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Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19

Posted on: January 13, 2009


This is my staple day moisturizer for past 8 years. I was bored sometimes and switched to other brands but I always came back to this one. I just couldn’t find any product that has better value to replace this at that time. This cream was totally comfortable to wear on my skin and I got no trouble from it.


This is fragrance free, no breakout experienced, a partly physical sunblock that suits my sensitive skin. Love the radiant-matte finish and non-oily consistency. Some people might not like the white residue but it matches my skin tone very well, so white cast won’t be any issue to me, anyhow the white cast will disappear after a while. Not to say I purchased it at 189 baht (USD5.50) only for 50ml during promotion, that was cheap to maintain. Normal retail price is 239 baht now, however I’ll still consider it’s low price amid drugstore line still.


The later version Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream SPF24 contains chemical sunscreens, fragranced and doesn’t leave white cast residue.  The ingredient list is slightly different from the previous one and more moisturizing than old version- UV whitening cream SPF19.  My skin didn’t feel totally  comfortable with the later version anyway, therefore I sticked with the old version.


Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream wasn’t enough to use in dry season in Bangkok when my skin became normal-dry even though I applied thickly, hence adding a moisturizing serum/lotion underneath the cream is critical. By the way, it’s ideal to be used  in hot and humid summer for my combination skin. The cream is also quite lasting for 4 months with every AM application.


I’ll continue to use it until I’m willing to have extra budget for day moisturizer and hoping this product will never discontinued.


Rating: …))) excellent  Excellent.  Willing to buy again.


Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Cream SPF19


Water, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate 6%, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Isohexadecane, Isopropyl Palmitate, Polyacrylamide/ C13-14 Isoparaffin/ Laureth-7, PTFE, Steareth-21, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide/ Dimethylpolysiloxane, Dimethicone/ Dimethiconol, Mica/ Titanium Dioxide, Behenyl Alcohol, Sucrose Polycottonsedate, DMDM hydantoin/ Iodopropynyl butycarbamate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Steareth-2, Niacinamide, Disodium EDTA, Oleth-3 Phosphate, Morus Alba Root Extract.

Content in jar



Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream SPF24


(%w/w) Ethylhexyl

Salicylate 4.2%

Niacinamide 4%

Avobenzone 2.1%

Octocrylene 1.05%


Sulfonic Acid 1.05%

Water, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Niacinamide, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffie, Laureth-7, Butyl Methoxydibenxoylmethane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Vinyl Dimenthicone Crosspolymer, Silica, Isopropyl Isostearate, Octocrylene, Phenylbenximidazole Sulfonic Acid, Plyethylene, Triethanolamine,Titanium Dioxide, Ammonium Polycrylate, Stearyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Tocopherly Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, Sucrose Polycottonseedate, Ethylparaben, Cetearyl Glucoside, Carbomer,Fragance, Methylparaben, PEG-100 Stearate, Disodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Citric Acid, Diazolidinyl Urea, Stearic Acid, Morus Alba Root Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi (Job’s Tears) Seed Extract, Yellow 5

Update on 1/10/2009: The Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream that I reviewed above had been discontinued and replaced by following:


OLAY White Radiance Protective cream SPF24 PA++ (THB599/50ml)

Ingredients :Water, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Niacinamide, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone, Isopropyl Isostearate, Octocrylene, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid, Polyethylene, Ammonium Polycryate, Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Behenyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Carbomer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethiconol, Disodium EDTA, Ethylparaben, Fragrance, Glucosyl Hesperidin, Laureth-7, Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Methylparaben, Morus Alba Root Extract, Panthenol, PEG-100 Sterate, Polyacrylamide, Propylparaben, Silica, Stearyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Triethanolamine, CI 16035, CI 19140

Olay Natural White Day Cream 

OLAY Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Cream SPF24 ( THB225/50g, THB99/20g)

Ingredients :
Water, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Niacinamide, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Isopropyl Isostearate, Octocrylene, Phenylbemzimidazole Sulfonic Acid, Isohexadecane, Polyethylene, Triethanolamine, Stearyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, Sucrose Polycottonseedate, Dimethiconol, Polysorbate 60, Carbomer, Ethylparaben, Fragrance, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Methylparaben, PEG-100 Stearate, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Silica, Stearic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Ammonium Polyacrylate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Milk Lipids, Morus Alba Root Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract, Ceramide 3, CI 77891, CI 19140
Update @ 7/3/2011:
My friend has Olay Natural White replacing her Olay UV whitening cream and I had given it a small try. Light texture, absorb easily, leave no visible white residue and give radiant finish but slight shiny for my combination skin. I only tried for one day because this Natural White day cream stung my skin after few hours wearing. I guess my sensitive skin always detest the chemical sunscreen Avobenzone (INCI name is Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) in skin care.

click to enlarge the picture

Update @ 24/11/2011:

Because this is most active post on my blog, I decided to put an update here. Surprise, totally surprise. I have seen the “discontinued” Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19 back on the shelve again!! It had been “disappeared” from shelves since the launching of new versions, and I had been a long time didn’t check out the beauty section in hypermarket too. Due to my reader question, I walked to the beauty section while shopping in hypermarket today and I saw this – Olay White Radiance UV Whitening series (!!). The manufacturing date is May this year (!!), and I know prestigious hypermarkets here are sourcing Olay products directly from local P&G company (which owns Olay). For those who are interested, it is made in Thailand and the manufacturing date is printed on packaging in the form B-DD/MM/YY,  the normal retail price is 299 baht. I am no sure why they bring back the line but this might be the good news for those who love this product. (“v)

This picture (click to enlarge) is taken on today, the yellow price label means on promotion, price in THB.



210 Responses to "Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19"

Hi,sorry about my english ,but i want to ask,where you are by ,this
product ,because i search evry where i cant fund it am living in washington dc. thks

this cream is avaible at washington dc

Hi kadi,

Thanks for dropping by. Never be afraid to ask and my English is neither good. (“v)

As I know Olay Whitening series is only available in Asia, so you can’t actually access it at local store in Washington. If you travel to any Asia country, you will get Olay whitening product easily at almost every supermarkets and pharmacies. Besides, different Asia regions might have different whitening lines.

By the way, I think the one I reviewed was going to discontinue, because Olay just released “Natural White” series recently in Thailand, which is selling at same price range, “White Radiance” line is more expensive. Neither of them I’d want to try because my skin doesn’t react positively to the chemical sunscreen formulation.

Have a nice day.

hi kadi,

why don`t you start your own business on Olay, I`ve been banging my head with the internet where to buy from the right source.

Hi ren,

Are you talking to me? I was assuming you’re. (“v)

Currently Olay is manufactured in Thailand, so the price range in South East Asia would be cheaper than Eastern Asia, but you would still able to purchase online at reasonable price, such as sasa HK.

To be honest, if you are looking for whitening care, there are plenty choices like Shiseido Za, Neutrogena, Nivea, L’Oreal… in drugstore Asia, but don’t expect too high on whitening effect. (“v)

hello beautyknot … very pleased with your reply….and am so grateful with your other recommendations but…..I`ve tried Olay for 7 years when I was in the middle east and the results we`re satisfactory on my skin, now that I reside here in East Asia, I couldn`t find it sold in the stores maybe because of the tough competition of the local beauty brands….Am using a different product, shifting from one to the other still my level of satisfaction has not yet been met. Hope you won`t mind me asking sensing your familiarity with the new product, how much is the buying price over there since I got an offer for $10 each. Am afraid I`ll end up buying the fake one, I would highly appreciate your thought on this.

Have a good day!

Hello ren,

You’re very welcome and glad to hear from you again.

I truly understood the skin care dilemma as once in a while I also lost in the junction. “v

Olay has diversified into many lines, some are sold in SEA, some are only available in other regions, so you might have seen different product online. $10 is utterly reasonable if product is ship from SEA plus shipping charge. You ‘d note it’s still cheaper than sasa HK’s price. Assuming you’re talking the one that I reviewed, of course other Asia regions than SEA would cost higher due to supply chain and logistic costs, that’s why I said sasa HK (discounted price) is reasonable eventhough it costs higher. Olay always has very aggressive marketing strategy here, for occasional aniversary (rarely), I could even get buy 1 free 1.

I hardly purchase skin care stuff online, there could be a fake one, just be cautious of the seller. Or, make a lot purchase if happen travel to SEA, the whitening product is fast turnover, so the manufacture date (must take note) is normally relatively new.

I love Olay, else I wouldn’t stick to it for so many years, but not all Olay’s stuff suits my skin, really depends on ingredients. Hopefully I have answered your question, let me know if you need more info. (“v)

FYI, the current normal retail price (If I remember correctly)for White Radiance old formulas are THB259-269 (~$8) and THB599 for new formula.

hello kadi thankyou for the review, do you have a website where i could buy this from the U.K?

Do sasa HK ship to the U.K?

Could you please reply back and let me know i have been looking fror a whitening cream with spf for ages can’t seem to find the right one…but i have recently been reading a lot of good reviews on this product!!

thankyou. x

Hello zara,

Thanks for dropping by. You may call me BT or beautyknot, kadi is the nick name of a reader from US. “v

Sasa HK does international shipping, please check out their website : for details. I’ve no idea where it can be purchase online in UK, perhaps you try google search engine (try few, the search result could be different) for it?

