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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Seol (Whitening line)

Posted on: November 13, 2011


Being LG niche skincare, The History of Whoo is an oriental medicinal skincare based on secret royal court ingredients – Gongjinhyang (拱辰亨) with modern cosmetics technology. Seol (雪) literally means ‘Snow’, is Whoo’s whitening line. According to Whoo, Seol uses oriental herbs to treat the hidden speckles under the skin, producing internal glow from the depth of the skin. LG has revamped some of the product in Seol line in early 2011, adding new whitening ingredients Seolgamsan (雪感散) and Chilhyangmibaeksan (七香八白散)..



I must admit the whitening line is immensely pricey! The most expensive whitening line that I have used to date. Seol has been received good reviews online and I was tempted to splurge! I had known places like Korea Gmarket is selling high-end Korea cosmetics samples at incredible cheap price but I didn’t buy from them at the end because I was unable to differentiate between authentic and the fake one, later my Korea counterpart told me that KBS had broadcasted the fake cosmetics crackdown program on TV (source), which involved both high-end and popular Korean cosmetics. Anyway, I finally purchased a gift set in Korea with normal retail price because the gift set was not available at the duty free.


These were the whitening products I used – Whitening Pure Essence (5ml), Whitening Lotion (20ml), Whitening Skin Balancer (20ml), Whitening Soft Toner (100ml), Brightening Cleansing Foam (40ml), Whitening Intensive (20ml) and Whitening Cream (10ml).



This is going to be a long post, so please bear me some patience (“v). I will do a separate review for full-size Whitening Intensive because I wanted to see its long term effect, so I would need another few months before I conclude my final thought on it. Therefore, please note this review is mainly based on trial set that enough for approximately 1.5 months (Sept – Nov) use. My skin was generally oily-combination in Sept to Oct and combination-normal-easily dehydrated in Nov, weather temperature averaging 28-30°C and humidity ~ 50-70%.


Whitening Soft Toner ( 65,000/100ml )


Having sensitive skin, I rarely use toner. I had only purchased three toners (Muji, Eucerin and Vichy) in past several years and they are all formulated for sensitive skin. Toner in my beauty lexicon is mainly meant for purifying and clarifying, which sometimes could be too harsh for my naturally sensitive skin especially my early years of skincare had proven the fact. I splurged this on whim and regretfully, it didn’t work for my skin either.



This whitening soft toner said to tone the skin, creates a clear and smooth base, and helps increase absorption of herbal elements. The clear watery content is absorbed quickly into skin, it isn’t hydrating that I need to apply the skin balancer as soon as the toner dried on skin else the skin would feel tight. I only sensed the mild tingling skin on 2nd or 3rd day and thought this was the culprit since I didn’t start using all the Seol products together. Having said that, I do think toner is useful to help skincare ingredient absorption, you can read my review of Eucerin Skin Balancing Toner that I had performed a simple test to tell the difference. The problem is, this Seol whitening soft toner isn’t suitable for sensitive skin.


Update @ December 2012 : Whoo Seol Soft Toner

Ever since I live in Malaysia, I notice my skin dryness has improved tremendously by itself. Thanks to the warm & humid weather here, I am going to save a lot on cosmetics. Considering of more balanced & stable skin here, I decided to give second chance to Seol Soft Toner, a whitening toner that irritated my sensitive skin before but too painful to discard it.

A little bit more about the packaging. The glass bottle is very heavy, I think it can be a very sturdy vase too, of course it can only hold a stalk of flower..haha. The spout allows precise dispense, though the opaque bottle has no way to tell how much it left.

The clear watery toner turned slight yellowish after storing in a very warm room for a period. However, I had not experienced any skin irritation this time, it hydrated my skin nicely and brightening effect was noticeable.


Whitening Skin Balancer ( 55,000/130ml )


You might notice most Korean skincare have non-watery consistency for their skincare “primer”, often called skin balancer or skin refiner. This is to be used after the whitening soft toner. In the pamphlet, it said to be used after using Cheongan Brightening Water, well, I couldn’t find a product called Cheongan Brightening Water in Whoo’s 2011 brochure and their website, it seemed that the product has been discontinued. (“ c)?


