late reply as I was away from internet on these few days. Anyway, glad to know the serum worked fantastic for you.

As far as I know Rojukiss is now selling in Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, not sure about the other country or online store.

If you would like to order the product via shipping, please contact me directly beautyknot[@]gmail[dot]com for further info. Thanks.

i have a normal skin i want to know abt which olay sunblock is suitable for me

Hi khadeeja,
As I understand different region has difference range of Olay product, you can go to your local store and test the Olay sunblock yourself. Normal skin type is ideal that most product is suitable for use. (“v)

I am soooo glad i came across your blog.. ! What would you recommend for liquid foundation and the powder for oily skin? Not so expensive but not a drugstore brand?

Hi Jenny,
Thank you for your sweet comment. (“v)

For oily skin you can consider lightweight liquid foundation and powder foundation. As you’re preferring over-the-counter brand, hence you have advantage to test the product on facial skin before purchase.

I would suggest Japanese brand because I think they’re generally more superior than western counterpart in term of oil-controlling. Those high-raved by many are Kose Esprique and Kanebo Coffret D’or, I also like the Fancl powder foundation. As for powder, basically all powders are drying (for dry skin) because either talc-based or starch-based powder have oil absorbing nature, some powders are not so drying because their formula contain emoilient. Meanwhile, keep your skin balanced prior to applying makeup is essential too. (“v)

Great Blog! Really enjoy reading it. There are so many products on the markets, it is really hard (and expensive) to choose the correct product.
Maybe you could recommend a product:
I have fair skin already but starting to get some spots and freckles from the Bangkok sun. Can you recommend a product to lighten this?

I hope you are not too effect by the floods. Take care!

Thanks for your heart-warming comment Gabrielle.

I’m blessed that based in “dry land” in eastern region now so my area isn’t affected though certain food supply is slightly disrupted at this moment. I hope you and your families are staying safe and have peaceful mind. What happened now in TH is certainly not a good feeling but we need positive spirit to keep up the life. *hug*

For pigmentation care, both well-formulated high-end and drugstore spot treatments will help but probably those premium and pharmaceutical treatments will show quicker result because they normally contain enough concentration of lightening ingredient. Kiehl’s Vitamin C treatment, Kose’s, rosehip oil and few Korean/Jap brands that are not available in TH have been working fine for me, some of my readers also reported good experience with Vichy Bi-White essence and my sister’s sun spots have been lightened greatly by using a Korea snail cream. I think personal preference and pigmentation condition are varied so I rather share than recommend a particular product here. (“v)

Besides lightening product, I must stress again sun care must be taken equally important because the dark spots turned darker again without proper sun protection. As TH is geographically near to equatorial region and has stronger UV index than in Europe, you might want to take different measure of sun protection. I found my freckles were darkened much faster in TH compared to I was in Europe, which in fact I exposed to sun very much longer time in Europe. (“v)

Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I did take your advice and increase my daily skin care. I used (based on your reviews)the Biore Milk Sunscreen 50 for the beach and Biore Tint Milk 30 for the day. Love it. My sensitive skin has not broken out yet and it really controls the oil. I going to try out your Kiehl’s Vitamin C treatment to work on those freckels 🙂

Happy to hear you well in dry land. My house is still flooded (Rangsit) but living safely at my brothers in the south until things get better.

Hi Gabi, hope your area will resume to normal as quick as possible.

The Biore sunscreen milk series works much better on oil-controling comparing to their new line Aqua rich. As long as we cleanse the skin properly and don’t overload the skin with rich stuff, I don’t think it will be comedogenic (“v). Besides, you can try the luck asking a free sample of the Kiehls Vitamin C treatment at the store if you’re not sure your sensitive skin can tolerate the 10.5%pure Vitamin C.

where can i get this product in Malaysia?

I guess you’re talking about the Korea UGB? I have replied your comment in the review post. Thanks.

really love your blog 🙂 it’s really helpful ❤
What would you recommend for whitening product??
I'd like to try L'occitane imortelle brightening series or Laneige white plus renew series. which one has more whitening effect for skin?? when I was a teenager i didn't pay much attention to my face, didn't apply any sunscreen, so my face skin tone is darker than another part of my body.
I'm from Indonesia by the way.
thank you 😀

Thanks Biyan,
I have not tried the L’Occitane brightening series and Laneige White Plus Renew series but you can find a lot reviews online. Try key in their name separately into google search engine, you will get plenty of them (“v).