Let me know if anything I can help. “v

hello there beautyknot, am so pleased with your reply…now am troubled where to buy the product, I`ve been scanning the pages of all the sellers I found in the net, and I tumbled unto a blog site that`s airing possible buyers of a site that many of the seller`s are selling fake, (sigh)….am in the middle of nowhere now….i found sometime ago but still am in the weighing process, the products I was using in the middle east we`re manufactured from Thailand and Ireland, where the products are made has something to do with the chemistry of skin race…I`ll let you know the developments later, am almost finished with the new products am currently using for this reason I am going gaga over this Olay stuff!!

Thanks a lot, you`re such a help, have a good day!

Hello ren,
Glad to know I can help and thank you so much for the sharing. I always interested to know beauty related news of other regions. I never know Olay has manufacturer in Ireland and developes product for specified skin rare, surely a great info to me. Love to hear from you again.

Have a nice day “V

[…] was searching an inexpensive pure mineral sunscreen for home use since my favorite Olay White Radiance Cream SPF19 was going to discontinue. Although this contains no Zinc Oxide for full spectrum UVA/UVB […]

how can i make sure that all the above reasons are not FAKE?????

Sorry afra, I didn’t get what you tried to say.

does olay really works???????

Hi afra,
I started using olay in my early 20s, which my skin condition was pretty good except little fade freckles and oiliness, so the olay moisturizer did a decent job to keep my skin moisturized. At now, early 30s skin, I wasn’t impress with the formula honestly. So, when you asked me whether it works or not, what you actually expecting from the moisturizer is important.

I never tried the new release that I mentioned on [Updated Oct 2009]. From what I notice, I think Olay contains very good ingredients such as Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) and B5 (Panthenol), but bare in mind, they might be in low concentration to be visibly effective in short/long time. My opinion, if you want a decent moisturizer just to moisturize then this is fine to try, if you ask more for intensive skin improvement then go for better alternative.

Meanwhile I hope you understand a product might not perform the same on every skin, even myself can only tell if the product works for me after I’ve tried it long enough. In fact, I never mentioned the whitening Olay cream SPF19 had lighten/brighten/improved my skin, it just gently moisturized and gave radiant finish by the consistency. “v

tanx for the information…..

You’re welcome, afra.

mere face par pimples ke dot pad gaye koi cream batao

Hi nitish,
Thanks for leaving a comment but too bad I can’t get what you mean.

this is fragrance free, no backout, a partly physical sunblock,
that suits my sensitive skin i like it, and i m used olay

Hello hira,
Thanks for leaving a comment here. I guess you are the fan of Olay. “v


m a ofis girl i wana get whitening and glowing skin coz my skin is so dark! i want quick result plz let me know which olay cream will suit me???

Hello Kiran,
Thanks for your comment.
Assuming you only want a recommendation from Olay skincare line, then I’ll say their whitening line – White Radiance will meet your request most. Meantime you need to understand skin care is only part of the routine in order to achieve whitening & glowing skin. Exfoliating weekly, Vitamin C enrichment food, exercise, positive minded, regularly use of whitening series, sunscreen are important and, excessive sun exposure will null your effort on whitening.

Some readers are particularly interested in this topic, you can read the discussion of it on the comment column here. (“v)

Wow you’re a loyal Olay fan 🙂
Just last week I bought the White Radiance Spot Corrector and Eye Cream at 50% off *beams*

I’ve never really tried Olay for long period of time.. hopefully i stay disciplined to finish the whole product to see resuults hehehe.

HI Nellz,
I used to be fan of Olay but at now, I can’t find any Olay product suit my need and my skin. 50% is really a good bargin, hope they live up to your expectation. “v

hi , are this moisturizer can cause pimple ? because my skin are oily and it this suitable for oily skin type ?

Hi nyza,

If you are talking about the Olay White Radiance Whitening Cream SPF19 (it had been discontinued in Asia), I think it is fine to oily skin type because I found it slightly drying when my combination skin prone to dryness. I never tried the other two new versions of Olay (mentioned in above), so I cannot comment. “v

Hi beauty knot,
This side rohit from asia pacific ,India.First of all need to apolozige you for honest And prompt feedback from your side asap.

Need to confirm with you As my skin is oilly.and i am looking for a cream basically for whitening purpose and make my face a bit non oilly.

Help me with your kind suggestions.

Hi rohit sinha,

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating my beauty advice.

I don’t really suggest a product to my reader (I’m just sharing my experience of particular product in my blog) because I understand that skin care is quite subjective, a same product can work totally different on different person. Obviously skin care is not just purely a product matter, it associated with individual skin types, lifestyle, diets and sun protection.

Here are my suggestions, I hope they help:
• Whitening care MUST works together with sun protection all the time except night time. Periodical exfoliation also helps.
• Get the right concept, skin whitening is not equal to skin bleaching, you can expect more brighter and even skin tone in 1~3 months.
• Vitamin C derivative is included in almost all whitening products on market, pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) will give better and faster result in my experience. My personal favorite Vitamin C products are Kiehl’s and Clinique.
• Drugstore brand – L’Oreal Revital Lift White Spot & Wrinkle Corrector (red pump and white bottle) is the only one that I had tried long enough and it had shown visibly whitening effect for me, but it gave me few clog pores in the past. Shiseido Za True White is okay for subtle brightening. I didn’t really “see” and “feel” whitening effect from Olay.
• To control oiliness, I think Japanese milky sunscreen such as Biore is excellent to control oily shine, or manually blot your sebum with tissue or blotting paper whenever necessary. Perfom clay mask cleansing 1~3 times a week also helps to declog the pores. These are the methods that I think are safe, working well and have no long term side effect.
• If you don’t have budget to use separate product, then Olay might be an option, as well as other international brands that available in India. Most importantly, test the product in the store before purchase. (“v)


The new olay Natural White Cream is totally awefull.
It makes your skin greasy and yellow looking.
The older version was amazing, it was very nice and used to make my skin look fresh and radiant even after a long day.

I have complained to Olay but it seems they donot care.

I would love feedback from anyone who has been using this cream.

Hi Nazish,
I never tried the new versions but I appreciate your comment on the new Olay. I agree with you that the discontinued one (white radiance whitening cream SPF19) by far is the best among these three whitening formulas. Perhaps many people do not like the white residue and ask for emoilient consistency, so Olay changed their product consistency? I am now no longer using Olay and more into Asian brand. You may test the sample of L’oreal White Perfect day moisturizer, it is not greasy and the consistency is quite nice (slightly heavier than the discontinued Olay WR SPF19), just it irritated my sensitive skin in the past, too bad. “v

hi. hw r u? im live in Pakistan. im 16 yrs old can i use this cream. Plz tell me about”Olay total
effects.” thanks & take care.

Hi sania azam,
I have reviewed Olay Total Effect previously, you can get some ideas from my review. (“v)

The link is :

pls reply must pls plssssssssssssss

Hello sania azam,
If you are talking about the discontinued Olay White Rdiance UV Whitening Cream SPF19, then yes, it is suitable for teenager too, in fact you can use any moisturizer from Olay Whitening range. The point of matter is if you like the product texture for your skin. (“v)

Hi Beautyknot.
I just came upon this site, and your review was very nice and thorough.

I am 19 and of asian decent.
I was just wondering which olay product gives the best whitening results. I am already fair, but porcelain skin is what I am striving for. Does olay give you a natural-looking porcelain complexion? I have seen some women in Asia (although I live in the U.S.), and their skin kind of looked fake. It looked like a white mask. I don’t want to achieve that kind of skin, but a natural-looking one.

I am kind of confused with all the Olay whitening creams you listed. What is the difference in the Olay creams mentioned? I am considering the OLAY White Radiance Protective cream SPF24 PA++ (THB599/50ml). Can this be used on my body as well?
I’m kind of on a budget, so I can’t really afford all the high-end skin care creams. Although, I would like to know which skin care line is the best for achieving a porcelain complexion (even if it’s pricey).

I am also looking for a whitening lotion to whiten my whole body, anything you recommend?

I hope this wasn’t too much that I’m asking for. I appreciate all your reviews and I definitely will check this site out again!

Thanks a Lot for your heart-warming comment and questions, Amy

To be honest, I afraid none of Olay whitening product will give your desired porcelain skin result (or we should say it “brightening” since you already have right concept of “whitening”). First, both old and new versions don’t contain high concentration of whitening ingredients, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is the highest one in the ingredients lists but it will deliver better with other whitening ingredients (with enough concentration). However, you can give the OLAY White Radiance Protective cream SPF24 PA++ a try and use it for body skin as well, it’s matter of cream texture and cost.

Apparently the differences between those Olay creams are:
= Discontinued (the one I reviewed) Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19 contains physical sunscreen and suitable for sensitive skin. The newer versions (with SPF24) are all with chemical sunscreen, so those have sensitive skin can be irritated by the new versions.
= Okay, there are White Radiance (expensive) and Natural White (budget) on current SEA market, US probably has different formula. Most probably the price varried by their packagings and concentration of active ingredients.

