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ampm Happy Everyday Flash Foam Wash

Posted on: August 30, 2012

What is your mood when you washing face every morning?


Every morning I try to complete all the necessary routines in 30 mins, which makeup takes longest time … ~ 10 mins. Therefore I don’t really “enjoy” my morning face wash, as long as the cleanser removes skin oiliness of the T-zone.


Besides Naruko, Taiwan NiuEr’s am+pm range is specially developed for office ladies, who talk about high efficiency, spend most of their time in air-conditioned office, enduring stress at work and only rely on skin care routine every AM & PM. The am+pm brand aims to go beyond the boundaries and allows the product continued taking care of the skin during working hours.



This concept is nothing new, I assumed this is the common expectation of everyone? For instance, I use a Vitamin C product in morning I do expect it protects my skin all day long; I use a sleeping mask before bedtime I do expect the mask keeps my skin moist throughout the night. Though I admit the assumption might not be always true in reality, many factors are taking into account.



Instant foaming cleanser is convenient and fulfills the concept of “Efficiency”. One pump is sufficient in morning as it worked well to remove excess skin oiliness, furthermore our skin normally isn’t “polluted” in clean bedroom that needs deep cleansing. In evening, I used two pumps for more thorough cleanse, at least I felt more secure in this way.



Happy Everyday Flash Foam Wash has citrus smell and I was delighted with the mousy foam to be frankly. Unfortunately I forgot whether it irritates eye or not because I used this 3 months ago without note the point for this review. The cleansing power is very straight forward as shown in below testing pictures, it is rather mild that worked fine for my sensitive skin.

※※※※※※   Cleansing Test   ※※※※※※

(with waterproof shinning lipstick and waterproof mascara)



Although I didn’t try many from am+pm range but noticeably the range is emphasizing on Dermo-Cosmetics. Using solid and proven ingredients like Vitamin A, B5, C… in higher concentration instead of botanic philosophy of Naruko. The price range of am+pm is also higher than Naruko. Happy Everyday Flash Foam Wash retails at discounted price RM40.50/120ml in Malaysia online Naruko shop.

If not it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and parabens, personally I would grade it Excellent and willing to re-purchase. Overall the ingredient list doesn’t look cheap compared to high-end foaming cleanser, much affordable and it’s pleasant to use. It should last 1-2 months usage for two applications per day.

Rating:        Good. May buy again.




4 Responses to "ampm Happy Everyday Flash Foam Wash"

Glad to see you back blogging!

Thanks sesame,

For unknown reason your comment flagged as spam by wordpress, luckily I didn’t miss it (this time?). I’m now your weekly/bi-weekly reader instead of checking out your blog daily in the past, embracing the hectic + not so liberate lifestyle again, really admire you can make it DAILY. 😉

hey beautyknot, welcome back to blogging! i took a break from ur blog as i can tell u need a long break after going through a momentum tough ride this year but so glad everything seems so good now! 🙂 can i know what is the apps u used to put the cute smiley face in the cleansing foam, very creative and make me smile 🙂

love tiffany

Thanks Tiffany,

Sorry for my late reply, it was really a long week.

Thanks so much for your support & loving comment (” D). The software I used for the pictures called Photoscape, it is free app and the icon *eyes* was taken from the [object] – under Editor. Hope you have fun with the app too (” V)

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