Being late better than never. I didn’t pay attention to skin care and didn’t use proper sunscreen until late 20s, so I got to do extra for my skin now :p To even out the skin tone, whitening product would help, also try to reduce sun exposure in order to maintain the fairness. My face is basically lighter than my body skin because I don’t use any body whitening care at all (”b)

what a fast reply 🙂
I have searched some reviews about L’occitane imortelle brightening and Laneige white plus renew, but still confuse which one is better haha

in general, what is the best skin care product for you so far??
and would you please recommend me a good or the best one whitening product??
thank you very very much 🙂

Hi biyan,
Probably we can on tell after give it a try 🙂
I have tried many good products, there is no best product but a suitable product for your skin at that time. For whitening products I tried, Kose sekkisei, Dr. Cilabo White Plus and The History of Whoo Seol are the three I highly satisfied, the kiehls vitamin C concentrate is what I liked too but my best friend said she has not seen remarkable result from the kiehls serum, I guess that is because she still expose to sun heavily everyday. So, avoid sun exposure could be crucial. (“v)

Hi, thanks a lot for your sharing! I was shocked when reading your Product Review Index, there are tons of items you have tried on and it was kind of hard for me to find the right one. I am wondering if you could give me some specific advice on choosing skin care products. I am a 26 years old Chinese girl living in the California, my skin type is dry to normal, I don’t have any fine lines so far. My concern is aging sign and dark circles under eyes. Also my job makes exposed to computers during all the working hours, I would like to prevent any harm by that. It would be nice if you could recommend me some brightening, hydrating, antioxidant products.

Hi Tina,
Thanks for your comment. In fact, I realized skin care habit is more important than what skin care product is used, just like health is not solely depending on health supplement. It is hard for me to recommend you a specific product since cosmetics is subjective but here are some guidelines probably help you get an idea on choosing product. (“v)

1. After 25, you can start using skin care with anti-aging ingredient in addition to antioxidant, currently scientifically proven anti-aging ingredient such as Vitamin A (Retinol), B3 (Niacinamate), C (Ascobic Acid), E (Tocopherol), DMAE, Peptides, Kinetin, Q10, AHA, Alpha Lipoic Acid etc. Some anti-aging ingredients act as antioxidant too like Vitamin A,C, E, Q10 etc.

2. You can also include both oil and water-based products in your skin care routine to maintain balanced skin and keep it moisturized constantly because dry skin did age slightly faster. (eg: a plant will wither if lack of water but over-watering could do bad to the plant)

3. Sun protection and positive thinking are essential. If you can do these well, you always look younger and save $ on anti-aging & brightening product.

4. Try simple lifting face massage and finger-tips eye massage to relax tired eyes. A little each day, many a little makes a mickle.

You may also want to consider serum/essence in your routine, use both anti-aging and brightening treatments, and use mask treatment periodically. Here are some products I quite liked: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Kiehls dermatology solution series, Aromatherapy Associates face oil, Clinique and Sulwhasoo moisturizers, Dr.Cilabo Aqua-in-essence, Dr.Wu Hyaluronic Acid serum etc.

Stumble upon ur blog and boyyy i love it!!! I love reading the reviews and products are diverse!! I learn a lot from u, thank u!

Quick question just wondering If u have any skincare reccomendations during pregnancy? Most of the poducts i curently use has retinol, or salyclic acid.. These are things that i have to avoid! I need to change my skincare to basic but dont know where to begin. I also was usjng the whitening hadalabo( have u heard?) is this safe? As it contains arbutin. Sigh! Pls let me know if u have a good and safe skincare reccomendation. My skin is ultra sensitive too and now thanks to pregnancy hormon, acne is unavoidable! Please help!

Reader from Bali
27 yrs old- nd pregnant

Congratulation Tisha! Please take my very best wishes to you and your beloved baby. (” v)

The golden rule is : Keep skin care simple and basic.

You can still gently exfoliate the skin every 1-2 weeks to keep skin smooth and healthy, apply non-chemical sunscreen when you are in sun (best with physical shading like umbrella, hat..for pigmentation care), and wear makeup only when necessary. For daily skin care routine, using a mild cleanser and moisturizer (oil, lotion, gel or cream) would be good enough.

I have used the Hyaluronic Acid line of Hada Labo, the line is okay to use during pregnancy anyway. I would suggest you to have a break from those potent products marked with anti-aging, anti-acne, whitening, lifiting…in these several months, just get a simple moisturizer for moisturizing purpose. You can massage your skin for few minutes while applying the moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. Additionally, taking good measure on your diet, have sufficient rest and positive mood could have much greater impact to your skin.

Your acne sounds like causing by hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy. I normally leave hormonal acne alone and not to apply any skin care stuff onto the acne (but keep the patch clean), the hormonal acne usually would just disappear automatically after a while (may be my internal hormone had returned to balance stage). For your case, that’s wise to consult your doctor for the acne handling and also whether the arbutin is safe to use during pregnancy. (” v)

~ Happy waiting ~

May I know UGB shop outlet still available at Penang’s Queensbay Mall and Time Square?

HI Irene,

I’m not sure about Time Square but it most likely not at Penang’s Queensbay Mall. What I know is it still available order online from Singapore.

I just came on your site to ask about BB cream…so so sorry to read about your father. Wishing you and your family my deepest condolences.

Hi Gabi,
Thank you for your kindness and sympathy. Your compassion means a great deal to us. Thanks again.

First, thank you for all the wonderful reviews. I am also an Asian who scared of old looking skin. I live in Los Angeles currently and about to move to Thailand soon. I found your blog today while searching for dr. ci labo products in thailand(where to buy them ?) I amazed the hard work you put into your blog. It shown how much passion your have for the love of skin care. Thanks again for sharing with the us :).