What Whoo says about this, exotic oriental medicine-based chilhyang palbaeksan ingredients and gemguksu, a simmered and cold-processed wild chrysanthemum essence, are absorbed deep into skin to make the skin as clean and clear as a white gem. It enhances the effectiveness of skincare products used in subsequent steps. (So, this also helps absorption and the soft toner isn’t that important in the routine actually).



As you can see, it’s a milky fluid. It’s very lightweight yet feeling moisturizing for my combination skin. I take a small amount on palm and apply with fingers, the milky fluid is absorbed into skin rapidly! It was quite moisturizing when my skin was on oily side but when my skin felt slightly taut after facial cleansing, this was very comfortable to soothe and hydrate. I really love this.


Whitening Lotion ( 70,000/110ml )


I think this whitening lotion and the whitening Skin Balancer are good combination for the combination skin. The emulsion has abundant tiny granules as shown in my below picture. I didn’t sense those granules upon applying as it just smoothed on like normal emulsion. I warm the lotion in palms prior to applying, then lightly press the palms on skin to facilitate absorption. My face is shiny and wet right after the application but it actually quickly dried on skin after several minutes, feeling non-oily and no stickiness, it just moisturized adequately although I still wake up with oily face next morning.



When I first started the skincare routine with Seol, I only used the whitening skin balancer and this whitening lotion because the Seol line is completely new to me, by trying them step by step, it would be easier and helpful to identify which product has caused problem at later time. Totally surprise. I saw a radiant skin in the first week! The result was simply remarkable and I was so glad I have found another whitening skincare that delivered translucent skin tone other than the blue-bottle Kose Sekkisei. Most whitening products I have tried do give me radiant and even skin tone too, but not the type of translucent, soft illuminating, rosy skin tone that I always admire. Besides Kose Sekkisei is probably more irritating to sensitive skin, I love this Whoo basic care imparts glowing skin from within. Nice……


Whitening Essence ( 140,000/45ml )


I think this essence is the most emollient stuff among the Seol line although its consistency is lotion-like, it is too greasy for oilier skin. From the user manual, it should be applied after using the whitening skin balancer and before the whitening lotion. It said made by precious medicinal herbal and secrets from courts in ancient times, manages dark skin blemish and help to provide balanced and transparent skin tone.



Like the whitening Lotion, it loaded with many soft granules and it does require quite a while to be fully absorbed for combination skin, skin also looked quite shiny. However when I tried it in early Nov, it absorbed more easily and didn’t look very shiny. In order to see its effect, I had tried both routines [ Skin Balancer + Lotion + (with or without Essence) ] and I did notice the skin glowed more intensely by adding the essence into the routine but I didn’t see appreciable lightened freckles. I was wondering if it was due to my lightened skin tone that reflected the freckles more obvious (??). Probably only an electronic skin analysis device can answer me.


Whitening Cream ( 150,000/50ml )


I actually bought the full size of this whitening cream first before I discovered the gift set. This whitening cream is the revamped 2011 formula. With new ingredients Seolgamsan (雪感散) and Chilhyang Palbaeksan (七香八白散), it said to enter deep inside the skin to create bright and clear skin like porcelain. It is advised to be used after the whitening lotion.


The gel-cream is feeling lightweight and hydrating, it imparts cosmetically glowing skin as most gel-cream did. There is no greasy and sticky touch. In term of texture, I liked this more than the whitening lotion particularly when skin turned drier, however this most probably contains silicone ingredients that acne-prone skin might want to avoid. When my skin is oilier, using the entire Seol line caused me minor bumps on next morning eventhough I used a small amount of this whitening cream only. When the skin turned combination-normal and easily get dehydrated especially the dry season is approaching here in November, the whole line worked really great for me. After finished the whitening skin balancer and lotion, I used this whitening cream together with the Whitening Intensive (treatment),  they have been kept my skin moisturized adequately day & night. No tingling skin even I didn’t wear the Clinie mask in morning. However, it won’t be sufficient for very dry skin in harsh climate.