From my experience, I am sorry to say almost all whitening products (serum) that had shown appreciable result me are premium or cosmeceutical brand such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Kiehl’s and Kose. For drugstore brand, L’Oreal and Za also worked fine though both of them broke me out.

I hardly use whitening product for body because protect from sun exposure is already the fastest way to lightening. Facial whitening product might not work well on body skin as body skin is thicker than facial skin, thus active ingredients are difficult absorded by skin. Bare in mind, almost all whitening ingredients only work when they penetrate into skin. According to many dermatologists, AHA/PHA body lotion is the best for lightening. I saw good result when using exfoliating stuff (AHA or milder HEPES) together with Vitamin C for dark pigmentation like Acne mark.

You are very young and don’t let the skin care cost becomes your burden, no kidding, stress can make you skin dull/age much faster. Hydration and periodical exfoliation would help your skin glow too.

Last but not least, I hope I’m not out of topic after talking so much. Hopefully I have answered your doubts. (“v)

I really appreciate you for helping me and not judging me.
Thanks for your reply! 🙂

Welcome Amy. I always happy to help. (“v)

i have some dificulty here
olay is my first choice
may i know,among all th ingredient in olay,which is th main ingredient that cause bleaching?????which is th ingredient in olay is th main that can cause our skin to be fair in colour??????
Please do reply me
i reali need your help.

Hi Kelly,
Assuming the “bleaching” ingredient that you are referring is “Whitening/lightening” ingredient.

I have no idea where you are residing but please bare in mind, Olay has various whitening formulas in different regions so I can’t answer you accurately since I have no ingredient list of all formulas.

Talking the Olay moisturizers in this post, Niacinamide (Vitaming B3) is the common main ingredient that can be found in almost all Olay whitening series in South East Asia. Beside Niacinamide, various plant extracts (depend on formula, such as Morus Alba Root Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract, Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract etc) are worked to inhibit melanin production. You can seach and study each ingredient of particular interested product online, that is how I learn the ingredients.

Cosmetics ingredients normally sorted by their concentration in product ingredient list (active ingredients also list first), so you would get a rough idea if the product has enough concentration to show an effect. However, the whole formula of a product is the main factor to determine if the product works, that explained why some whitening products fail to show whitening effect. (“v)

olay is ”free hydroquinone”?

Hi Kelly,
In many countries, Hydroquinone is prohibited for drugstore or over-the-counter product and only prescribed by medical professional, so that really depends on your country regulation. The four Olay moisturizers that mentioned in this post do not contain hydroquinone.

If you want to avoid it in future, you can read the ingredients carefully to check if it contains the words hydroquinone or benzene-1,4-diol or quinol.

thanks ,i ws just doin some research on 14type of whitening cream but fully support Olay
just dunno how to talk bout Olay

Well its true what you ve written. But to be frank todays advance technology we need more good result for money we buy right. What u say? Wel iam too using olay white radiance protective lotion spf 24/pa++. Its given me good result . Thank you
usha mohan
well i belive olay works on allskin type

Today consumer would demand more value of they money spent, especially in sluggish economy. I’ve been trying to be smart consumer too. Glad to hear The Olay cream works for your skin. (” v)

Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Hi soina,
I did not sell any product on my blog, beside, this Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19 had already been discontinued and replaced by Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Cream SPF24 in SEA countries. I know some websites were still selling this product (btw I am not idea if they are selling old stock or the fake one), you may locate them though internet search engine such as google, bing, yahoo or etc and deal with the seller.

Dear beautyknot,

So at present you are not using any Olay products? I considering to try Olay White Radiance Cellucent Whitening, but I am sure either it is worth it or not…the serum it is so expensive, very very expensive here cost about hundreds ++ per bottle. From my exp, I love the discontinued version of Olay lotion SPF 19..luckily I bought in bulk (hopefully the stock could last for months!). True….it is so slow for the ‘whitening’ to take effects yet I cant help to love the finish-matte look! The Cellucent whitening line looks promising and it is more expensive than other drug store brand… Anyhow I got to buy before I finish my moisturiser…Beautyknot can you please share your view on this!

btw if you dont mind of sharing with me could you list down whitening brands from your experience that is working like magic…omg i used to think the expensive the product the better…and usually when such high expectations do not emerge I just ahh forget it put in my leg, on my hands…start again buy and the cycle keep on repeat…help me beautyknot.

Any view will be taken as an education purposes and I really want to even my complexion and neck tone.

Millions smile,

Hi click,

Yes, I am no longer using Olay because I didn’t find their product suit my need anymore. I guess why many people hearted the Olay White Radiance SPF19 is because it gives immediate cosmetically radiant finish, the lightweight texture, good amount of sun protection and most importantly, the very budget friendly price. Honestly, I haven’t come across similar good value product again.

For the new version Olay White Radance Cellucent White cream and White essence, they main ingredients are Niacinamide (Vitamin B3, increase turnover rate of skin cell) and Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine (aka Sepiwhite, aims to inhibit melanin production), as well as Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vitamin C deriative, to inhibit melanin production but it is in low concentration). Sepiwhite is quite new to me and I believe this is why the new Olay White Radance Cellucent are being so expensive than other, in addition, they both have lightweight texture. I never tried any product with Sepiwhite before so I can’t comment would it work or not. From the Olay website, the purpose of the line is to create smoother and brighter skin, so you probably get the idea of the outcome. (“v)

Many cosmetic companies actually use a same whitening ingredient for their premium and budget lines, such as Shiseido uses Tranexamic Acid for both Shiseido and Za lines, P&G uses Niacinamide for both SK-II and Olay. However, the budget line normally use simple formulation and premium line tends to be more complicated and perhaps with higher concentration, so the whitening result might not the same. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean budget line is not effective.

In my impression, I think Kose Sekkisei, Dr.Cilabo Photo-White C Laser Plus, Kiehls PLRC are above average. Most prestigious brands like Estee Lauder, Clinique ampoule etc delivered good result in skin tone evening and brightening too. (I learnt many but didn’t try many whitening products actually) I personally prefer simple effective ingredient and simple effective formula in one without costing too much, sounds like idealist but don’t be surprise it can be found in cosmeceutical brands. It can be pricey Kiehls, Dr.Cilabo, Vichy or budget Taiwan brand Neogence, these are just few examples that I have ever tried. I am interested to try Majiami from Taiwan too.

I also had been persecuted by different tone of face and neck before and I have resolved this different tone issue by treating my face and neck equally. I use foundation/BB cream for face only but a non-tinted hydrating sunblock for neck (so it won’t stain the collar), yet my face and neck look equally toned. The solution is so simple as following…

1. shade both your neck and face from direct sunlight at the same time
2. use whitening stuff, facial cleanser, exfoliator, mask and sunscreen on both parts consistently
3. remember your neck is thinner and drier than your face

Hope this helps and wish you look glowing everyday (“v)

Dear Beautyknot,

Thanks a lot, absolutely the concentration! maybe it just dont work since it is too little. I will concentrate on that next time I buy whitening/brigtening products. It is been nice of of you for taking the time to enlighten me, you like an online product ambassador.

Many thanks,

You are more than welcome Click,
I was just sharing my experience but glad to know my sharing is helpful. I highly appreciate your comment, thanks! (“v)

hey dear i wanna know dat dis olay white radiance uv whitening cream spf 24 available in india….if yes dan wads d price approxxx….thnk u aw8ng fr u reply…

Hi preety,
As I do not stay in India so I do not know the price in India too. (“v)

im living in pakistan and i was getting olay whitening and i mean the exact same thing nd i hv been using it for the past 6 years i dont think iv ever used foundation or anything but this, it suits my complexion as iam pale and other foundations jst make me look tannner, this used to merge in with my complexion and used to glow on my skin, im so angry at olay for banning this i mean i was completely in tears, now i have no idea which liquid foundation to use which has an effect like this one! please help or tell me which ones are similar to this

Hello hiba,

It is depressing when the favorite product had been discontinued and leaving us feeling lost. In addition, the new version is often not suitable either.

From my experience, I found a lot of products give the similar radiant finish (with a little bit white residue) like this Olay cream. Many Japanese/Korean makeup primier, sunscreen or BB cream are doing this magic. Recently i was using a mineral sunscreen from Laneige, it called Laneige Sensitive UV Protector SPF31 PA++ and the texture and finish were reminded me of this Olay cream too. For western brand, Clarins UV Plus Day Sunscreen comes to close.

I also think Chanel White Essentiel makeup base gives beautiful pearly complexion. I had tried mixing a little bit of Chanel with normal moisturizer, the method delivered radiant complexion like the Olay cream did. (“v)

I have really dark skin and I mean DARK. I just recently purchased Olay white radiance UV whitening cream. Is it effective for lightening skin? How long will it take to see results. I just want to be a shade or two “lighter” that’s all. In all honestly, i love my skin. I just want it a little lighter. Thanks!

