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Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-aging Cream SPF15 ( Gentle )

Posted on: February 4, 2009



I had used the old version of Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-aging Cream in few years back, and I used it in autumn/winter of Australia and South Korea. The cream was nice to be used in the dry climate due to its nourishing consistency, so I thought it was good as well in low-humidity season in Thailand after my daily moisturizer Olay White Radiance was not enough moisture in year end.


Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-aging Cream has normal and gentle versions where normal version is lightly tinted and fragranced, gentle version is not tinted and fragrance free. In fact, I was expecting the new version will be better in texture but it seemed having same texture as previous formula. Despite the ingredient is re-formulated, other than that, I have not notice any difference.


I like it is runny to spread, nourishing and moisturizing, but I don’t think it improves my skin texture visibly neither few years ago nor recently. I have used up at least two bottles of the cream in the past and recently one, it didn’t give the smooth touch or nature glow to make your skin look nicer temporary like high end moisturizer, instead this cream gave oily kind of shine, very down-to-earth?


As I have combination skin, my skin is not that oily in dry weather, hence it is enough for normal day use (Eg: humidity 46%) but not enough in very dry air-conditioning environment. However, I would not want to try this in humid weather again, other than oiliness is still oily.


Generally, this is ideal for normal to dry skin. I would not buy again as I dislike the blackhead that the cream gave yet my face didn’t very like the chemical sunscreen. Promotional price at 377 baht for 50g. It lasts me for 3 months with every morning use.


Rating: …))) satisfied  Satisfied. Unlikely to buy again.



Water, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Salicylate 4%, Niacinamide 3.5%, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 2%, Dimethicone, Isopropyl Isotearate, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid 1%, Octocrylene 1%, Polyacrylamide, Triethanolamine, Stearyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Benzyl Alcohol, Panthenol, PTFE, Cetyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide, Behenyl Alcohol, Sucrose Polycottonseedate, Dimethiconol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Carbomer, Laureth-7, Propylparaben, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-100 Strearate, Sodium Ascorbly Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, PEG-4 Laurate, Stearic Acid, BHT, Zinc Oxide, Iodopropynl Butylcarbamate, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Ammonium Polyacrylate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Tocopherol.


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I have been using olay total effect gentle for two days without question,first is it enough for me if my moisturizer doesn’t contain sun protection when I go outdoor?second,what is the cream color of olay TE gentle?I’m in doubt because my color total effect’s cream is white and other tells that any kind’s color of olay total effect is cream.

Hello esti,
Thank you for the comment.

Based on what I remember, OlayTotal Effect (TE) has SPF version and non-SPF version. Each version has tinted (normal, beige color, fragranced) and non-tinted (gentle, white color as shown in my post, non-fragranced). As you bought the gentle formula, so it should be white in color and non-fragranced.

If your moisturizer didn’t contain SPF (that indicated on product packaging) and you didn’t wear any sunscreen, then you aren’t protected from UVrays when you’re being in the sun. Limited casual sun exposure may not induce sunburn but the damage caused by UVs will be accumulated over the years and resulting sensitive skin, dryness, dark spot, wrinkle…etc, in short, causing you pre-mature aging. If you concern about skin care, I strongly suggest you wear something with SPF in day time. You can wear makeup with SPF or sunscreen over this Olay TE (or use it at night), otherwise, try to seek shade to protect from direct sunlight, especially noon time.

As far as I can remember, OlayTE is something like moisturizing lotion (like the texture in my picture), some people called it cream, but don’t get confuse about this. I see no difference the texture of both normal and gentle versions, apparently they just different in formula and color.

I hope I’ve answered your doubt. Please let me know if you need any further clarification. “V

what’s the different between NORMAL & GENTLE?

Hi Betny,
As I mentioned in my review, normal version is lightly tinted and fragranced, gentle version is not tinted and fragrance free. However, I am not certain if Olay changes their formula again, my review is based on 2009 formula. “v

how i can find that product is original which i purchase plz tell me

i buy olay total 7 effects anti aging cream

HI rajinder,
Since Olay is a budget skin care that can be purchased through major supermarket or pharmacy, you shouldn’t have much concern if you purchase from reputable store, unless you must buy from more risky source like internet. Besides, you may want to check the product manufacturing date and other details on the packaging too.

Hope this helps.

