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VICHY Bi-WHITE REVEAL Double Corrective Whitening Essence

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Vichy Bi-White samples

With bio-Assimilated double efficacy Ceramide White TM and LHA, Vichy Bi-White Reveal promises more efficient whitening care on Asian skin by more effective penetration of active ingredients.

I tested this sample after few days I had slightly darken from trip, so I think that’s the best time to justify the whitening essence. Love the 5ml sample is vacuum sealed in ointment packaging to preserve the ingredients freshness (unfortunately it still turned slight yellowish, the original content should be white colour). The light cream is dewy, easily spread over and settled almost instantly. It’s fragranced, I actually quite delightful with the sweet fragrance.

Because the serum is included some brightening substances, hence complexion is instantly even up and glowing after each application. After diligently use day and night for 10 days, I didn’t notice any significant improvement. B.U.T, it’s too early to justify at this stage, normally whitening product take at least 2-4 weeks to see a noticeable result,  except for highly concentrated treatment.

However, one thing for sure is, as long as I was with this essence, the oxidized sebum (the tiny black things inside a pore) around my T-zone that always exists due to emollient night cream were no longer exists when I wake up  in next morning! Although facial cleanser can cleanse the oxidized sebum easily, but I think this essence is quite nice to use, even under makeup.

Overall I’m feeling fine with the consistency and fragrance, but not to the extent that I’ll purchase a full size for accurate verdict.

Rating: ….))) Satisfied  Satisfied.



Aqua/Water, Cyclohexasiloxane, Glycerin, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Titanium Dioxide, PEG-100 Stearate, C13-14 Isoparaffin, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Mica, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract/Licorice Root Extract, Dimethiconol, Silica, Sodium Citrate, Salicylic Acid, Cyclopentasiloxane, Aluminum Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol, Chlorphensin, Disodium EDTA, Isopropyl Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Laureth-7, Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, Citric Acid, Hydroxypalmitoyl Sphinganine, Xanthan Gum, Cetyl Alcohol, Polyacrylamide, Butylene Glycol, Parfum/Fragrance.

The sample


content of the sample

99 Responses to "VICHY Bi-WHITE REVEAL Double Corrective Whitening Essence"


I am using Vichy Bi-White reveal face cream. It is looking like a cream that cricketers are using at the time of play that is like Sunscreen it is appearing like white. Its not looking good. I brought this cream for Rs 1400 in hyd. Please suggest me.

Hi siva kumar,
Thank you for your comment.

I think you’re talking about the white residue of the Vichy face cream SPF20.PA+++(Is this the one you’re using?). I’m not sure what you want actually (a moisturizer? SPF product? Sunscreen?Whitening?) and I don’t have the ingredient list, so I can’t tell if the white residue is caused by mineral sunscreen ingredients (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide).

From my experience, normally the white residue will gradually fade off after a while. If you still not comfortable about that, then I suggest you go for pure chemical formulated sunscreen provided your skin isn’t sensitive. You may also consider tinted-version (normally beige tone) to minimize the white residue. Best of all, test it before purchase.

Let me know if you need further clarification. “v using double corrective whitening how much shud i apply on my face.can we use other face wash in the midday time .plzz suggest.

Hello sara,
Thanks for dropping by.

Normally the thicker/heavy texture, the lesser we use. However, you just adapt the amount according to your preference, also the weather concern. The point is, feeling comfortable and no comedogenic issue.

For the face wash, personally I think that’s nothing wrong to use other face wash from different brand together with the Double White essence. I actually found the Vichy Double white cleansing foam is quite drying. As I understand, experts will not recommend washing our face more than 3 times a day. That will remove our skin natural protective lipid and cause excessive dryness, as well as causing sensitivity. Unless you have very oily skin, or after certain activities (such as sport), then you may wash your face in midday. But I strongly suggest you to use a gentle facial wash, and only do that when necessary.

I hope my opinion helps. (“V)

i have been using bi white anti dark circles whitning corrective eye care by vichi 4 the past 5 weeks bit there is no dofference in my under area of my eye.

Hello debbie,

That’s no surprise why many whitening eye cream didn’t work as they claim, I was trying a Japanese’s one and it didn’t work as well. First you need to identify the root cause of your dark circles and learn if any cosmetic/skin care can actually help to improve them. (”v)

im very dark girl can i using VICHY BI-WHITE REVEAL CREAM.i come white.pls rply

Hello Dami,
At this 21st century, there is no topical-applied skin care product can turn an original dark skin to fair skin. All these “whitening” products on the market will only helping to lighten the hyperpigmentation (usually caused by UV) to your maximum extent.