Hi lizzy,

I won’t say Olay white radiance UV whitening cream is effective for lightening, like what I replied in comment #8, I used this Olay cream because it suited my budget & skin and I loved the radiant finish. Hence, I don’t know how long will it takes to see lightening result. (I don’t remember well since I didn’t rely on it for skin lightening)

Typically whitening product takes 1 to 3 months to see a visible result, high concentrated whitening product takes shorter time to show result.

If you are getting “dark” because of sun tan, then avoid direct sunlight (try to stay under shade) will be helping you the lightening process, 1 to 2 shades lighter. From my experience, this takes at least 2 weeks or more. Using whitening product will slightly speed up the process and for preventive purpose (that you won’t get too dark with sun exposure). (“v)

plz tell me on oily skin its work or not

is this cream is oily or not

Hi alina,
The Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Cream SPF19 is not oily and suitable for oily skin too.

olay really work…

is this available at pakistan

As I know, the Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Cream SPF19 had been discontinued and replaced by Natural White series. No idea if the series is available in Pakistan.

hy beauty knot plz tell any cream or any other treatment for dark circles
why dont you tell me plz

Dear alina,
To be frankly, I don’t think an eye cream can get rid of dark circles. There are many reasons for dark circles, they could be genetic & hereditary, overstress, fatigue, lack of sleep, imcomplete eye makeup removing…etc, you need to identify what is the cause of your dark circles if you really want to improve it. Among the eye creams I had tried, I think this Kiehl’s eye concentrate seemed to help to improve dark circles, it contains concentrated Vitamin C for dark pigmentation and Haloxyl for capillary strengthening. If you want to consider intensive treatment for dark circles, please consult dermatologist. (“v)

hy beauty knot just last question keihl’s eye concentrate available at pakistan

thanks beauty knot

Hi alina,
I don’t know about the beauty product in Pakistan so I can’t tell you if any product is available there. You may check Kiehl’s official website for their international store location.

thanx beauty knot you helped me alot

You’re very welcome. (“v)

hello , beauty knot does olay really works i mean how can we belive
its really work or i heard from someone that after using this cream your skin will become full fo acne

Hi amy, please refer to my reply to the above comment #8 as reader afra had similar doubt with you.

Your say “how can we believe” is ambiguous, I’m not sure who you meant? Me or the beauty coorporation? If you were referring me, I think I had made a very clear declaration in my profile. If you were referring the beauty coorporation, you might have to think in logic way. The ultimate goal of any beauty company in this world is to make profit, depending on the moral obligation of the company, some commercial ads and marketing plots could be misleading. Since teen age, I used to trust whatever the comestic companies said about their product, I learnt through the trial-and-error and the growing beauty knowledge.

Every skin is unique. Some people can be allergy to certain ingredient of the product. Once I had suffered a breakout when using this Olay cream but realized later every stuff I applied on my face during the period caused me breakout, in fact that was due to my hormonal acne, which non-related to products. However, I agree some of the ingredients of the Olay creams can be irritating to very sensitive skin. You got to judge youself since no body knows your skin better than you. Good Luck.

I simply want to mention I am just very new to blogs and truly liked this blog site. Likely I’m want to bookmark your site . You definitely have terrific well written articles. Appreciate it for revealing your blog.

Thanks! Fritz Deluco.

hey how is olay white rediance creame? really work??

Hi niki,

The answer could be very subjective. Some people find it helpful but some people just find it mediocre. Please refer to my reply to comment#8. Thanks.

you are doing great job .i really appreciate you! .that you help everyone to choose their ideal skin care product .may “GOD ” bless you.and thanks again!

Thanks for such facisnating appreciation, alina. (“v)

I am not sure if my reviews/suggestion are really helpful but from sharing my personal skin care experience, I hope my readers do get some extra infomation of the product that I reviewed. Best wishes.

hi beautyknot,

i m living in pakistan and my skin color is dull can u plz refer me the most effective whitening cream my skin is type is combination i also have lite acne spots on my face

Hello cam,
I assume you have fair skin but just having a little bit issues of dullness and acne spot.

To be frankly, I can’t really suggest you a MOST effective whitening cream here because my most-effective (it’s Dr.Cilabo Photo-White-C Laser Plus at the time of writing) might not work as good for others.

You can try pharmaceutical Vitamin C concentrated product, such as Dr.Cilabo, Clinique, Vichy, Kiehls … Look for ingredient Ascorbic Acid (pure Vitamin C) or ingredient started with Ascorbyl *** (Vitamin C derivative). The ingredient listed first in the list having higher content, for example, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is second ingredient of Dr.Cilabo Photo-White-C Laser Plus, it means the Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate in the product has higher concentration than other ingredients in the list except water (the first ingredient).

Hope this helps. (“v)

does the product Dr.Ci:Labo Photo-White-C Laser Plus have any side effect ???

Dear cam,
I didn’t get what side effect that you metioned here. I afraid I don’t have professional advise to you as I’m neither a dermatologist nor scientist.

For eg, preservative like Phenoxyethanol in cosmetics had been said toxic and cause irritation to sensitve skin if absorbed in skin, yet most cosmetics in the market contain Phenoxyethanol. Some people feel “safe than sorry” by avoiding it but some are less concerned until further scientific study suggested people should avoid Phenoxyethanol. For your info, Phenoxyethanol in cosmetics is normally 0.5-1% according to international standard.

If you just wanted to know would Dr.Ci:Labo Photo-White-C Laser Plus cause allergy/irritation or other problem, I have no answer then, you should know better than me. For my case, you can find the answer in my honest review, but I certainly never know if you have any allergy to any ingredient in the product. For eg, some people allergy to sugar, olive, tomato etc but others don’t.

Try to ask for sample first if you are not sure. Apply small amount and wear gentle sunblock in day time.

Hope this helps.

Hi please tell me by wht age can i use this cream.

Hi i wanted to ask is there any age bar to us ethis olay white radiance.

Hi Athiya,
If you are talking Olay White Radiance cream in your comment, there is no age limit. I used Olay White Radiance since early 20s, some friends were using the cream since their teen age. However you need to judge whether the cream is suitable for your skin type, either too greasy or too light. (“v)

Hi Beautyknot,
Its me Madhobi from Bangladesh. I am one of the fan of olay product. I am 24 years old. For last 2 years I have used olay white radiance with spf 24. But recently I get know that whitening cream causes skin cancer in the long run. Is it true fr olay too??… I am really tensed about this news. Can you please help me by giving me proper information?… thnk you …. and have a nice time….:)

Hello Madhobi,

I am curious where you get to know “whitening cream causes skin cancer in the long run”? It is best to clarify with the source of info and Olay. (“v) Frankly, the answer for your question is quite arguable by different point of view.

As far as I know, there are many ingredients are classified as “whitening”/”lightening”/”brightening” ingredients either promoted by cosmetics companies themselves or are scientifically proven as “skin lightener” by international medical authorities. Some of the ingredients are harmful such as Mercury is toxic and Hydroquinone is harmful which only can be prescribed by medical professional. Some are relatively mild and safe which normally have no health issue for long term use, such as Vitamin C and B3. Therefore, not “all” whitening products are causing cancer in long run, it depends on their ingredients. (and I’m not expert in this, you can refer here )

Generally many countries had banned using harmful skin whitening ingredient in cosmetics, even percentage of safer ingredients like Vitamin C derivatives in cosmetics are regulated by individual country health ministry. I know nothing about Bangladesh Rules & Regulation of cosmetics but do be careful for product selection and their source on the market because many unsafe whitening products can still be seen, especially those without proper ingredient list.

That is good for you to create awareness of some harmful ingredients in whitening product. For me, I care about what ingredient using for my sensitive skin but I won’t be finicky over all “potential” harmful ingredients until there is compelling evidence and studies to support the say. Just like certain sunscreen ingredients are said to be cancer-causing but still widely used in sunscreen, for eg, Oxybenzone and Benzophenone (source). The bottom line is, you can always be selective. I suggest you investigate more on the topic, remain skeptical of anything you read and analyze various point of the controversy. These will help you understand better and have “peace” in mind.

Hope my reply helps. (“v)

hi..i live in nz..please let me know where i can buy olay whitening cream from

Hi ria,
Olay Whitening cream is widely accessible in supermarket/pharmacy in certain country but I do not know where you can get it in NZ. You can try internet search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc to search for the info. (“v)

I live in canada, please let me know where i can buy olay whitening cream?thanks

Hi Asma,

You may try your luck in Asian supermarket or beauty store, else you need to purchase it online or get someone bought it for you in Asia. (“v)

Dear beautyknot, i live in india and wants to know where i can get original/real olay products to take care of my skin. Also i have pigmentations on both cheeks just below my eyes. Please suggest which olay products should i use to get rid of them…also provide some websites where i can order these products online. Thanks:-)

Hi Amy,
As I understand Olay is a mass-market product and normally available at supermarkets and pharmacies. You can check this Olay India website and call the customer service, they should able to advise where you can get an authentic Olay product in your place. (“v)

Sun induced pigmentation tends to occur on our cheek bone (the prominence below the eye) because it is the prominence area of our face. Depending on what type of pigmentation you have, some can be vanished after using whitening product and with minimized sun exposure after few months; some may exist forever but can be lightened by using whitening product and daily sun care. Among Olay whitening care in Asia, I personally think Olay White Radiance series (also more pricey) has better ingredient than the budget Natural White series. You may try using the White radiance series including this essence. Using the essence and moisturizer should be enough to judge whether Olay whitening works for you or not. Meanwhile, apply sunscreen in morning would also help to prevent getting more pigmentation and prevent the pigmentation getting darken.