Generally I’m highly satisfied with the whitening effect. In fact I’m amazed by the powerful effect of oriental formula. Whoo only lists the ingredient list in Korean in the pamphlet, nonetheless thanks to this blogger has posted the English ingredient lists here. The Seol line also contains alcohol. I understand from a cosmetic ingredient expert that certain oriental herbs need to be dissolved in alcohol but I wasn’t sure if this applies to Seol line too.


As a whole I would say the Seol line lives up to its whitening claim, though skin texture seemed to remain unchanged. Sometimes skin was still experienced dullness especially when I was glued to chair long hours in the day but normally the skin returned to naturally glowing tone the next day. After seeing the beautiful whitening effect of Seol line, I was disappointed they performed limited to those stubborn freckles. Together with sun care, the freckles appeared slightly lightened after a month use but they are still quite visible in my eye, that is main reason of why I wanted to give the treatment – Whitening Intensive a longer try despite I already tested it on a dark spot of my hand and it had shown lightening effect. May be just my wishful dream to vanish the 22-year-old freckles, especially when clinical IPL treatment also did nothing much to my freckles.



64 Responses to "The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Seol (Whitening line)"

Hey there hun.. may I ask where I could get this set? Also, how much does it cost ><'''

Hi Dawn,
I bought this gift set in Korea for Won130000, which was the retail price of the Whitening Intensive, and complementary 5 pieces of deluxe samples were included in the gift set. I am not sure if the gift set is still available at beauty counter since I bought it in June, and this might be the special set that promoted the new-release Whitening Intensive in early 2011. Normally gift set is while stock last and Whoo will launch different gift set from time to time.

Thanks for the detail review The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Seol whitening line..:) that was really good! my aim is actually searching for a products which can fade down my freckles and i think the whitening cream might help but the price is 150k won which is very pricey for me. Do you know any other Korean products which the price are more reasonable? thanks 🙂

Hi Sara,
In fact most whitening products (usually high-end brands and cosmeceutical) give me noticeable lightening effect on freckles but the freckles are darkened again when expose to sunlight more frequently and not using whitening product. (“v)
To date I have only used The History of Whoo:Seol and old version of Rojukiss whitening source, so I can’t really do a constructive comparison between Korea whitening care. From what I read online, LG mid-high brand Sooryehan:Baekchool is comparable with Seol. Budget skin care Innisfree White tone up cream and their eco-science spot essence are also seemed quite nice from Korean reviewer posts. I have two small samples of Missha Time Revolution White Cure pending to be tested, will see how it goes then. (“v)

Thanks for the prompt reply. 🙂 I will try out History of whoo in sometime future. As i’m asking a favor from my aunt who is going to korea but not Seoul therefore i can only ask her to buy a few from airport shops for me. and i can only choose the important ones.haha! Sooreyahan, i can;t find much review in google.and also Baekchool, where did u read that? Innisfree, there are alot of reviews. have u tried out their serum before?
DO u mind i asked another question, any mid rage/ budget products to recommend for pore mini-zing and tightening? Eco science spot i don’t think its available at airport right?

Hi Sara,
Ya, the price in duty free shop will be 10% cheaper than normal retail price that you purchase at beauty counter in department store. There are several duty free operators in Korea, you can check the price online such as Shilla or Lotte (click the link I provide here). All price in USD, the black one is the price for foreigner and the red one is for Korean resident only (bias policy >.<).

Sooryehan is very popular in Korea too but it is more targeting local market so it may not available at duty free. I googled the Sooryehan in Chinese and Korean, very few info in English actually. Planning to try this brand next year ("v). However I never tried Innisfree yet.

Innisfree is also available in selected duty free, you can click here to see the products. Budget brand like Missha, TFS, TonyMoly…are sold in major duty free because these are the brand well-known oversea that tourist would like to purchase.

For pore minimizer, I have only tried Rojukiss, not sure which type of pore you have, may be you can consider Taiwan/local brand? A balanced moisturizing will also help the pore looks more refined. (“v)

Thanks for the reply :)my aunt have gotten Laneige pore minimizing pack and essense from the Incheon airport.the price is higher after adding the tax… i have used the minimizing pack twice, but i still can’t see any reducing of pores appearance.(i just hope it get smooth and i can’t see the dots).hope it works after i used it for a month//>< the essence i have yet to tried out.

yea, i bought from Lotte before but at that time i just bought sheet mask as i didn't know much about korea product at that point of time.

