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Sri Lanka Part I : Mirissa Beach and Whale-watching

Posted on: February 12, 2013


I never thought I would be visiting Sri Lanka one day but life is unpredictable.


PI - 0

  We were heading to Mirissa Beach, which was nearly 4 hours drive from Colombo airport.


PI - 2


We stayed at a private villa in Mirissa Beach.


PI -3


Though the private bungalow is just next to beach, the sea waves are slightly strong and rather fine for surfing instead of swimming. Not a problem, both sea water and normal water swimming pools are faced to sea view.


PI -4


The security guard opened the wooden gate for us, so my feet could taste the sea water of India ocean.

PI -5


The beach is so clean and unpolluted, after all it is quite private. I felt safe and comfortable to walk on bare feet. Due to raining, We cancelled the plan of seeing turtle eggs laying at night.




My spacious room on second floor. Sleep with air-conditioner and fan on as all windows were tightly closed because I don’t want to be visited by mosquitoes at night. The weather in January is generally nice and warm.




Mirissa is popular for whale-watching, the journey departed from the ‘’port’’ of a fishing village. Don’t be surprised of their ‘’luxury’’ standard, it is two-level anyway and they called it big Observation Boat. We paid USD50 each and I believe our driver had good commission from the price, since we organised the tour last minute with the driver.  However, what we concerned was actually the stability of the boat while  giant whales swam around. Anyhow, where else can we get such price for whale-watching? Please let me know 😉


 Sri Lankan has their unique way of catching fish, their fishing boat is different from what I have seen.




Big group of us boarded the upper observation desk. The upper level people have cushion on floor, where the people on first level have sitting chair. Then we “floated” all the way to the whale-watching spot. Some, especially young kids had terrible seasick. We adult had dizzy head at the least, fortunately most of us only had small portion of breakfast before the trip and we didn’t take the served breakfast on boat too.




I managed to survive the 3-hour trip without vomiting. An hour swung to the watching spot, eye-hunting the whale for an hour, and another hour head-floating back to port. The first hour was still tolerable for me because I was excited to the new experience, the second hour was quite uncomfortable because the boat stopped and waiting for whales, thus it swayed badly with sea waves. However, the dizziness was unnoticeable when we were focused on looking whales and busy recording the video. The third hour, basically I was hanging on the handrail and sleeping all the way to the port, felt like sleeping on sleeping net with waves sound music.

Blessed with good weather, we spotted many blue whales. Crews helped us to look for whales, then we gained experience and know how to spot the whale. We didn’t see giant white whale or dolphins on that day. It was interesting trip overall, however I wouldn’t be going the same trip second time, the journey was uncomfortable and my head still feeling heavy after landed.

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