Please leave a comment again if you have any question. (“v)

HI I’m amazed at how many Whitening Products i found my Olay!
Could you please tell me the one you found most effective? Not your favourite but the Olay product you found results in actual whitening the skin. Thank you.

Hi LIsa,
I afraid I can’t tell which Olay product can whiten the skin effectively because I never tried Olay new whitening products. Olay has different whitening product range in different region, in SEA region, I personally think the green packaging White Radiance looks more promising than the Natural White according to their ingredient list but we know ingredient list doesn’t mean everything, you must try it for few months then only you can tell if it works for you. Honestly, I found Asian brand is doing the best in whitening skincare. (“v)

Could you let us know in general please which one you found most effective then? (outside of olay i guess since in Asia, this brand name is SO EXPENSIVE anyways) I went to Watson and i went crossed-eyed.. too much stufff….. what worked for YOUR skin type. (again i know not everything is gonna work for everyone) just curious too see what made you go “wow” for skin whitening. (around my mouth seems to be darker then the rest of my face… its weird!!!) there is one i used from my sister called “Memory White” its a concentrated whitening cream by Sofina.. i cant find it anymore plus its soo expensive, the ones on Ebay, take off the package and sell expired ones so i need to find new product.

Hi Lisa,
The whitening skincare really “wow” me is whitening line from The History of Whoo by LG Korea that I saw visible whitening result in just first week. Kose Sekkisei also worked for me but my skin was mildly irritated by the high alcohol. High concentrated Vitamin C product like Kiehls, Clinique and Dr.Ci Labo gave me remarkably brightening result in short time too but my sensitive skin couldn’t tolerate the concentration in long term. They are all medium to high-end brands, especially the LG’s Whoo is most pricey amongst these brands but really gentle and effective.

The History of Whoo… hmmm.. i know their competitior…. Sulwhasoo…. have you tried their whitening line? I can only afford one or other, i think they are very similar….

Hi Lisa,
I haven’t tried Sulwhasoo whitening line yet, thus no comment. (“v)

Hi beautyknot,
This is sandhya from Chennai(India), im searching for perfect cream for my skin it should contain sunscreen, whitening agents(must), moisturizer, dark spot reducer i don’t know which product or cream ll be suit best for me i ll not be more white or dusky but my skin ll be combination of both and im having oily skin too so i want to control that and also im having pimple like things in my cheeks but its not pimples i think its because of pollution and oil skin allergy. Im a college student so obviously i want to be looking good, now im using ponds white beauty cream with clean and clear face wash my face wash is really some what good but my cream is not good because im looking more white when i apply ponds cream in morning also really comfortable with that white radiance but slowly i feel oily particularly from afternoon my skin ll be more oily if im not wash my face pimples are forming in my cheeks i dont know wat to do im really feeling bad because of this problem and its affecting my self confidence also so plz beautyknot suggest me perfect product or cream im not asking in olay only it may be any product also that should perfect for my face plz help me im eager for ur reply.
Thank You.

Hi Sandhya,
May be you can try Olay white day lotion with UV protection, it is inexpensive and suitable for oily to combination skin. As you have oily skin, always use lotion rather than cream, cream normally more nourish and will be best for drier skin type. The Olay white lotion contains chemical sunscreen so it will not leave white residue.

From your comment, sounds like you have pore-clogging issue. Besides using light lotion, you might also want to watch the use amount, apply small amount each time and only re-apply when necessary. Wash your face not more than 3 times a day, ideally is twice, once in morning and once in evening. Try to stop using the Pond’s white cream and monitor how your skin behave.

It is very normal the oily skin started excreting oil/sebum in afternoon, some with very oily skin can have greasy face after 1/2 hour washing their face. My personal favorite is Biore UV Perfect Face Milk which is really good to control oil but it does require makeup removal and probably cause clog pore to some people. My suggestion is, using loose powder will help to control oil temporary without worry of clogging pore, in fact I used countless Johnson’s & Johnson’s pressed powder in my early years. Just blot the oil with tissue first before apply the powder each time. (“v)

Hello kadi, i m happy that u speak ur mind n tell us d true reviews aboutolay

1st of all i wanna tell u that i m using recova 360° antiaging +fairness crem and it didnt come up to my expectations it is more expensive tban olay intensive whitening radiance . So m now switching on to olay . I surfed a lot on net knowing its efficacy in skin whitening . Ii saw two olay white radiance jars both with spf 24pa++ .:the one u displlayed above with green acoor jar colr jar uv protective cream and the other in white dusky jar very much similar to olay natural white jar . Now m in a dilemma which product gives more whiteningresult . Please help me out

Hi Amit Kimar,
kadi is not me, she is the first reader commented in this post. (“v)

As I didn’t give both the Olay White Radiance (green packaging) and Natural White (white packaging) fair try, I can’t tell which give better whitening result, particularly their first 7 ingredients are exactly same, though ingredient wise, White Radiance should work better than Natural White. The White Radiance is probably more expensive than Recova cream, so you may want to try Natural White first to see how it goes.

I beg ur pardon i was confused . Yesterday i went toba shop where i found olay white radiance protective cream the one in green jar and the printed cost was Rs.799 but the shopkeeper was ready to sell that cream at d price of Rs.430 approximately 50% less i was amazexd i wanted tobbuy it i was afraid that it might be a fake one and the printed text was arabi c instead of thai language . Are olay products manufactured in arabia or gulf countries . And should i buy it or loreal mens white lotion is good or ponds flawless white will work to lighten my skin in a long run or will it leave its effect as soon as i discontinue. Sorry my question is too long but i m anxious to n hpoe u will drop soon. By the way today i bought ponds flawless white lotion . How much time does it take and does it really lightens the skin i m really anxious to know this . Hey does vitamin c whitening products work better than vitamin b3 whitening products coz today i come across loreal mens whitening cream but as it was costly so i feared to buy it as i never gave it a try . Will u plz tell me ponds flawess white’s effectivness or
loreal mens white product. Or let me know the most effective whitening cream among thesebrands . Yesterday i was surprissd when i went to acs

Hi amit kumar,

I also received your email pertaining this issue so I’ll reply your comment here.

Yes, you definitely have solid reason to doubt the Olay product integrity, 50%off is incredible, may be you should check the manufacturing date too. Olay has different product ranges and have their products manufacturing in many countries, so I don’t know whether the Olay White Radiance also manufactured in Arabia or not, you can call Olay India customer service to verify the fact.

Olay White Radiance, L’Oreal Mens White or Ponds Flawless White, they should work in long run if they are well-formulated. You should start noticing difference on your skin tone in 1-2months. After you have stopped using whitening product. the skin will be gradually getting tan if you continue expose to sunlight, which is very normal. Just remember, whitening care and sun protection are always together for optimal result.

Both Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 work differently in skin but Vitamin C will give faster whitening result than Vitamin B3. I am unable to comment which brand is most effective among them as I didn’t study their ingredient list completely and never tried them all. My suggestion is, try the one which is most affordable first.

So should i try loreal mens white activ i think it does contain vitamin c . Will u study its ingredients and tell me about it . I m so crazy about whitening coz i lost my fair skin tone years ago and trying to get it again . Reason being i used to go to swimmimg ppol and d clorinated took a heavy toll on my skin my skin tone went to tthe darkest shade and i m trying to recover i left swimming approx 4years ago and i m still waitng for my skinto attain its white fir tone

Hi amit kumar,
I afraid I can’t study their ingredients without their full ingredient lists on hand. I’m not chemical expert that able to comprehend all ingredients at one glance at the store, I also need to do some research online and need time to summarize the finding too because I take my reader question seriously. May be you can submit their full ingredient list?

4 years is very long time, I mean a good whitening product won’t take that long to be effective. I was thinking your skin had probably burned and I guess you didn’t apply sunscreen 4 years ago too? I don’t want to discourage you but I must tell you the truth honestly, severely burned skin for long period won’t be able return to their original very fair skin tone.

I have a friend who has very tan skin now and she told me that she actually has fair skin tone in young age but since she involved in sports a lot in school and never wore sunscreen, she can never returned to her original fair skin tone after more than 10 years.

My SO has fair skin tone also but he exposed to sun heavily everyday for 6 months several years ago, his face was very tanned and some pigmentation developed in just several months, he also didn’t wear sunscreen. He has been using drugstore whitening products in recent years and was no longer expose to sun heavily too, so his facial skin tone was getting slightly lighter but won’t be as fair as his other part of body that never exposed to sun, the skin tone was about 3-4 shades different.