… as i have red acne after pimples (still there for one year)?and i have used Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment (Kiehl) but they are still there, i need to cover using foundation if i out from house.
Innisfree essense are quite affordable compared to other brand like Laneige, and those you have mentioned. have you came about any comments on whether it works dalily use or problematic face like acne?

Hi Sara,
Sometimes the result will be visible when using the whole range together, may be you can start using both Laneige products together?

I didn’t come across the comment if the Innisfree eco-science wrinkle spot essence is fine to acne skin or not, but it aims for skin firming actually and reviewer also commented the skin is brightened up. Their whitening series called White Tone up and Innisfree has trial kit for sale too. Some Korean reviews I read are rather brief and not really complete, it’s hard to tell if the product works for your skin issue, after all each brand has their own supporter and we can only know when we try it personally. (“v)

I’m very interested in this line. But I’m confused. There are a lot of items in this line and I don’t understand which one goes first, second etc. Could you tell how you use it step by step?

Sure Irina,

As per History of Whoo, the recommended sequence of the Seol line is as following:

1. Brightening cleansing foam (facial cleanser)
2. Whitening soft toner (softener)
3. Whitening skin balancer (skin lotion)
4. Brightening peel off pack (special care: exfoliation mask)
5. Whitening essence (whitening treatment)
6. Whitening Jinaek program kit (special care: 4weeks intensive treatment)
7. Whitening Intensive (spot treatment)
8. Whitening lotion (light moisturizer)
9. Whitening cream (cream moisturizer)
10. Whitening sun cream (sunscreen cum makeup base)
11. Brightening Sun BB (BB cream)
12. Whitening pact (pressed powder)

This is typical skin care routine of Korean skin care. You can just skip the step if you do not have the product, or replace it with other product in similar functionality. (” v)

Thank you a lot-lot-lot for clarify it for me. I’m going to order some products of this line. Unfortunately it’s expensive, so can’t afford to order all of them, but I want so much 😦
So if I understand correctly, Brightening peel off pack (special care: exfoliation mask) should be used some times (2-3) in week. And other products morning and evening every day?
First, I clean my face with Brightening cleansing Foam,
After I apply Whitening Skin Balancer,
After I apply Whitening lotion,
After I apply Whitening essence,
After I apply Whitening Intensive,
And Whitening cream as the last step.
I’m not sure whether it’s correct order. That will be the first time in my life I apply so many products in one time 🙂 Could you correct me I the are any mistake.

Yes Irina, what you said about the Brightening peel off pack is right.
However, the Whitening lotion is a moisturizer, so it needs to be used after those treatments.

I have adjusted the sequence:
First, I clean my face with Brightening cleansing Foam,
After I apply Whitening Skin Balancer,
After I apply Whitening essence,
After I apply Whitening Intensive,
After I apply Whitening lotion,
And Whitening cream as the last step.

You can skip the whitening cream if you have oily skin because I think the whitening lotion is sufficient to moisturize. For dry skin, Korean-style skin care always recommends using additional cream moisturizer on top of emulsion/lotion moisturizer, but you can also choose either Whitening lotion or Whitening cream. (“v)

Oily skin – Whitening lotion only
Dry skin – Whitening lotion and Whitening cream
Combination skin – Whitening lotion or Whitening cream

Thank you! Since this line includes so many products it’s really confusing to understand how to use them.
It’s very kind from you to help me and advice.
One more time thank you :))

Wah, I have been buying most of my Seol’s line on Gmarket. Do you know how to fake one?

Hi Kooslee,
Did you mean how to differenciate the fake one? If so, please click to read my reply to Hakuku (comment#2) in this post. (“v)

Hi,Can you suggest a site where I could order genuine Seol products. I am from Singapore.Thanks.

Hi Diya,
I don’t know any site is selling 100% authentic Whoo product, may be you can buy from a seller in Korea Gmarket who is willing to provide the proof of original purchase, such as original retail receipt, original Whoo’s packaging via shipping or screen shot of their online purchase. Do expect to pay 10-20% extra of total purchase as the seller commission and bear the international EMS shipping fees. Best if the seller can get 5-10% discounted online purchase in Korea, so you can get cheaper offer.