To know how “white” that “whitening” product can help you to achieve, you can get the idea by referring your natural-borned skin color (when you’re a baby) or refer to the current lightest part on your body. That’s the MAXIMUM “white” that you can get with the help from any “whitening” products plus wearing sunscreen diligently, as well as minimize direct sun exposure.

Please get the right concept of “whitening” because many TV/cosmetic ads are actually express the “whitening” concept in exaggerated way in order to sell the product. Otherwise any “whitening” product will only disappointed and frustrated you. You may interpret the “whitening” as “Slightly Brightening” or “Soft Illuminating”, that helps your “whitening” expectation realistic.

I hope my reply helps and please let me if any. (“v)


I am saritha, recently i have undergone for sevarl laser and my skin was better & recenty i am getting black spots due to pimples…and asked my skin care doctor she suggested me to use bi-white cream…now i am in dialemma by seeing all the comments on ur use which bi-white cream? can u plz. suggest me? with correct ingredients that works perfectly.

Hello Saritha,
Thanks for your comment. Glad to know your skin became better with laser (by the way, what’s the laser name? “b)

I think your dermatologist was giving her professional opinion to your acne mark, if you’re feeling fine with the product texture (try to test it at counter), you may consider to get one to try. I had read many other raves about this VICHY Bi-WHITE REVEAL Double Corrective Whitening Essence in a TW beauty website last weekend and many of them commented their freckles/pigmentation had been lightened greatly. Personally I couldn’t tell exactly since I never tried it long enough.

In my opinion, if you only want to target acne mark or hyperpigmentation spots, then get something more concentrated (such as serum/essence and spot corrector, only apply on the spots) for better result. For me, any other than these two types of product are more for overall skin tone bightening and might be taking longer time to see the visible result on dark spots.

However, I must tell you that all these whitening products need to take 1~3 months to see the remarkably result and they won’t erase the mark completely, just lighten and make the spot became smaller in the given period. Then our body metabolism will do the rest, the mark will slowly fade off completely over some time (could be a yr). Besides whitening product, exoliation and AHA & Vitamin A products will also help the spot lightening. These ingredients are suitable for acne-prone, oily, healthy skin.

The bottom line is, understand whitening product limited capability to the acne mark/dark spot, get a product that suit your skin type and be patient.

Hope my opinion helps (“v)

Thanks for your above suggestions, i have bought the Bi-WHITE REVEAL Double Corrective Whitening Essence and using the same, but regret to inform that i have nt notices any change on my this cream only works for balck spots or pimples also? by using this cream will i be able to get fairer skin i mean removing tan n all? beoz of am using this cream but still pimples are coming which leaves agian black spots very upset…think this is never ending process…plz help me out as am looking for bride..feeling inferiorty to show my face..plz help me.

Hi Saritha,
Sorry for late reply as I was still in holiday oversea.

I can understand your depression over the acne marks and breakout, that’s really something not pleasant to be with. For the Vichy or any brand whitening essence, please do give it at least a month (normally 1~3 months) to see if it works. As I know, topical-applied whitening products will treat sun-tanned pigmentation better, but could be useless for born mark or hormonal pigmentation. For acne mark, whitening product will only help to a limited degree, while enough concentrated AHA or Vitamin A treatment will help better in stubborn acne-mark lightening, such as few treatments of chemical peel.

I strongly suggest you consult your dermatologist for professional prescription. Before you want to lighten the acne mark, please address the root cause of breakout first. Else, as you said, the process never end. I’m sorry to say this is a long-term battle, try not to be over stressful as stress will cause breakout too.

Leave me a comment if I can help, I’ll do my best to reply you as soon as possible when I’m online again. Hope to hear some good news from ü. Best wishes.

i’m wanna use the Bi-white to use.what i mean is can i use it after toner and before vichy anti-imperfection hydrating care?..or do i just need to use the bi-white essence and don’t have to use other moisturizer?

Hi intan,
Yes, use this Vichy essence after toner, before moisturizer/sunscreen. If you use another hydrating essence at the same time, apply the whitening first,then hydrating one. (“v)

I would like to use Vichy advanced anti-dark circles. This was reffered to me by my doctor who did several blood tests on me. You think it will help.