I am 24 years old girl.I have lots of skin problem so can i used olay seven ageing cream?plz give me your to used it plz suggest me plz.

Hello gita,

As you didn’t mention what skin problem that you have, I can’t really advise you/suggest you anything. However, please take Olay Total Effect as a moisturizer with few ingredients of aging prevention, it is fine enough for skin softening and moisturizing. You can use it directly after toner/lotion, or follow by serum/essence. Massage it gently on skin in upward and outward strokes for forehead, eye area and chin; in circular motion for cheek.

Besides, use the SPF one in day time but non-SPF one for night. (“v)

je voulez contactez vous ou la societe de la creme olay merci est suil vous play

Dear nibal,
Thanks for your comment although I didn’t understand French language. If you wish to contact Olay company, please refer to their official website. Thanks.

I am currently using olay total effect “Gentle” cream. I have an oily skin. After a fews hours my face turns to be oily. The olay sales girl from sunway piramid at watson suggested me to use gentle. Is there any other cream you would suggest. I started to use since 1st March 2011.

Hi Nithy,
I guess you want a budget friendly moisturizer with some anti-aging properties and don’t have special skin issue. As anti-aging products normally cost higher than others, hence I would suggest those moisturizers that I had tried, below RM100 and thought they are fine for oilier skin type in tropical climate.

I personally think Olay Regenerist Micro-Scultpting Cream is fine to try if you don’t have sensitive skin. Besides, Renew Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream is pleasant to use too, you can try Sukin’s if you think Renew has beyond your budget because both Renew and Sukin are under same mother company and sharing similar ingredients.

If examine the ingredient list of Olay Total Effect, obviously 7-in-1 is only a brilliant marketing gimmick, I can say Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream and Renew Antioxidant Moisturing Cream have valid 7-in-1 benefits too by pointing out every benefit of each good ingredients. (“v)

Thnk u very much on yr suggestion. I will look out for tht cream as stated. I have a very dark n deep laugh wrinkle n using 7 in 1 serum which cost at rm51 at guardian. It is helping me reduce. Do u hav any suggestion which help me to get ride of my wrinkle for good. Thnk u.

Hi Nithy,
Since the Olay 7-in-1 serum was helping you reduced the line, I suggest you just keep it. Retinol (pure Vitamin A) and AHA (fruit acids) are both known as effective wrinkle treatnment but they are also skin irritant and should use with care. Any topical skin care might only improve the line/wrinkle to certain extent but I don’t think it can eliminate wrinkle. My final say is, prevention is better than cure.

As mentioned earlier I am using Total Effect Gentle cream/Serum/Eye cream and Night cream. Cream cleaner and forming cleanser facial wash. A friend of mine suggested to use at least for 3 months before changing a different range of olay. I am indian, 41 and medium dark skin. Need advise. Thank you.

Hi Nithy,
Skin care and cosmetics are quite subjective, not all people share a same skin care philosophy. For me, I would expect to see a result in few days for moisturizing/hydrating product because moisturizing/hydrating is very “superficial” treat, whereas whitening/anti-aging product need longer time to justify the result. Depending on situation, I personally would give at least 1~8 months for whitening/anti-aging verdict.

Your friend’s suggestion definitely make sense as not only 3 months is a very reasonable period but also most product is sized to fit 3 months usage. Some people liked using a whole range at one time but some loved to mix and match. From what I learnt from a Taiwan chemistry expert, if you are not familiar with cosmetics ingredients, then you might be making less “mistake” by using a whole range. On the other hand, if the person is savvy about cosmetics ingredients, then the person might be saving extra cost and capably to customize a suitable routine for herself/himself. Myself is still in learning journey and trying to be skin care smart by the way.

Hope my opinion helps. (“v)

hi,my mom using this anti anging cream and they hav wrinkles on her face plzzzz can u tell me this cream for their good r not.their skin has vry oily.plzz tell me what they used

Hi twitty,

First of all, please understand aging sign such as wrinkle cannot be reversed. It’s possible to improve their appearance but would never turned the clock back.

I’m not sure how much you know about skin care and that’s difficult for me to suggest any product for your mom because I have known nothing about her/their skin. In addition, my favorite product may not necessary work effectively for your dear mom.