Actually you can get it from, the price is reasonable and it’s 100% authentic

Thanks Sonita,
My readers would be happy to know about this. (“v)


Do you know where are the history of whoo counter in Seoul?? my sister about to go there next august… Is it cheaper to buy in the counter or better to buy at the duty free shop at the airport?? awaiting your kind reply,,,, Thankss 🙂

Hi Meiriza,

As far as I know, you can find Whoo counter at Lotte department store. The price will be cheaper at duty free definitely, around 10% cheaper than retail price at beauty counter of department store.

There are several Korea duty free shopping malls in town (please refer to my reply in comment#3), you may be lucky if any promotional/special set is still available at those DTF shopping malls, thus save more like I did. (“v)

Hi beautyknot,
I’m glad i found your review on the history of whoo seol whitening series. And because of you, i’m using them now. I use mini set which contains skin balancer, lotion, intensive cream, and Ja Saeng Essence.
The result is really satisfy me. Great! I found my skin really whiter, brighter, smooth. I never found such a great whitening product before. So, i really thank you.
Btw, i want to use this link as a reference on my blog:
because i want to write a review about this line too.
Thank you and have a nice day ^^

Hi Yanna,

Thanks for your sharing and very glad Whoo worked for you too. (“v)

Hi, may i know if i use these products correctly :
Step 1 Whitening Skin Balancer
Step 2 Whitening Lotion
Step 3 Whitening Intensive
Step 4 Whitening and Moisture Cream
Step 5 Whitening Peel Off Pack (1/wk)

For both day and night ?
For people who have wrinkles and eye bags , can u recommend me a product that works really well ? Thank u !

Hi Valerie,

You can refer to my reply to Irina on comment #5. I have adjusted the sequence as folllows:

Step 1 Whitening Skin Balancer
Step 2 Whitening Intensive (treatment/essence)
Step 3 Whitening Lotion (Light moisturizer)
Step 4 Whitening and Moisture Cream
Step 5 Whitening Peel Off Pack (1/wk)

If the routine suit your skin care need, then you can use it both day and night. For me, I would rather keep Whitening Intensive for night treatment since it’s pricey (“b).

Wrinkles and eye bags are signs of aging, I personally able to “blur” or “hide” the signs very well when I do excellent job on skin hydrating/moisturizing. Meanwhile, I’m happy with natural oil and Vitamin A / C concentrate for anti-aging.

Hope my comment helps. (“v)

Thank u for helping me to adjust the sequence ! 🙂
Are all these products is to apply the whole face?
And btw i still dont know what u mean by doing excellent job on skin hydratiing or moisturing..
Do u mean by Whitening lotion can help reduce wrinkles and eye bags ?
So sorry to trouble you ><

Hi Velerie,

You can use Whitening Intensive on targeted area only. As Whitening Peel Off Pack is peel-off mask, do avoid using it near to eye area.

You can use the rest of the product as usual. Depending on your skin condition, you can adjust the routine between lotion and cream. For eg, Whitening Lotion should be sufficient if your skin is very oily.

Ops…I didn’t mean Whitening lotion can help reduce wrinkles and eye bags (“v). What I meant was, my skin looked “line-free” when the skin was well hydrated but that effect was just temporary.

Try anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, E, peptides etc for wrinkles treatment. Concerning eye bag, I think physical massage will help water drainage and preventive purpose, or else I afraid only plastic surgery/injection can help. (“c)

Thank u so much ! 😀

helloo thanks for the review..
i want to ask u,what the best whitening korean product so far?i use innisfree white C line and not satisfied..sorry for my bad english hehe..

Hi Noe,

Best whitening Korean product…. this is very tricky question (“b)

However, from most of the online review – including my personal experience, Whoo seemed to be the choice. However, I can’t vouch it works the same for all, not to say it is expensive…. try the toner and emulsion first if you really want to try Whoo. Hope this helps.

