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Sri Lanka Part IV : Kirchhayn Bungalow at Bandarawela

Posted on: February 15, 2013


 Hello Kirchhayn bungalow. It looked so much beautiful in day time!




Outside of my room door.




Dining room. Hmn… the meal always served half to an hour late than the scheduled time. So try to tell them the time earlier than the planned time.




I liked how they usually prepared the pineapple.




The living room. Every corner in this bungalow is full of antiques!




Study room. Free Wifi is available in living room, rest room and study room.




Rest room. Our tea factory tour cancelled because factory was closed on full-moon. We had full day to kill in this bungalow. Sounds boring?




We amazed how large the bungalow. Despite some games are available in the bungalow for adult and children…




Grass tennis court, swimming pool, grass hockey, rose garden, nature walk, sun bathing…. Or tea plantation around the bungalow.




This is British colonial style of bungalow, Beautiful.



We had a walk in tea plantation after breakfast. The weather is warm in day time with cooling breeze in the hill.




Our guide leading us in the front.  




A Japanese temple on the hill.




Buddhist temples in the hills




A helicopter parking lot in the tea plantation.




After two-hour walking in tea plantation, we were on our leisure. My bath tub is largest and deepest seriously, children can just swim in it! That was why I think this was nanny’s room previously. Unfortunately, the bath tub looked old and not clean enough, else I really wanted to have a dip.




Another guests (a couple) found their way for private time especially we were big group with children occupied the bungalow. They can have their meal at front yard but we need larger table.




The water in swimming pool is so cold. Guess who visited the swimming pool most frequently? Villages dogs. The servant told me not to put the shoes outside the door, dogs like to play with them. 




We have fresh roses in our room and bungalow. These roses are as big as my small fist!




The garden could have well-maintained. Look at the before-and-after picture, the garden was full of beautiful lovely flowers in the past and now scattered flowers. The old picture – featuring Bustock family in 1994, was also the only colour picture among of all old pictures.



 A morning dew on flowers making these flowers so lovely adorable




Initially I thought the helpers watering flowers in the morning, but soon found out all plants were wet and the grass was damp and cold. (I hate wearing shoes on the grass)




Guess the gardener didn’t grow the roses as fast as they cut them. The bungalow will look heavenly stunning with many flowers! May be only flower  lover cares about this.




Different roses in the bungalow.



She looked adorable, shy, fully-bloom



Different species, different colours have their own scents. I love the rose scent of this champagne red species.




A hidden path




Said bye to Kirchhayn Bungalow, we moved to Nuwara Eliya on next day morning. On the way driving down to the hill, this young man in black shirt, had amazed us. He managed to wave his bouquet in front of our mini bus at every twist and turn of hill roads. OK, a man tried hard to sell his flowers. On the next turn, again we saw a man in black shirt, waving a similar bouquet…wow… many were hard-selling flowers in this way I thought. Then on another turn, we saw the man again and only realised they were actually the same man. On the 4th turn, the driver stopped the bus and opened the bus door, see if anyone of us buy the flower. SLR1200, negotiated to SLR1000, still a little expensive …. He was rejected. Well, story ended? Driver said he will show up again and he was right! We saw this guy again on 5th turn, and 6th turn….. I was touched by his perseverance and asked the bus stopped, I was sold. 


On the final night we had dinner at a respectable friend’s house in Colombo city, who helped organizing the tour for us. He knew more  about flower men in Bandarawela. In fact, some were doing that for their living. In fact, they will continue to do so to the down hill. I guess mostly foreign tourist will be convinced, a very good hard-selling tactic indeed. Nevertheless, I was happy to buy from him at his 6th attempt as he reminded me never give up even life is tough.



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