By the way, I hope everything is going well for you now after all what happened. Best wishes….

Hi Kimmy,
Thanks for your appreciation, love that. (“v) I’m doing well these days. Hope you have wonderful life ahead in Thailand.

As far as I know, Dr.Ci Labo isn’t available in Thailand but you can get it from major department store in HK, Taiwan, Singapore..etc. (“v)

hi,where i can buy this foundation?

Excuse me, which foundation were you referring to?

if you are seller,sms me 0139751616

You can contact me via gmail if you need help. Thanks.

Ich mochte olay white kaufen. Bitte sagen sie wie kann ich bestellen.

Hi, may be you can try your luck online?

I tried the mask ady and I wish to apply the franchises in Malaysia, what I need to do ?

Hi Cheng,
What mask are you mentioning here? Thanks. from malaysia.may i know which product that safe to use when pregnant?how about whitening lotion?isnt ok if i continue using my usually use which is hada labo product?any suggestion?

Hi Ixora,

Most small molecule skincare ingredients (especially fragrance and preservative) will absorbed into skin and go into our bloodstream, is best to avoid any chemical/harsh ingredients during pregnancy, also avoid skin care ingredient like Retinoid (Vitamin A), AHA, BHA, acne care ingredient etc.

For baby, I personally suggest using natural oil for moisturizing, as simple as it can, such as pure jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, argan oil…etc. You may use some mineral powder (with SPF) in morning for mattifying the oily sheen (if you have oilier skin) and get some sun protection.

~ Wish you a healthy and happy mother.(“v)

I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this website. I am hoping to view the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal blog now 😉

Love to hear that 😉

Hi BT,
I love your blog…
I have left messages under your Seol line review. Found out here that you live in Pattaya. I am nurse here in the US and I am planning to visit Thailand for the very first time sometime this year for a week or two. And i believe Pattaya is where Im going to stay. Hope we can keep in touch so i get recommendations from you where to best go for dining, beauty escapade and weekend getaways.

Hi RhoRN,

Though I’m no longer lived in Thailand now but sure I can recommend you few restaurants in Pattaya! Many sea-view seafood restaurants there, I liked – Mum-aroi (Naklua and Sri Racha), Rim Talay and Rimba Lapin. Good food, great ambience, great view. Go earlier to get good seat.

There are plenty of entertainments in Pattaya too, you can know from online Pattaya attractions and see whichever you like. I personally recommend must-visit – Transexual Cabaret show (Tiffany or Alcazar) as you can see in no other place like Thailand. Nong Noach Garden is also nice.

If you have more time and budget, you can book a tuk-tuk/tour guide to visit other fish villages in Chonburi like Sri Racha, Bangsaen etc. Have a nice holiday! (“v)

Hi BT,
I have been faithfully following your blog and eating up your advice as well for several months 😀 As a combination skin-type, just like yourself, I was wondering if you could possibly recommend me a skincare brand for a nineteen year old in the U.S with large pores, acne, and redness? I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!

Hi Kristal,

Thanks for your warmest comment, hope we can share and learn together in taking care of skin at different age. (“v)

To be bluntly honest, that is hard for me to recommend particular brand for your skin type as I don’t believe perfect brand exists. Using appropriate product is most important and this can only be told by yourself/your skin, usually by trial-and-error but avoid harsh ingredient would always help.

I would suggest, try to understand the cause of your large pores/acne/redness, are they genetically exist or due to inappropriate skin care? As you are very young, perhaps you can have a glance on NRK Rose Astringent Lotion from a Taiwan brand – Naruko, they have distributor in US too.

Hope this helps. (“v)

I am sangeeta iam a housewife my face light and more dark spots and what i use olay total effect cream please my skin is sensitiv please mam replied me

Hi Sangeeta,

First you need to identify what kind of dark spots appear on your skin and this normally can be told more precisely by dermatologist. Whitening product may lighten them to certain extend but won’t remove them totally. However, minimize direct sun exposure will definitely help in spot prevention at early stage. (“v)

Hi can I use this while I pregnant ?

May I know which product you were referring?

Hi Beautyknot,
My skin type is oily skin, and sensitive. There’re many fat granule on my nose and both sides of the nose. I’ve tried some products to remove them, but failed. Could you recommend me products?
Thank you so much~~~~

Hi Joey,

For granule, I suggest you visit dermatologist for professional consulting. I certainly do not want to mislead you here. (”v)

Hi Beautyknot,

I used to get these Aquaringer Skin Clinic Masks (Leaders Insolution) in Lotte Shopping Centre in Korea but have heard they no longer carrying the brand in the shopoing mall. Any idea where can I get these masks in Korea?

Thank you.

Hi Jo,

So sorry to miss out your comment. However, I don’t have idea when to get these in Korea except the e-shopping.

hi beautyknot…
i am from malaysia… i am quite interested with ur clinic mask… can u mind email me the price??
tks a lot…


Hi dixon, I review instead of selling 🙂

Please I want mobile number of your person who responsible for your products in Egypt
Please quickly

Hi, I don’t trade product 🙂

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