What I can say is,
* wear sunscreen in day (prevention is better than cure)
* read the product label (for anti-aging, hydrating, whitening etc) and test it before purchase (whether the texture suit oily skin).
* try Vitamin C or Vitamin A product if she/they want an aggressive treatment. The vitamins are known to treat wrinkle. But be informed it might cause sensitivity for sensitive skin.
* live and eat healthily
* feeling good about using the product. I count the emotional factor in because I personally think negative feeling cause stress and stress makes people age faster.

Hope this helps.


Can you please tell me which one I shud use?my skin is oily so which formula is good for me? Normal or gentle? gentle?

Hi Epa,

Both formulas are claiming suitable for all skin types, I guess both of them might be oily for oily skin too.

Normal or gentle, it depends whether you like fragrance added (normal) or non-fragranced (gentle), tinted (normal) or non-tinted (gentle)?

hey, i am 24 years old. i am using olay total effects gentle psf 15 cream. can i use this cream at night. i have little pimples in my cheeks.

Hi usha,
For your skin health sake, please don’t use any sun care at night. Any skin care product with SPF should be used to protect skin from harmful UVs only. (“v)

hello, my marriage is fixed on december. only one month balance. i am tensed. bcoz before i have pimples in my face. now no pimple but i have dark spots in my face. what can i do with in one month for its go. how can i shining for my marriage day.which cream can i use.pls give me the tips. thank you

Congratulation reji. (“v)

One of my friend just had her wedding party done yesterday in another country, she had acne scars but I could see her skin glow beautifully when I last met her in August. She ate very healthy and exercise occasionally before her wedding party by the way.

If your skin easily react with skincare or makeup product, I suggest you stick with those that working fine for you, don’t simply change your product during this short period. You may also consider getting some brightening mask treatment at home/salon. For dark spot, try to avoid direct sunlight also help slightly.

Besides you need a good makeup artist (makeup artist really can help you fix a lot of problem temporary), probably there are many wedding trivias that bothering you, list them all on a piece a paper then make it a check list. This method is always helpful for me when many things seem to be confused and perplexed, hopefully you find it helpful too.

Last but not least, woman in love has beautiful glow from within which makeup and skincare couldn’t mimic totally, I hope you well prepare yourself for your wedding and ready to be a gorgeous bride on your big day. Best wishes.

thank you so much..

You’re very welcome reji (“v)

hello, my face is oily skin. hav pimples and dark spots also. before i am using olay natural white cream. now i m using olay total effect gentle spf. i think this olay total effects making skin more oily. but only one week now i m using this cream olay total effect. i m not going outside. every time inside the home. not get direct sunlight. which cream is good for me? pls answer my question. which cream can i use?

Hi kareeshma/aishwarya (?)
In between Olay natural white cream and Olay total effect, I think the natural white cream is more suitable for oily skin. I had tried both and found Total Effect cream is rather greasy, yet the moisture of Olay natural white cream is just nice for my combination skin.

Always use the SPF version in day, even you are at home. Then use non SPF cream at night. (“v)

hello!!! can i use total effects moisturizer spf15 in the day and olay natural white in the evening? thanks

Hello Gweyneth
Yes, you can. It is absolutely perfect using something with SPF in day and non-SPF skincare at night. (“v)

im using olay total effects 7-in 1 anti-aging cream(normal),everytime I apply it my face gets redden and have a feeling of burning sensation, does it mean that cream is not good for my skin?

Hi cheng,
Olay Total Effects cream is not supposed to give those uncomfortable sensation, obviously your skin is irritated by the product, please stop using it immediately. If your skin condition is getting better after stop using the Olay product, then you should not try to use it again. I have the same experience as you described with some products in the past, probably you have sensitive skin too.

I’m 21 years old and thinking to use olay total effects anti aging cream in general with SPF 15 but my skin is oily in summer and dry in winter though i don’t have any spot and scar in my face but sometime i face the normal problem of pimples…Is it fine to use this cream and i’m using moisturer of its too. What is the3 effects of it????

HI Sharmila,
It’s fine to use Olay Total Effects as long as your skin didn’t react negatively to it. In my personal experience, Olay TT cream is quite greasy for oily skin but on the other hand, it dried on normal-dry skin quickly. It alone isn’t sufficient for very dehydrated skin.

From the ingredient list, it aimed for moisturizing, brightening, clarifying and anti-oxidization. Not meant for soothing in my opinion (“v).

I’m grateful for your good information….Would you mind suggesting me a good cream and moisturer for my skin, PLZ….