Therefore, using whitening products will help to certain degree, how much the skin can be lightened depending on how deep your skin was burned and your effort on whitening care. Besides whitening product, try to minimize the direct sun exposure too, you get the idea why some people get tanned in four months summer and can become fair again in autumn/winter because they have several months to allow sunburn healing and didn’t consistently expose to hot sun everyday. Meanwhile fabrics has certain degree of sun protection too, the tighter the weave the higher sun protection, that also explained why my SO only had his face burned several years ago because he wore long sleeve and long pant eventhough he didn’t use sunscreen for his body too.

I hope you get my points here. Good whitening product, sun protection, persistence and patience.

😦 😦 😦 😦 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 . Oh my god ! So should i go for deep skin peel . May i know its pros and cons and yeah the cost of deep skin peel . I think that ghe last option . I saw that loreal paris men white activ contains vitamin c and melano block and spf 20 pa+++ on other hand recovais skin rejuvenatong antiaging and fairness cream and it has plant stem celll technology. Vit b3 e and aloevera . So shoulvd i use it . I m realy on a great trouble . Plz help me out. 😥 😥 😥 😥 :'(… Have u heard about ubtan (indian) home recipe for beauty i hav hearfd that it also acsts exfoliator . So finally tell me the best strong exfoliater for my entire body skin that would the dark skin. It should within Rs. 500- 600. Olay products cost rs. 300 in india for 50gm pack while garnier light fairness cream cost rs. 150 . Ponds also rs.150 for50gm white beauty. * olay natural white cream … What are their cost in thailand ?????

Hi amit kumar,
Just key in “deep skin peel” in google search and you will get a lot of useful info from professional about it, I can’t list them all here.

Both L’oreal and Recovais(?) are fine to try, you never know if you never try, as long as you feel good about the products and they fit your budget.

Ubtan is something new and interesting to me. I googled it online, in simple term it seems to be a mixture of different powders to cleanse & exfoliates skin since ancient India. It is a natural beauty recipe you can do at home but my suggestion is, do it in evening because the recipe contains lemon juice which will cause photo-sensitivity in day if you don’t wear proper sunscreen.

Concerning your budget, may be you can give Garnier body lotion a try. Garnier is the brand that use fruit acids in their products and fruit acids have exfoliating nature that help to lighten skin tone.

About Olay and Garnier product prices (not sure about Ponds), your price in rs is even ~50% cheaper than the normal retail price in Thailand here after currency conversion. May be these brands have much much bigger market share in India so they can sell this low price? (“v) Besides all these whitening care, do remember to minimize direct sunlight (or get your skin covered), always stay under the shade if possible, this will help your skin lightened naturally (a lot!) in long term.

hey beautyknot..plz let me know that is this olay white radiance is with white cast?? actually old olay natural white which was with black cap was amazing when applied on skin coz it gave a radiant white cast that suited my skin tone with good moisturizing effect and was the best for me as base for make up and fresh look at the face..but its change now it does not give the fresh look on the face but oily kinda effect 😦 please let me know soon that which creme in olay is with white cast ..reply sooooooon plzzzzzz

Hi rafia,
I’ve no idea which Olay white Radiance are you referring, please indicate the full name. FYI, the old version – Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19 now in-stock again in Thailand, please read my update on 24/11/2011 on above.

thanks alot for ur reply …iam from Pakistan and im a university student thats why i need a cream wch offers SPF and good base kind ov touch…i never used olay white radiance and always used olay natural white day cream with spf 24 and since last year its altered u doesnot give white cast anymore.. ;-( i tried other products but came back to olay but it still i miss alot the old olay natural white SPF 24 which had balck cap . i wish they also bring back the old olay natural white

Hi rafia,
I was a little bit confused by your comment at the beginning. I started using Olay whitening moisturizer since early 2000, as far as I can remember it was always been called WHITE RADIANCE (black cap) in few South East Asia countries I know. The name NATURAL WHITE (grey/white cap) was only used from 2009 for the new version here. There is another Olay moisturizer with black cap I know is the basic moisturizing line. May be the same Olay product is named differently in other regions/countries, I don’t know.

All current Olay products I know have leave no white cast because they use chemical sunscreen formula. Some people dislike white cast but some people found the white cast suit their skin perfectly, for eg you and I. Eventhough now they bring back the old White Radiance series but I have no idea if they share the same consistency and formula. (“v)

Hi rafia,
I just checked the Olay section again today and I realized we got White Radiance (grey cap, SPF24) too! The Olay company also brought this back to shelf. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t remember this old line in memory at all and in fact, I did see this line before in SEA region. However I didn’t remember if I’ve tried this grey cap White Radiance SPF24 before, it is a little bit more expensive than the black cap White Radiance that my student budget would just stuck to the cheapest. (“v)

i have the exact same question and i am trying to find the answer on all over the internet but i cant find one.does somebody know which olay product is now available with white cast since its no longer available in ”olay natural white” that was earlier available in pakistan.plz tell me.

Hi Jazzmine,

I had seen the old version of Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Cream SPF19 re-sold at hypermarket in Thailand this year but Olay had re-formulated it, it doesn’t leave white cast now.

and one more thing beautyknot, can i use a compact powder over olay natural white?? ? i mean does powder affects the working of cream../?????// please do reply both of my above questions.. u r very helpful.thanks alot :-*

Yes rafia, you can. But I suggest you use a compact powder with some SPF because scientific studies show uncoated mineral powders can degrade the efficacy of Avobenzone and almost all Olay product with SPF contains Avobenzone (aka Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane in their ingredient list). (“v)

assalam o alaikum
beautyknot plz tel me how can i purchase this oliy in pakistan and if i want to purchaze “white radiancce” or for any oliy that is suitable for my olily skin from your refrnce then how many price according to pakistan ruprees .and how can i purchase from your refrnce kindly help me .my skin is contain a small tiny kindly help me because i like this product

Assalam o alaikum abia,

I like this product too, it had been together with me for so many years (“D). The normal retail price of the Olay White Radiance UV Whitening cream SPF 19 (the one shown in my first photo) in Thailand is THB299 now and I can offer PKR870 or USD10 for 50ml cream packaging via paypal payment, excluding shipping fee. (“v)
* The cream is suitable for oily to combination skin and the lotion is more light for oily skin.
* The lotion comes in 30ml, 75ml and 150ml, while the cream comes in 50g and 100g packaging.

I afraid you were using something too rich for your skin that caused you small tiny pimple, try to cut down the use amount and avoid using too many products at on your skin. Always use something light for your oily skin unless you are in very dry/harsh climate. (“v)

How does vitamin b3 work differently from vitamin c. How deep does okay white radiance penetrate into our skin.Thailand is quite lucky in terms of beauty products because all the huge beauty brands like olay, L’oreal ponds Nivea neutrons are manufacturers in Thailand I am using L’oreal men active but itgives a stinging feeling onmy face and my pores at more visible and pimples and blackheads and whiteheads are concentrating day by day.I wish I could get old olay white radiance intensive whitening cream back.the new range is very expensive.please let me know how vitamin c and vitamI b3 n work on skin which c can give long lasting resulting and how deep can they penetrate I feel while using L’oreal men acuas if I have invested in a wrong brand

Hi amit kumar,
I’m sorry your skin doesn’t get along with L’Oreal men expert whitening product, do you have sensitive skin? How is your daily skin care regimen? Stop using it for a week and monitor how your skin behave with and without the product. Besides, you can try it on your neck and see how it goes, if no problem then at least you don’t have to waste the whole product by using it for your neck/body.

First of all, the main ingredient isn’t the most essential point to tell the whitening result, it’s the product formulation determines the product effectiveness, and also need to be used for correct skin type and pigmentation in order to get the optimal result. For eg, eventhough you use best-quality lentil (whitening ingredient) in your red lentil curry recipe (whitening product) doesn’t mean it will be most delicious lentil curry (most effective whitening product). The dish also depends on other spices (other ingredients) in the recipe and how you cook the dish (formulation).

Therefore that’s very common you didn’t get a right product for your skin in first few attempts, I’ve tried hundreds skin care products in the past and only get better idea what work for me while what should be avoided.

About how deep the product/ingredients can penetrate into skin is also all depending on the product overall formulation and also the molecule weight of the ingredients in the formula.

Generally the Vitamin C in whitening product are either the pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) or Vitamin C derivatives (eg: Ascorbyl Glucoside, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and etc).
Pure Vitamin C – Acts as antioxidant and boosts collagen synthesis to fight against aging. Work in pH3-4 acidic formula, water-soluble, unstable when exposure to sunlight, concentration at least 10% for anti-aging but high % can be irritating to sensitive skin too.
Vitamin C derivatives – Acts as antioxidant.
By acting as antioxidant, Vitamin C will help to suppress melanin production, protect skin from UV damage that reduce the amount of free-radical in skin. Click here to know a little bit more about how free-radical react in skin. Vitamin C derivatives are either water or oil soluble, neutral pH, more stable than pure vitamin C, the percentage is normally regulated by health ministry in most countries.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) or better known as Niacinamide in cosmetics product, acts as whitening agent by reducing inflammatory caused by UV rays and prevent formation of melanin, it also promotes cell turnover so the melanin can be flushed away faster. Vitamin B3 is more gentle to skin, normally 0.5-2% in skincare product but some studies show 5% gives good effect and helps to reduce skin sebum excretion that prevent blackhead & clog pores.