[…] the oil for nearly 2 weeks. Nevertheless, I would say the scar pigmentation improved better than Whoo whitening cream but not effective as Renew Rose hip […]

I wonder how is this better than Obagi NUderm system? If you want freckles to fade, Obagi works the best for that. Been using Obagi line for 3 years now and Im happy with the results. I am looking for a cheaper alternative as a maintenance and i thought of Seol line. How long does the whole set last? Is it safe to use with skin already tolerant to Tretinol / Retin A? If it is, i would be happy to give it a try.

is Whitening Cream same as Whitening and Moisture Cream?

Hi Rhoda,

The Whitening and Moisture Cream is the 2012 upgraded version of Whitening Cream. (“v)


from the moment i read your blog, i have been searching online where to order them. I need your help since most of the kit contents vary. My complexion is clear , obagi has greatly helped with my acne prone skin, acne scars have diminished but skin remains tremendously oily then very dry when skin is peeling and will become red once in a while with Tretinoin. I am tired of wearing a red face all the time, and i wanted to switch to a brand that would maintain my skin radiant and clear from blemish without the harsh effects of Hydroquinone and Tretinoin and… i stumbled upon your blog. I took a peek at Ebay , there we sets i got interested in but unfortunately the seller cant provide me any certification ( as what you have suggested) that they are authentic. There’s one online ordering from usacosmetics. com with 2 kits available. The site looks legit with money back and return policy and they posted that everything they sell are authentic. And great that I can contact them here in the US if I have any questions.

Now , which one to choose. May I ask your opinion, what’s worth the price, what would best fit my needs and what do you think of this deal?

1.) $155
The History of Whoo Whitening Essence Set

The History of Whoo Whitening Essence: 45 ml
The History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer 20 ml
The History of Whoo Whitening Lotion 20 ml
Whitening Moisture Cream 4 ml
Whitening Intensive 4 ml
The History of Whoo Brightening Gel: 13 ml

Steps: Skin Balancer->Essence->Brightening Gel->Intensive(Spot Treatment)->Lotion->Cream

2.) $200
The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Moisture Cream Set includes:

The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Moisture Cream 50 ml

Free Gifts of:
The History of Whoo Seol Whitening Moisture Cream 30 ml
The History of Whoo Brightening Gel: 13 ml
The History of Whoo Brightening Cleansing Foam 40 ml
The History of Whoo Whitening Serum: 5 ml
The History of Whoo Whitening Intensive: 4 ml

Thank you very much , your comment is greatly appreciated.

Hi Rhoda,

Apologise for late replying and thanks for your comment. Hope the two gift sets are still available when you read my comment.

Basically the option here is either the Whitening Essence or Whitening Moisture Cream, as they are full size product.

Get the Whitening essence set if you prioritise on whitening effect.
Get the Whitening Moisture Cream set if you need moisturizer more.

Hallo, I am just a newbie for using Whoo. I just use it for less than a month. However I am using seol line only the balancer, essence and lotion. The rest regime are replaced by other product because I don’t think it is good to wasting money, but in the future when it run out I will take all the seol line. Also, I don’t actually think that I need all the regime. Which one I can skip?

So here are my product order:
1. Hadalabo Arbutin Facial Foam
2. Hadalabo Tamagohada
3. Whitening skin balancer (skin lotion)
4. Whitening essence (whitening treatment)
5.Whitening Intensive (spot treatment) (on its way to me, buy it online)
7. Whitening lotion (light moisturizer)
8. Rohto Skin Aqua Moisturizer Gel with SPF 30
9. Skin food Mushroom BB cream
10. Indonesia local powder XD
11. My Beauty Diary Mask Arbutin once/week

Beside I don’t think I need all the regime, some product is suit me the most, so I don’t want to replace all . lol
Hope you can answer me, Thank you lovely.