Hi Ashwin,
Thanks for your comment.

I never tried the Vichy advanced anti-dark circles so I can’t tell if it will help, particularly I don’t know its ingredient list. You may give it a try. If you don’t have sensitive eye area, I recommend to try a sample of Kiehls Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate, it contains pure Vitamin C and Haloxyl, are known to be effective to improve dark circles. The 5ml sample is generous enough for a month supply before you splurge on full-size. “v

this bi white is removing the darks spot in the skin or not

Hi amna,
Thanks for your question. I think one of my blog reader-Saritha had raised the same question previously, please refer to my replies to Saritha (comment#6 and 7) that listed above.

As I understand, any topical-applied whitening product will lighten dark spot to certain degree but not delimishes the dark spot totally. From my sampling, I had not seen my freckles remarkably lightened with this Vichy bi-white serum but I also didn’t use it long enough for fair verdict. So strictly speaking, I can’t vouch if it works on yours. You may give it a try if you are fine with its texture and price. “v

I bought Vichy bi white advanced intensive whitening corrective care in india in 2008…that is shown up here

i really liked it cuz i certainly felt complexion improved a little..but could not continue using the product cuz i can not find that particular product here in the usa…can u suggest me if i can use the one is that the same forumula??? r plz suggest me one….

Hi naureen,
Glad to know that Vichy Bi-white was working good for you.

If I am not mistaken, Vichy Bi-White Advanced Intensive Corrective (that you bought in 2008) is the old-formula.The Bi-White Reveal Double Corrective (that I reviewed above, same with the one in your second link) with their latest new formula-Ceramide White TM and LHA is the latest formula at this time. So, in regard of your question, they are not the same.

I never tried the old-formula however, as cosmetic company will always tell you new formula is improved (thus better) version of old formula, you may give it a try if you are interested. “v

bi-white is ossam it’s really work.

Hi anjanapatel,
Thanks for your comment and I’m glad to hear that it works for you. “v

can i buy it on net

Hi anjanapatel,
You can purchase it online if you want to. Just utilize those online search engines to help you locate your ideal seller. “v

I am nealry 60 and have very normal skin. People are often surprised to find out how old I am. However, I have been noticing more “age spots” appearing on my face that were never there before!! Can I simply apply this product to those spots or should I be using it on my whole face? Many thanks

Hi fletcher,

You must be borned with good skin “v. Yes, you can apply this Vichy essence either for your whole face (for skin tone lightening) or for targeted area only (pigmentation spots). However I must tell you whitening product would only work for superficial pigmentation that normally on outer layer of skin, hence you probably find whitening product does very limited (may be just lighten them a little bit) for your deep-rooted pigmentation spots (which built up over the years).

If you want to get rid of those spots, I suggest you consult a dermatologist. “v

Many thanks for the reply!

You are very welcome, fletcher. “v

Hi V,

I got his biwhite day cream for my mother who got very dark pigmentation spots on her cheek bones and the nosebridge (marks started forming from approximately an year)- my mothers skin texture improved and also the pigmentation marks have become very very light with one-month daily usage after cleansing She also took care to wear suncscreen lotion whenever out (Biotique Red sandalwood lotion)- many noticed and even told her that her marks reduced – I am happy to see her finally get back to her clear skin slowly at the age of 59 – this cream is worth the money – it even cleared some of my tan on one-week usage – infact the results were seen immdiately a day after application – So the key is to apply regularly at least for a month to achieve best results.

Hi Donna,
Thanks for your sharing and glad to know another testimonial of this Vichy essence. I guess you must be devoted to skin care too.

I recalled one of my colleague have told me that she didn’t notice I have freckles until I told her (I wore translucent loose powder for makeup only) yet she have been working with me for more than 1/2 year. Besides, my pigmentation spots normally only visible when examined closely or zoom in the camera to skin very closely. So, yes, pigmentation spots could get lightened to great extent with proper care, only thing is the spots always there and would become more visible when I exposured to sun more frequently again.

Cosmetics technology was improving over the years, certain pigmentation like sun spots can be tackled by whitening product/treatment more easily. For pigmentation like freckles, melasma, chloasma and liver spot, constantly using whitening product can lighten, break down the spot into smaller pieces…etc but would not clear them totally, hence the satisfaction level varies from one person to another. For me, I have accepted I got to live with freckles and mild melasma forever, just do my best to control and keep them lightened. (“v)

I am 60+ . I have a problem with hyper pigmentation on my upper lip and around my chin . I wonder if the Vichy range of products can offer me a solution?