Hi Sharmila,
It is impractical for me to suggest a moisturizer when I have no ideal what brands are available in your country and not sure if you are shopping online too. You can try to look for a lightweight moisturizer like lotion/emulsion for your oily skin and switch to cream moisturizer in winter. To be frankly, I can suggest a suitable drugstore moisturizer to you only if I shop with you and check the product ingredient list one by one for you. Generally Olay, L’Oreal, Nivea, Ponds… all have their ranges for both oily and normal-dry skin, they are fine to try if you don’t have very sensitive skin that easily react to chemical ingredient. (“v)

i have a question:my skin is very sensitive,oily and have pimples.My friend told me to try olay 7 in 1 gentle.Is it true good for my skin?plz advice me what to buy…

Hi gena bau,
My question is, did your friend has similar skin type as yours? Did she/he ever try Olay Total Effect?

Let me share my personal experience here.
If I recall correctly, I used the Olay Total Effect cream (no SPF) when Olay first introduced Olay TT especially it was raved by media heavily. Later Olay has came out the SPF version and I bought it again because I wanted some UV protection, at that time I have no idea about sunscreen at all. My skin is naturally sensitive and I didn’t pay much attention to the sign of irritation at the age, I mean I used makeup foundation almost everyday which covered my skin redness flawlessly, so I tend to be ignorant. If I have the cosmetic knowledge at the age, honestly I won’t buy the media hype.

I believe Olay has revamped their formula and relaunched the TT series few times since the first launching. When I tried the newest formula (also gentle formula with SPF) again this year which the product actually belonging to my SO, my skin became red and stingy in first day, no surprise since my skin reacted negatively to the chemical sunscreen ingredient Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) but I also found it wasn’t as greasy as I remembered in my early memory (may be my skin became less oily in these years). Therefore, I can’t tell for sure Olay TT is not suitable for oily pimple skin, but if you are interested in trying it, I suggest you avoid their SPF product, try the one without SPF.

hi, i am 23 years old. i have a problem with my skin. It’s oily and have a pimple. i used to use the cream from the doctor. But now,i wanna stop to avoid the dependence. My friend suggest me to choose Olay 7in1 Total Effect. and i bought the gentle with SPF 15 already. but i dont have enough brave is it suitable for my ages?is it suitable for my skin? please advise me. thx..

Hi Jeminah,
The Olay Total Effect series is absolutely fine for those from 20s to 30s. The Regenerist series is for mature skin. Since you already bought it, you can give it a try and see how it goes. I just realize Olay now has Total Effect moisturizer with cooling essence that suitable for oily skin but the moisturizer has no SPF. (“v)

i have used the olay total effect and also the the foaming cleanser. after 2 weeks, my face become pimply again. but the good news is isnt as big pimple as i used to have before. but obviously my forehead and my right cheek changes. in my forehead i have a small small pimples and in my cheek is reddish small pimple. surely as woman it affects my confident. please advise me, is it mean that this product not suit in me or just because the adaptation? should i change this olay or should i stay with it? thanks before..

Hi Jemimah,
Frankly speaking I’m not sure the cause of your pimples. It could be due to the Olay TE series or imbalance diet.

I just had gotten some small pimples on my forehead past few weeks due to my “heaty” internal health (TCM concept) but the pimples all cleared off in 2 days after I changed my diet for few days. I was using new skincare (quite moisturizing one) during the time and I also adjusted the new skincare routine trying to get rid pimples but got no much good result, that said old pimples subsided but new one kept popped out.

Therefore I suggest you 2 things. 1) examine your recent diet. 2)avoid using the Olay TE moisturizer on your forehead and see if your forehead breakout has any improvement. Theoritically the pimples will be gone very fast after you have tackled the right cause.(“v)

but is it possible that my face skin is in the adaptation of the product? Meantime, should i go buy and use another product or should i see back my dctor? or i just left my face without any moisturizer? thanks a lot. u are so helpful.

Hi Jemimah,

I can’t tell, to be honest.
I know certain skin care ingredients could have purging effect such as having small pimples but skin will be improving after the skin purging. However, some are real with science backup, some are just hearsay; from what I read from various sources, the purging normally happen to acne/problematic skin, hence I really doubt Olay TE has any purging effect. To have peace of mind, consult dermatologist would be best because they have technical device (if they have) that able to examine and analyse the real reason, either it’s purging or simply allergy.