Hello Mahadewi,

No other know your skin better than you, so keep those worked best for you. (“v)

Here is my opinion based on your routine:

1. Hadalabo Arbutin Facial Foam or Hadalabo Tamagohada
2. Whitening skin balancer (skin lotion)
3. Whitening essence or any whitening treatment
4. Whitening lotion (light moisturizer) – use day or night
5. Rohto Skin Aqua Moisturizer Gel with SPF 30 – day only
6. Skin food Mushroom BB cream – take this as makeup step
7. Indonesia local powder – to control excess oily shine, makeup step
8. My Beauty Diary Mask Arbutin once/week – this is fine, or once/2 weeks since you already keep whitening routine daily

Beside whitening skin care, I strongly suggest you cover from direct sunlight, trust me on this – no whitening product work better than prevention, and this save your $.(“v)

Hi BT,
My order arrived today.
Got the full size of both Skin Balancer and White Lotion. Then the rest are trial sizes.
Here are the steps ive done so far based on the literature enclosed:
1.Brightening Cleanser Foam
2. Brightening Gel
3. Skin Balancer
4. Whitening Essence
5. Whitening Intensive
6. Whitening Lotion
7. Whitening Cream

I love it! The moisturizing effect is excellent. I guess my skin was always dry and peeling from the use of Obagi. Now my skin feels so soft, well hydrated and radiant even on the first try.

By the way, do i do this routine day and night? How about sunscreen? Will an aloe based sunscreen not alter that effects of the products?
How about an obagi sunscreen? I have leftovers in stock.

I am so glad i stumbled upon your blog.
Thank you very much.

Hi RhoRN,

You are most welcome. Glad the line worked for you. (“v)

Yes, best to keep the routine day and night for best result, except Brightening Gel which should be used once a week. That is hard to tell if Aloe / Obagi sunscreen will interfere with the effect unless study their ingredients carefully. However, I think is fine to the sunscreens after the cream. You may take Whitening Intensive as night treatment,

Hi dear want to ask you where do you get the price list? I go to whoo web and cannot find any price on it.

Hi Erna,

I got the price list from online shopping portal in Korea. Like most counter brand, the retail selling price is quite standardized across the country, the price difference usually only happened between Duty Free SP and Normal SP.

Hi beautyknot,

Thank you for your detailed product reviews, I find them rather useful. I have been searching for a cleanser which can cleanly thoroughly (clean off my sunscreen) but not make my skin dry. I share my cleanser with my 13-year-old daughter. While I have dry and sensitive skin but prone to zits around the mouth, my daughter has outbreaks on her forehead and cheeks. By the way, I’m fair but have light freckles on my cheeks.

After trawling the internet and reading your reviews, somehow I’m quite tempted to try out either the “History of whoo” or “Sulwhasoo” products. However before I try out the products, I need your advice.

1) Sulwhasoo Gentle Liquid Cleansing Foam
2) History of whoo Jinyul Essence Foam 180ml
3) History of whoo Brightening Cleansing Foam

The above 3 are cleansers which I’m tempted to try out (share with my girl). The Brightening one is the most attractive because I’ve freckles though my girl (she is fair too) doesn’t have it. I’m just wondering will this be effective if I use it alone without the rest of the whitening products in the range. Also, does it clean as well as the other 2.

Do you buy online too? If so, do you have any recommendation for a “safer” site, meaning they sell genuine products?

Sorry for being so long winded, thanks in advance.


Hi Anne,

Thanks for your message and I feel sorry for replying to you this late.

I have freckles since young and I learnt the best way to manage freckles is actually avoiding direct sun exposure, though skin care product would help lightly. What a brightening cleanser can do is limited, especially it only stays on skin less than a minute on each application. (“v)

Both Whoo Brightening Cleansing Foam and Sulwhasoo Gentle Liquid Foam are nice, you can read my reviews of them (Whoo & Sulwhasoo) to decide which one you think is best for you and your lovely daughter. I never tried Jinyul Essence foam but as it meant for mature skin, I assume it might be less drying compared to the other two.

I purchased via a contact in Korea and she ordered the product from local online shopping channel, which the brands normally give discounted price and more attractive freebie for online purchase in Korea. I think usacosmetics is ok as their product list is quite up-to-date, I wrote to them before and they replied me very fast, they have customer testimonials too. However you might have other option to meet your need.

Hope this helps and wish you happy mother’s day.

Hi beautyknot, thanks for your reply. I called our local agent and they are quite nice. They offered to give some sulwhasoo’s samples to try – both the cleansing oil and gentle foam. Also, they are giving me the first serum sample to try out. I’m so excited.