You can read more about lightening ingredients by researching online, there are tons of great info out there. (“v)

I live in Sri Lanka. Pls let me know which olay product works on me? I need to get whitening effect. I have already purchased olay white radiance night whitening cream. Would it be suit for me or if not which olay product gives best whitening effect? plz let me know.

Hi padmin.
Honestly I don’t know which Olay product works for you, you need to give me more info of your skin condition so that I know which Olay product might suit your need. In addition, I also have no idea what Olay whitening range sold in Sri Lanka. As you already bought the Olay White Radiance Night Whitening Cream, I suggest you just give it a try for at least 1-3 months and see how it works. Meanwhile, try to reduce sun exposure in your daily life will help the skin lightening.

I live in nigeria and am black, we have very hot weather here and intense sun. Wat cream do you think i can use to lighten my skin without getting sunburn. I have oily skin especially my face. Hopin you will reply. Thank you

Hi Evelyn,
Assuming you are not insisting on Olay product, I would suggest you pure Vitamin C formulated whitening cream. You can search for any whitening product that available in your country, just look for Ascorbic Acid or L-Ascorbic Acid (Pure Vitamin C) in the product ingredient list.

Pure Vitamin C acts as both whitening agent and anti-oxidant (protect from sun damage), it is water-soluble so normally the product formulation will be more lightweight that working fine for oily skin. However, pure Vitamin C is unstable and has acidic nature (pH less than 5) to be effective, so very sensitive skin need to use it carefully. (“v)

Hello Beautyknot, I’ve been using Olay white during my early 20′s until today that I’m in my 30. This is the first facial moisturizer that I came to appreciate.Why? It gives me beautiful, radiant -young looking complexion especially to my face,As we age, taking care of our skin in an imperative in keeping young looking skin. And for me, this is the best facial moisturizer and am very satisfied with the result on everyday use. Keep up the good job Olay Skin Care.


Hi Michel, thanks for your sharing. Glad you have found your Holy grail.

hi beautyknot,
i ant to ask there is a version olay white radiance, with green shade both available in lotion form and is costly . somthing 60 riyal. what you comment about its whitening effect. should i buy olay white radiance old version is not available in market

Hi bushra,
I wasn’t sure which Olay White Radiance were you mentioning in your comment. May be you can provide their full name?

i m talking about OLAY White Radiance Protective cream SPF24 PA++ (THB599/50ml)

is it really effective for fairness- whitening

I have heard a lot about Diana Stadler skin please tell me as soon as possible
whitening soaps do they really work to lighten skin many tones lighter

Hi Amit Kumar,
I can’t tell for sure. Though their ingredient lists contained whitening ingredient but the time these ingredients stay on skin is too short (<1 mins), that is a little bit hard to convinced me that they are effective for whitening then. However, those ingredients with exfoliating properties probably will brighten skin after using everyday for a period. Do use exfoliating product with care to avoid skin sensitivity.

i m talking about OLAY White Radiance Protective cream SPF24 PA++ (THB599/50ml)

is it really effective for fairness- whitening

Hi bushra,

This was my reply to another reader about the green-packaging Olay White radiance. Hope this helps.

“For the new version Olay White Radance Cellucent White cream and White essence, they main ingredients are Niacinamide (Vitamin B3, increase turnover rate of skin cell) and Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine (aka Sepiwhite, aims to inhibit melanin production), as well as Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vitamin C deriative, to inhibit melanin production but it is in low concentration). Sepiwhite is quite new to me and I believe this is why the new Olay White Radance Cellucent are being so expensive than other, in addition, they both have lightweight texture. I never tried any product with Sepiwhite before so I can’t comment would it work or not. From the Olay website, the purpose of the line is to create smoother and brighter skin, so you probably get the idea of the outcome. “

Thanks beautyknot for ur valuable reply…
As I mentioned in my last reply that I am using garnier light with spf 15… It dorsn’t suits me…its usage is generating pimples on my skin… And unable to find olay white radiance here in Pakistan so pls refer me something best…

Hi… Beautyknot… I am 21 year old guy living in Pakistan…
When I was 10 my maternal grand mother started to apply gram powder mix with milk/ youghurt/water or rose water mask on my face and my skin started to get oily when I reached 16 but was fairer enough. I used different creams in my childhood like Nivea( german made), fair and lovely, honey lotion etc but now I think due to enough sun exposure my skin is getting darker day by day… And facing some problems due to skin colour. My skin colour is medium now and neither oily nor rough. I am also using clean and clear face wash…recently I am using Garnier light cream with spf 15 and apply gypsum mask whenever I get time twice a week… I need to know can I use olay white radiance uv whitening cream and can I apply gypsum mask daily at night and leave it till morning because desperately wana be fairer fast…

Hi adil,

Sorry for late reply as I was very busy lately.

Well, you’ve been taking care of your skin in early age and aware of sun damage to the skin, all were very good for maintaining your healthy & nice skin.

I’m not sure if you expose to sunlight more often now compared to the past because you mentioned your skin tone is getting darker day by day. After all, sunlight/UVs is the main factor to contribute the skin tone change. Do note UVs can be reflected by surfaces (eg: wall, water, ice,..), even you are indoor and not directly under sun, the skin tone can still get darker over the time. SPF product aimed to help you against sunburn but not meant to protect your skin tone from darkening. Shading from sunlight for few weeks, you should notice the skin tone becomes lighter without using any whitening product.

Surely you can try Olay White Radiance UV Whitening Cream if you are interested. Meanwhile, I don’t suggest you using gypsum mask on daily basis and definitely not agree to leave the mask on skin overnight, seemingly it causes more damage than good. Please follow the use direction indicated on the product label for best result. (“v)

hi beautyknot
your guide is really remarkable. i want to ask when i use any of whitning products{different companies}, i feel n see the web of veins , bluish n redish , on my face. they becomes more prominent on face. what happens.why this is so

Hi bushra,
You sound like having sensitive skin and most probably the signs are caused by mild irritation. I recommend you to read this article to know more about it. (“v)

I can’t find this product in Nigeria, why & how do I go about it? Cos I need it my skin is nothing good to speak about

Hi, you may try online shopping.

hi beautyknot,
can you plz give the differences between olay natural white & olay white radiance creams.

The main difference between them is the formulation. I don’t know which Olay White Radiance cream that you’re referring but apparently the Olay Natural White is pretty basic and targets young consumer.

hello beautyknot,
can u plz suggest me the benefits of olay natural white & olay white radiance respectively?

Hi Saswatee, may I know which Olay White Radiance are you referring to?

hi,iam priyanka from punjab earlier when iam using olay whitening it was good now i think so that when i apply the cream after that my skin beome more oily plz advice me something which good for my skin in the summer ? thanks iam waiting for reply…..

Hi Priyanka,

Our skin tends to produce more oil in warm temperature, that is natural. You can try to dab some loose powder after applying the cream. Although that will only help controlling oil for few hours but loose powder would burden your skin in summer, you can re-apply the powder then. Or else, you can try oil-controlling sunblock if you have access to it.

How can i understand that ” Is this original olay cream or duplicate”…have there any sign to find original olat products???

Hi Nos,

I’m not sure where are you from but in Thailand as I know, the original Olay cream normally has a barcode sticker placed inside the packaging. My suggestion is, buy from trusted source if you series about genuine product.Those Olay products that sold at reputable pharmacy and super/hyper market are unlikely to be a phony.

thankyou beautyknot.can you give some good brands of oily as well as cream non granular bodyscrubs as well as face scrubs that are within a price range of Rs 50-`150 & are easily available at the market.

Hi Saswatee,

I’m not familiar with the cosmetics market in India so I’m unable to know what are the brands available on the market, especially within the price range Rs 50-150.

Hey beautyknot can you help regarding hair problems?

May I know what kind of hair problem?

My mother says to put oil in my hair every 3-4 days so that it will remain strong and hair fall will be reduced.But my friends say that if you go in the sun with oily hair it will lack lustre.So I want to maintain my hair shine as well as to be strong.Also I don’t consider washing hair every 3 days because I’ve got cold and can’t do so in the morning because I have got college at can you help me some way out by giving some really good herbal shampoos as chemical shampoos don’t suit my hair.

Hi saswatee,

I’m sorry for the late reply, really tied up with lots of thing recently.

Frankly, I don’t really get the point of your friend – “if you go in the sun with oily hair it will lack lustre”, particularly oil can impart lustre shine on any surface. I use a little coconut oil to moisturize the hair end, they look lustre, manageable and healthy. It’s all natural and it costs less.

You may hunt for herbal shampoo from natural brand at your local stores. However, I personally didn’t try many natural shampoo thus not in the good position to recommend. Anyway, you can only know if the product/hair care routine works for your hair after you give it a try. (” v)

Can we trust other fairness creams from brands such as Fair & lovely,Vivel,Lakme,Garnier,etc?

