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Sri Lanka Part V : Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Colombo

Posted on: February 16, 2013


We arrived Nuwara Eliya, a popular hill retreat in Sri Lanka. Stayed at Grand Hotel, the hotel has nice plant sculptures, loved dinosaur most.


Excuse me, I have never seen this type of wash room. At hotel lobby, Ladies wash room, haha.


My bed at Grand Hotel. The room has heater… yeah!


Nice view from room window. They covered the flower seedling from direct sun light, the garden should look pretty in summer then.


Gregory Lake. I enjoyed leisure walk in nice weather.


Horse riding in Gregory lake.


Lakeside  holiday chalet


Many European style of hotels in Nuwara Eliya


The busy small town in Nuwara Eliya.


We went to historical town Kandy next day. Colourful elephant carvings in Wood Craft gallery in Kandy


In Kandy, we had been to Gem stone gallery, Batik gallery, Wood craft gallery and Elephant camp. The are rather small-scaled and  commercialized. Every August, a Buddhist festival Esala Perahera will be held at Kandy. Did you see the Golden roof Buddhist temple in the picture?


Checked-in Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel in Colombo. Hotel room amenities is fairly complete, typical business hotel.


Love provided bath salt… I had relaxing baths and rest.


I lacked of interest to shop in Colombo actually, only went to Odel department store near by. This is small high-end department store, merchandise price is indeed lower compared to most countries, especially garment. However, many designs are also more on Indian’s style. Some of my group members went to House of Fashion – Branded Garment Outlet Store, didn’t have much luck to find what they liked due to the garment style too, but they bought some toys, childrenswear and men shirt at incredible low price.


Street view of Colombo city


While my yellow-skin was rarely seen in most smaller towns, I was friendly approached by people whenever I was alone in park, temple, hotel… many curious where I was from. They were guessing, Chinese or Japanese? (I can’t only understand these two words, haha)

All metered taxis in Sri Lanka called tuk-tuk, I took once from Odel to hotel, it really felt differently compared to similar vehicle in Thailand. I mean, I felt stable and relax on the tuk-tuk  in Colombo city; but I felt stimulating and little panic while taking tuk-tuk in Bangkok city. Why? I don’t know if any difference on the vehicle structure, however their driving style is the main reason here.  In Bangkok, many people tend to drive fast and in dangerous snake move… road is wide. In Colombo, most roads are narrow, drivers normally drive slower with their own set of traffic rules.

Generally I love this memorable Sri Lanka trip. Blessed with the beautiful places I stayed, amazing natural scenes and friendliness of people. It is so good to have this exotic exploration.

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