Great! Hope you like the product (“v)

I just want to thank u for the review u shared in here. All ur explanation is very helpful for me. I’ve tried the sample version of whoo seol essence, intensive and bb cream. So far I quite satisfied with the result for the essence and intensive cream.

Hello Deasy,

Thank you and glad you found this post helpful. I like their BB cream too. (“v)

Where can we but history of whoo in malaysia?
Can u tell me the store location? (Especially in malacca or KL)

Hi Pink, Whoo is not available in Malaysia currently. (“v)

Hi …..I just love your detailed replies…Iam wanting to start using the Seol Line….and plan to only buy the Balancer/Essence and the Lotion because of the price. Is it worthwhile also getting the Whitening Jinaek program kit (special care: 4weeks intensive treatment) and using that at night alone or do I have to follow the Balancer/Essence /Whitening Jinaek program kit /Whitening lotion (light moisturizer? Also do I have to always wear a sunscreen when i go out….as I leave home at 6.30 am and return only at 7.00 pm and both times there is no sun really .Can you please suggest a good suncreen cream to apply on top of it all as well please. Iam going to Bangkok next week and wanted to check if there was any place I could buy it from there…Best Regards…Renuka

Hi Renuka,

Hope you had enjoyed your Bangkok trip.

Special treatment like Whitening Jinaek program kit is normally recommended to use on every 3-4 months, you can replace the essence by the program kit during the treatment period. For me, I would consider to take up this type of treatment every 6 months. Depending on the product instruction, you may use in day & night or either way.

Sunscreen is useful in a nutshell, not only protect skin against sun rays but also radioactive from electrical & electronic devices. For eg, there was a period I left home on 6am and left the office after 8pm, my powder foundation was the only product with SPF and I felt comfortable with that. (” v)

Personally I liked Japanese sunscreen for my sensitive skin, either brand is fine for me. If I want to splurge, I will go to counter brand but drugstore brand is always on my shopping list.

Hope this helps.

Having many sunscreens,

hi thank you so much for your review ^^
i just want to ask if i just use the skin balancer , lotion and small size of the cream is it still effective my skin ?
and is it okay for teenager use this?
hope you answer my question thank you =)

Hi ayy14,

Depending on the size of those samples, if you can try the samples for 2 weeks more, at least your skin would be able to tell you something. (“v)

Hi ayy14,

Sorry for taking so Looo…ng time to reply you as I had been not blogging for a looo…ng time.

If the sample size is sufficient for at least a week usage, then it should be good enough to justify if you are satisfied with the products. In my opinion, it is okay for teenager to try. (“v)

Hi, I’m from vn, this is a tropical countr, so it’s hot whole day, I have benn reading a lot of useful comments from u, i fell interesting about this product, but I confused what I should buy, I confuse beetween whoo whitening essence and programme kit, can u give some advice, tks u so much 🙂

Hi Lien,

Apologize for my late reply, I overlooked this.

I would say the Whitening essence is meant for daily care, where the Programme Kit is used for periodical intensive treatment. You can choose either one at one time depending what you need.

Hope this helps.


Your blog has been very helpful. I would just to know about the other lines in Whoo, I believe there are the non-whitening line. Do you know about that line? If so, is there any other way/website to read up more about Whoo products?

Thank you very much
Happy New Year!

Hi YJ,

Appologies for my late reply.
Try Google Search, I beg you can find lots of info about this brand.

If you just wanted to get to know about the product line, I can share with you the relevant Korea website, just let me know.


hi, thank you for your review
i just want to ask you can i replace whitening essence with hwa hyun essence in seol line?

Hi Angel, I think there is no fix rules for that, why not? 🙂

[…] The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Seol (Whitening line … – Nov 13, 2011 · Being LG niche skincare, The History of Whoo is an oriental medicinal skincare based on secret royal court ingredients – Gongjinhyang (拱辰亨) with …… […]

Hi, Does anyone know if the history of whoo whitening essence sunscreen SPF46 contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide just like their old whitening cream sunblock? I’m hunting high and low for the ingredients list but with no luck at all. I am allergic to some of the chemical sunblock ingredients so I need to be very careful…. Any help will be so very gratefully appreciated.
Thanks much! linda

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