Basically Fair & lovely, Vivel and Lakme are new to me, so no comment here. Garnier… my sensitive skin had shown some reaction to it (tested on hand), so again, no comment since I never bought Garnier whitening cream before. Whether they deliver whitening result as they promised, my comment is, keep the expectation realistic. (” v)

Do I need a separate blackhead scrub,I am using a face scrub.It says it can help erase blackheads, but I can’t observe it.I scrub for 1 min.shoud I increase the time?

Hi Riya,

A physical facial scrub is good in doing “superficial” job, that means it “polishes” the skin surface (you feel the skin becomes smoother after scrubbing) but it performs limited to clean inside the pore. 1-minute is long enough, please don’t over-scrub, it do nothing more than hurting your skin.

There are many way to remove blackheads, I personally loved using natural oil (kitchen grape seed oil or light olive oil) for skin massage everyday (I used the oil as makeup removal), the method helped reducing my blackheads. In addition, I also do manual squeezing weekly or using pore strips sometimes.

Thanks for your reply,but do you think black head scrubs can be of any help?And I don’t have any idea about these pore strips.

Hi Riya,

You can give black head scrubs a try. Normally they are formulated with additional ingredients such as BHA, AHA, clay…etc to reduce blackhead, as such they should do more than ordinary facial scrub.

Which ones out of these are effective body whitening lotions:Vaseline healthy white or Nivea whitening cell repair?If you have some idea about these please share…

Hi Alaka,

The best I can guess is scrutinizing their ingredient lists and comment. However, the effectiveness also vastly depend on the ingredient concentration and formulation, which I can’t be expert enough to tell from their ingredient lists. My honest opinion, avoid sun exposure for a period, you will definitely see a difference without using any whitening product.

But my work exposes me to sun….so are not there any solutions?Will sunscreen creams be of any use in this case?

Hi Alaka,

Sunscreen will help you from sun burning but not really helpful to skin whitening if you expose to sun daily for long hours. You can cover the skin with fabric or use any physical shading when expose to sun. In addition, try using anti-oxidant daily to protect your skin and soothe & calm (eg:mineral facial spray) your skin whenever it feels uncomfortable. These are the few things you can do to keep skin fairness … and younger.

Are there any specific brands of these antioxidants…or mineral facial sprays??are there mineral body sprays too??????

Hi Alaka,

Common antioxidants like Vitamin B, C, E, Q10, certain fruit extracts such as Olive extract, grape seed extract, …etc also can be easily found in “anti-aging” skin care on the market. Mineral facial spray like Avene, Evian, Vichy, Uriage are good enough to soothe uncomfortable skin, they are gentle and can use for face & body.

hi beautyknot . you told whitening creams dr,ci labo, who ,,,there is none of these creams available in qatar. can you tell any whitening cream that would be easily available.except olay , loreal becoz i have tried these all, how can we get fast results

Hi Bushra,

Nothing new but very true, try to avoid sun light as much as possible, this is the fastest way to get lighter skin tone as per my own experience.

I suggest using drugstore whitening cream for daily maintenance as current whitening trend is focusing on luminescence, translucent, radiant, glow … instead of pastel white skin. (“v)

thanks beautyknot. you r telling me the name of the cream “drug store whitnenning cream” or refrering me to go to a drug store.

thanks beautyknot. you r telling me the name of the cream “drug store whitnenning cream” or refrering me to go to a drug store.
actually i have checked a cream it is written ” for fairness cream vitamin c & vitman E cream with hydroquinine” 0.012 something figure like that.
can i try this cream????
you are ritght but my skin is pale yellow lacking radiant and glow with dark circles

Hi Bushra,

The “drug store whitening cream” that I meant was those budget whitening creams on the market, like Olay, L’Oreal, Garnier. As you were mentioned them in your comment, I assumed you are only interested in budget skin care. If you didn’t ask for high treatment, then budget whitening cream is enough.

However, I personally don’t recommend my reader try whitening cream with Hydroquinine, because Hydroquinine should be used with care and guidance of professional.

Thankyou, beautyknot.But what you suggested about the mineral sprays such as Avene,Evian,etc;are these products or ingredients?Can I find all the antioxidants in one product,like those of vitamins B,C,E,Q10,olive extracts & grape extracts all in one product?If not,can a few of these ingredints can do?And yes,I am having facial sweat.Is there any remedy?Can rose powder help or Garnier Light that says it will keep sweat free?Will using Olay natural white do in such case?

Hi Alaka,

The value of a good product doesn’t judge by the number of antioxidant. The more ingredients in one product also doesn’t mean the product is more superior. There are other crucial factors affecting a product efficacy such as overall formulation, technology and concentration.

Sorry to say, I didn’t really understand what is facial sweat. If you mean sebum or oil, then powder is helpful. So far I only find Biore Perfect Face Milk capable to control skin oiliness.

How to know whether your face is oily or dry??And do you know how,I mean by what method actresses get so fair face & skin?

Hi Alaka,

Oily skin will has excessive greasy touch or oil shinny looking, whereas dry skin normally will feel uncomfortable skin tightness in low humidity.

How actresses get fair skin is tricky, some of them born with fair skin and didn’t like sun exposure, some seek help from dermatologist or beauty salon. The biggest scam is, commercial ads simply “tuning” the skin colour with certain software.

it’s Nadia from Bangladesh. my brother brought me 3 oil of olay natural white, made in Thailand. on the bottom of the container that these were packed in june 2011, as he left the cover so I’m confused about the expired date. can you please confirm me when it may expire?

Hi Nadia,

The expiry date of moisturizer normally is 3-4 years from the manufacturing date. Use them before 2014 should be fine but best to use them asap.

[…] just saw these reviews from Beautyknot and Chocoberrynut as I was searching for the images and being the skeptical person that I am, I […]

[…] just saw these reviews from Beautyknot and Chocoberrynut as I was searching for the images and being the skeptical person that I am, I […]

hi there , I use this lotion but unfortunately it not avail avail my country , so how it is possible i Bering lotion . i wantttttttttttt , please inform me . jolly

Hi Jannat, where did you stay?

can i ask is olay recomend for 16 years old? i want to use olay cream is that recomend for 16?

Hi Cyndi,
I think it’s fine to use for 16 yrs old. (“v)

what kind of olay cream is suit for teen skin?

Hi Cyndi,

Besides Olay Total Effect and Regenerist are more for women after 25 years old, you can try other than these two. 🙂

hi…actually i live in saudi arabia…once i got this product and it effected me very well…i became much fairer…but later when i went to buy the product i searched in many stores but i did not get it…can u suggest me were can i find it…

Hi maha,

Sorry for late replying as I was tightly occupied lately.

This Olay product is manufactured in Thailand but I didn’t know where you can get the genuine version of this other than Thailand. In Thailand, it is selling at pharmacies and supermarket/ hypermarket.

hi i would like to can i use whitening cream and peeling together.i bought in hong kong last year.all explanation in chinesse language in the box thats why i did not find any explanations about using.
please help me.

Hi Neval,

Do you mean Olay whitening cream and skin exfoliation?

I personally think Olay whitening cream is ok to use after normal skin exfoliation, unless your skin condition is very sensitive. If it is moisturizer with SPF, then use it in day time only.

Hope you get what you want to know. (“v)

Hai,i hv a dry skin &very sensitive i am using olay natural white but its not effectful in please suggest me which is best for my skin.i am 30 start to get tan also

Hi Sweta,

To be frank, none skin care product can actually prevent skin to get tan under sun, physical coverage such stay under shade, wear wide brim hat, clothes…etc will work much effective. (“v)

hai BT,
im from philippines..
I have an oily and sensitive skin, and im just 16 yrs old. what whitening cream will you recommend for me?? pls.. i just need your help!! thanks…^^

Hi Maine,

At 16, I assume any drugstore whitening brand will fit your bill? May be you can start with proper skin care step…. Cleanse twice daily (AM & PM), Exfoliate weekly (Scrub or mild peeling), toning (for oily skin), hydrating (light moisturizing) and last but not least, sun protection during day time. You can either include whitening toner or whitening moisturizer to cater the whitening need.

thank you!! 🙂


im luking for fairer skin tone….. I can find mi skin tone on mi hand z quite dark n dere z tann on mi skin… Pl suggest ow to improve nd best cream….. Awaiting fr d rep

Hi, avoid direct sun exposure for a month, you should notice a little change of your skin tone.

i m only 20s and oily skin lots of pimple.
so can i use this product
what’s price
please help me

Hi, you can give it a try to see if the product suits your skin. I have no idea how much it sells in your country. (“v)

can use the feeding mother olay night whiting cream

Hi, if I’m the feeding mum, I would not do this. I prefer something natural and safe for me and my baby. (“v)

I jus purchased this product yesterday and iv been making findings about it.I really hope I enjoy it.I’ll try to mix with my foundation before applying so as to reduce the whiteness. I want to knw if it can also be used at night.I’ll be glad if u reply.

Hi, I don’t recommend you use product with SPF for night care, that doesn’t do good for skin. (“v)

do i need to wash it after 2-3 h and put it on again?

HI unicorn,
This is moisturizer, you do not have to wash it off after 2-3h, unless you feel uncomfortable of the skin. You may leave it until your next cleansing routine 🙂

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