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DHC Mirco Skin Water1

I absolutely love this micronized facial mist. Because of the complete sealed aluminum packaging, it can be preservative-free formulated. Moreover it contains amino acid for hydration, soothing plant extracts, anti-oxidant and anti-bacteria plant extracts and solvent (butylene glycol, also a humectant) to enhance the penetration of the ingredients.


DHC Mirco Skin Water2

 One squirt…

From what I learnt from a book that written by a professional, our skin is unlikely to absorb the ingredients by itself without help from penetrator/solvent in the lotion. Thus, skin will only be temporary soothed just like you splashing mineral water on face. Therefore, those facial sprays like Evian facial spray is very helpful for temporary calming, especially to very sensitive skin and wound (penetrator/solvent will irritate), but not suitable for hydra replenishment.


Depending on personal preference, this can be used as toner/lotion after cleansing, it can also for makeup setting, or simply use anywhere and anytime. I wanted to use it whenever skin was feeling dry, but I also realized skin tends to be more drying within few hours that I must re-spray every 2-3 hours, yet that was for humid months. In dry season, I even need to re-spray less than half an hour. Hence, personally I used it prior sunblock/moisturizer touch up only. The light and portable packaging was really convenient, I just kept it stand by inside my hand bag everytime, anywhere.


A side note, this might cause slightly tacky over the sunscreen and makeup depending on your base make up, but not on bare skin. That means, the Micro skin water itself is not tacky.


DHC Mirco Skin Water3


Generally, my skin was immediately refresh, soothe, comfortable and glowing after spraying. After saying that, this doesn’t mean the skin will retain the hydration because all its ingredients are rather small molecule, thus it has very limited  capability as humectant, especially in low humidity environment. The hydration need to be sealed by moisturizer to prevent further dehydration.


Best of all, this is alcohol free, fragrance free and preservative free make it good value to me. Shake before use and avoid it from high temperature. This is retailing at THB 480 for 65g, quite affordable price I think.


Rating: …)))  Excellent   Excellent. May buy again.



Water , Butylene Glycol , Serine , Houttuynia Cordata Extract , Wild Thyme (Thymus Serpillum) Extract , Camellia Sinsensis Leaf Extract , Etidronic Acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate , Quaternium-73, Nitrogen.



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