If your bare skin can servive nicely in current weather in your country, then stop using Olay TE and see how. If skin condition is getting better within a week, then obviously Olay TE isn’t for you. If you really need a moisturizer, please don’t try to jump in a new product but go back to something you had used and know it worked because you never know the new product will work for your skin or not. (“v)

I am very confused about that, which would be perfect for me, that makes Fairer skintone too with Anti-aging.
MY marriage is fixed on next APRIL.How can i shine for my marriage day.Which cream would be perfect for me?Please give me a tip..THANK YOU..

Merry Christmas sanghamitra,

According to their ingredient list, Olay Natural White is meant for whitening only where Olay Total Effects is targeting complete skin care (ie whitening & anti-aging). Nevertheless you might only notice little effect of whitening & anti-aging from Olay Total Effects but get more whitening result from Olay Natural White. You can select the product based on your priority.

Congratulation to you (“v), wish you marriage full of love and blessing. I have a reader asked had the same concern before her marriage, please refer to my reply of the comment#13 in this post. (“v) Best wishes.

Hi i m 21 years old . can i use olay’s total effect 7 in 1 .will it be helpful for m to use it . my skin type is normal . should i use it or not? as its a anti aging cream plz reply m should i use it or not

Hello jyoti,
The ingredients in the Olay Total Effect are fine for 21 years old. The marketing word “anti-aging” sometimes is ambiguous if not interpret it deeply. Whether it helps your skin or not, that very depending on individual, you can give it a try to see if you like it. (“v)

hi… i am dolly…amd i want to know can i use olay total effect 7 in1. age is 26 and my skin type is oily……so please tell me…………..

Hi Dolly, you can use Olay Total Effect but I don’t think it’s good in oil-controlling. (” v)

hello mam i have a dark acne scars on my face and i use olay total effect but my scars are still dark plz advice me how i use this cream? can i use it twice a day?

Hi Pooja Meena,
If you are using the SPF version, then use it in day only. For dark acne scar, you can try those with fruit acid (eg.Garnier) or vitamin A (L’Oreal) or whitening cream. These drugstore creams will lighten the scar slightly but the overall improvement could be varied by person.

Hi Im from Bangalore. I purchased Olay Total effects gentle with SPF 15 n used for almost a week this summer . I have a combination skin , when i used this cream it becomes like a water on my face. Can anybody tell me the reason for it. Should i change my cream, pls let me know.

Hi Nandini,
Do you mean the cream turned watery/liquid when applying to skin? It sounds weird, please call Olay customer service in your country to check on this if possible, or at least check with the Olay dealer. The only reasons I could think of are either the very stuffy temperature in the storage place or you bought a fake one.

hi I’m tinh from Philippines. Can I use olay total effects 7 in one advanced daily moisturizer with cooling essence and olay total effects 7 in one day cream touch of foundation at the same time? I tried tony moly bb cream and then after a week i have a lot of pimples, so I wanna go back to 7 in one with touch of foundation for me not to apply any liquid foundation or bb cream any more. The sales lady in watsons advised me to use olay total effects 7 in one advanced daily moisturizer with cooling essence than olay touch of foundation. Is that okay to use the two at the same time? and What is the best olay cream for me ‘coz i have oily prone acne skin with visible pores that’s why i have lots of white heads in my T-line.
Thank you very much!

Hi tinh,

Since you have oily and acne-prone skin, layering too much cosmetics on skin is not a good idea. However, using both products at the same time is fine for normal skin.

I had tested the Olay TT 7-in-1 advanced daily moisturizer with cooling essence on my hand at supermarket and the texture seemed very nice for oily skin. May be, the sales lady just worried the Olay touch of foundation is too heavy for your skin.

Here are few questions will help you to decide.

1. Your skin is easily breakout with most foundation/BB cream?
2. The Olay touch of foundation is feeling rich and creamy on skin?
3. You are having acne at this moment?

If your answer ‘YES’ to all these three questions, then stay with the moisturizer is enough. If you want some coverage, look for light foundation for oily skin, or consider loose powder/pressed powder.

The best Olay cream for oily acne-prone skin? Texture wise, I’ll vote for Olay TT +cooling essence.

