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Evian Facial Spray

Posted on: January 11, 2009




My face was extremely sensitive these few days. Skin can feel the tingle in the mid day. I never used face mist before, so I bought Evian facial spray as a toner to soothe my irritated skin.


I spray the mist on cleansed face, and pat gently to absorb into skin. The irritation has gone after few days. Of course I’ll not say all accredited Evian face spray because my simple skincare routines did help as well.


This is product from France, Evian natural mineral water facial spray moistures, refreshes and tones. As said by Evian, used daily, the facial spray increase the skin hydration by 14%, helps to fix make-up and offer constant freshness and purity.


I neither use the facial spray to fix make-up nor replenish hydration for face in mid day, simply the facial spray will spoilt my make-up instead of fix it. I also afraid the mineral water will evaporate in air-conditioning environment resulting drier skin.


My skin like it as a toner, really soothing. I spray over my body when necessary. Normal retail price in Thailand, 180 baht for 50ml/ 350 baht for 150ml, much cheaper to buy it during promotion.


Rating : … )))  excellent  Excellent. Willing to buy again.




Composition EN

mg/I-Analysis in mg/l.

Eau minérale naturelle

d’Evian Ca: 80, Mg: 26, Na: 6.5, K:1, HCO3: 360, SO4: 12.6, CI:6.8, Nitrates: 3.7, Silice: 15, PH:7.2




Press once, the water just fine.

Press once, the water just fine.




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