Hope this helps. (” v)

Which Olay day cream for: oily skin, aging, spf, foundation, and anti-sweat if it is applied make-up that does not fade


Hi Lorenza,
Perhaps you can give Olay Total Effects Advanced Daily Moisturiser with Cooling Essence a try. (”v)

Thanks for the replied

Wanna try, But where I can buy that ? Its not so easy to find this olay daily moist with cooling essence in indonesia,

Hi, this product is available in Indonesia, you can find more info on Olay Indonesia Facebook. (“v)

Usually my skin is normal but some time pimple occur. I have been using olay 7 sign of aging normal for 4 day before. Its little bit sticky, does this cream suit on my skin. Can I use banana boat sunscreen after using this product pls suggest me

Hi Anu,

You need to find out what type of your pimple. It could be hormonal, genetics, skin type or caused by product used.

If the Olay cream didn’t give you uncomfortable feeling like stingy, burning, itchy, rash, redness then I think it’s ok to use. Sticky doesn’t count as irritation but a rather personal preference.

To see if you can use banana boat sunscreen after using the Olay cream, just monitor if your skin get more acne or any other negative reaction, then you will know. I never used Banana boat sunscreen so I can’t comment. (“v)

Hello, I am 20 years old. Just a few weeks ago, I checked Olay products recommended at And they suggested me to use Olay Total Effects Anti-aging products eventhough I have mentioned tha I have an oily and shine skin. But the Olay Total Effects cream just make my skin become more oily shine looking. Need advice here. 😦

HI Sarah,

In South East Asia, we got Olay Total Effect 7-in-1 advanced daily moisturizer with cooling essence, I think this one is suitable for oily skin. It is light version and easily absorbed by skin but I have no idea if it helps in controlling skin oiliness. (” v)

hello, im 20 years old, just wanna know if olay total effects spf 15 gentle is suitable for my age. 🙂 thanks!

Hi Sheila,
You can use Olay Total Effect at your age. (” v)

hi, i am using olay total effects 7 in 1 normal since 2 yrs it really works but recent i have used olay total effects 7 in 1 gentel .after using my skin gets more oily and look very dull. should i change the cream from gentel to normal

Hi Mou,

The bottom line is, you should use a product that suitable for your skin. You can just shift back to normal version since it worked well for you. (” v)

Good to know another failing product. I never tried OLAY, doubt its effects, though the slogan such as anti aging, total effect, looks sooo tempting. Glas I did not waste my money on this.

Hi Shirleen,
Guess buying a dream with affordable price always sounds tempting?

I will be glad if those expensive ones work. But most of the time, they do not.

hi, im a indian girl from malaysia. im 26 yrs. im facing many skin problems like uneven skin tone, dryness, uneven texture, lack of firmness, severe dark circle and last time im bit fairer but now my skin bit darken ready. So today only i bought olay TE day cream(normal). And i planed to buy olay whitening serum and night cream. but im not sure which one suit to me. Can you give me some suggestion pls. Im realy worried.

Hi Sarawathy,

You are vigilant to list all your skin concerns, do you notice when the signs of aging are started showing and any changes in your lifestyle caused these? Because introspecting the causes is far better than relying on cosmetics, try to examine your daily sun protection, sleep quality, diet and stress management etc, all these counted for aging, my very frank opinion.

With Olay TE day cream alone, it mainly provides moisture and average sun protection, the whitening line most probably helps you gaining the luminous skin faster. You can use the whitening serum + TE day cream in day ; the whitening serum + night cream at night.

I have been using Olay total effects 7 for years. Today I bought two of them and they did not have the little black piece that you take off before using it. I was afraid to use it. Should I return it?

Hi Pauline,
Is there Olay customer hot line in your country? The best way is to check with them as changing product design & packaging after a period could be very normal. If you purchase from trust source, it should be genuine.

i am using olay total effect spf 15 last one year. now these time my skin is dry n redness in eyes area and rest part are oily can i use olay total effect in summer in this skin type too. which one is good for my skin normal or gentel

Hi Anu,

As I know Olay TT SPF15 contains chemical sunscreen, it might cause discomfort or redness to sensitive skin in sun. Not sure if their formula changed over these few years, the main difference between Gentle and Normal is, gentle has no fragrance and colourant. The best way is to reduce the direct sun exposure in my opinion.

hi i am 30 year. i used total effect spf 15 last one year but didnt notice any changes on my skin . i also use olay eye gel to remove my wrinkle in eyes area. instead of reduess fine line and wrinkle my skin get more wrinkle in eyes and forehead area, what can i do to look younger than before. which olay cream should i use. does olay total effect also work on tiny mole pls suggest me i am real worried for my skin

Hi Anu,

The cosmetics companies usually overstate the benefit of their product, please understand wrinkle and fine lines are sign of aging and cosmetics has limitation to do about these. The eye gel wasn’t for your skin, try different brand other than Olay, find a product not irritating and moisturize the skin well. I don’t think Olay TT can work on tiny mole as mole normally removed by laser/surgery.

To look younger, be positive, live healthy, eat healthy, dress appropriately and smile. Cosmetics is not the only thing to make us look younger, honestly.

My skin is normal/combination. I am using olay total effect normal spf 15 last 10 month. It is good in winter but in summer it lil sticky. Pimple came out time to time. Shall I used same olay total effect normal cream or go thru it gentle or some other product instead of olay pls advise. I am tens abt my skin. I am looking older than my age. Now am 30.


Hi Anu,

It is good you noticed the product worked differently in various season, especially our skin react differently in different climate. As it caused pimple in summer, switch to other product that work well in summer without hesitant. (” v)

hello.. im just asking i am 20yrs old.. it is ok to use olay total effects gentle or normal?? because i want to be white and smooth:)

Hi ydram,

Yes, it is ok to use Total Effects. Gentle or Normal, it depends whether you like non-tinted & fragrance-free OR tinted & fragranced. However I know Olay has changed their formula periodically so I am not sure if the differences still apply to the current formula.

Nevertheless, please bear in mind, Total Effects is not meant for lightening, it is targeting anti-aging. (“v)

hallo mam
i am a housewife i am 30years my skin is combin and lot of skin problem my skin very dull pimples and lot of dark spots so mam please help me what i used me please replied me mam

Hi Sangeeta,

This is hard question to me. As I could not simply recommend any product here. Pimple, dullness, dark spots could be due to genetically inherited, or due to improper skin care or insufficient rest or excessive sun exposure and so on. I suggest you tackle the most crucial issue first — pimple or dark spots depend on your condition. (“V)

its my third-fourth time with u. i like ur suggestion per ur advise i stop olay and turn to loreal white perfect leaser. this cream is nice suit in my skin. just query does this cream works on tiny mole on face. i have many dot like size mole on face.

Hi Anu,

Thanks for your nice comment, you brightened up my day!

I don’t think the Loreal White Perfect Laser cream can work on tiny mole. Mass skin care products that sold at stores (especially from big MNC) will normally tested and safe for consumer, they are not strong/hazardous enough to remove moles.

Best to consult professional advice if you really want to get rid of the moles. For me, tiny moles looked fine, never a problem. (“v)

please i need to know if olay total effects 7-in-1 advanced anti-aging body lotion is non greasy and also contain SPF?please i need urgent reply.

Hi John, I never used Olay total effects 7-in-1 advanced anti-aging body lotion, no comment. (“v)

Hi im 20 years old can I use olay7 total efects ?

Hi Joy,
Yes, you can (“v)

Hi I m 24 year old which olay cream is good for me?. I want to get fairness and my hv combined skin tone.

Hi Farha,
My suggestion is, stay away from hot sun to get fairer for a period. This rule always works.
I think any Olay whitening skin will help a little bit in getting fairer.

Hi I m 27 year old having normal skin.I have uneven skin tone on upperlips,chin and forehead.I do use sun cream without fail when I go into Sun. I want to get fairness and have to even out my skin complexion. Please suggest me Olay Cream.

Whether Olay total effects 7 in one day cream will work for my skin problem?

Please suggest. Thank you

Hi Saritha M,

I have not been using Olay for long time, afraid not an ideal person to advise. For myself, I would go for whitening serum with the higher concentrated ingredients that proven to work. 🙂

Yes! Finally someone writes about skin perfectly clean.

Pls tell is it ok to use olay total effects anti ageing when I am only 19 years old?

Hi honey, I think it is fine to try 🙂

hi i m 24 years old … i use olay 7in1 and my skin is good but now i m not use this cream…. can u ask me how many types of this cream like… winter, summer

Hi Bhoomi,
This really depends on your surrounding environment factor and judge by your experience and observation. 🙂

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