Hello Arundhati,
A Vichy beauty consultant will definitely tell you it helps, as well as any other brand. Honestly I don’t know how much the range can improve your hyperpigmentation and how much do you expect the improvement, especially myself didn’t give the whole range a try.

If possible, get your skin check by Vichy analyzing device or dermatologist to understand what type of hyperpigmentation you have, then only seek for right solution because treatment for freckles, melasma, sun spots, age spots, chloasma or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be different.

hello vichy

look 6 months ago my skin colour become so white but after that i have so many bad pimples and acne on my face then i started taking medecine from doctor for 6 months and now this is january and my pimples are cured but there are so many red spots left on my skin and most importantly my slin colour become yellowish and more worst. now day my spots are reduced alought with the help of doctors medecine . now what i want is that my skin will become white again so what you are going to recommend me i am waiting for your repply

Hi ayush,
The acne mark indeed quite annoying to most people, I have one or two breakout occasionally and it left brownish acne mark as well. I don’t know what cause your yellowish complexion and what worsen your skin, but I can tell you from my experience, whitening/brightening product helps marginally. However, first and foremost, you need to be patience. (“v)

Regardless what brand you are using, most whitening lines in the market will help particularly pharmaceutical brand. I personally see great result with Kose Sekkisei, Clinique, Kiehls and Dr.Cilabo since I have used them long enough. My suggestion is, to see an appreciable result, please use at least toner/lotion, serum/essence, moisturizer and periodical mask treatment of whitening together for at least a month. Meanwhile, keep up your exfoliation routine. Depending on your skin tolerancy, ingredients with exfoliating nature such as AHA, retinol, Hepes… lighten acne mark better.

If you are interested, you may check out my upcoming reviews of Shiseido WhiteLucent series, especially the Shiseido Intensive Spot Targeting serum (2010 formula) review in this month end that related to my acne mark. My Dr.Cilabo whitening line will be reviewed in February by the way.

right now im using dis vichy double corrective whitening emulsion i don’t no whether it will help me or not coz itz been now for 1 week no results has been prove so wat do u suggest me shuould i keep on continiuing for more weeks.

Dear mayba dykes,
Please give any whitening product at least one to three months usage in order to see the result, except very high concentrated whitening ampoule or serum that you can see faster result. So yes, you should continue using the Vichy double corrective whitening emulsion to see whether it works for you. (“v)

my mother has got vichy bi-white reveal, who has got pigmentation on her cheek bones for past 4 years. she has a sensitive skin and the effected part gets really irritable when applied any cream and gets really red. she’s apprehensive about applying the vichy cream. I’ve read the above comments and is satisfied with the reviews of the product but would still like to confirm whether it’ll be helpful to her or not.

Hello dhwani,
I afraid only your mother can answer your question,” whether it’ll be helpful to her or not” because the consumer reviews of this Vichy product were mixed, it worked for some people but also failed to work for some for unknown reasons.

This Vichy whitening essence contains anti-inflamatory and soothing ingredients, on the other hand it contains skin irritants as well, so I can’t tell if it suitable for highly sensitized skin. In addition, it’s important to identify what type of pigmentation that your mother had, whitening product is performed limited for hormonal pigmentation like melasma. You may want to consider to seek professional advice from dermatologist about the issue. (“v)

iIam using vichy retinol cream and have seen tremendous result now I have bought Bi White day cream my doubt is that can I apply on the retinol cream there should be any gap between the application give suggestions

Hi ayesha,
I suggest you use the retinol cream at night and use Bi White day cream in morning. Ensure you wear sunscreen in day time because retinol causes sun-sensitivity. Please monitor your skin condition everyday, stop using both and try to identify the cause (or consult dermatologist) if irritation occurs. Let me know if anything I can help.

thank for your suggestion my doubt is that iam having wrinkles as well as dark skin my doubt is whether the wrinkle daycream retinol and bi white day cream can be applied to gather or there should be a gap between the application which cream is to be appled first retinol or bi white.l

Hi Ayesha,
Instead of applying two creams together, you can try serum/essence treatment, either anti-aging with retinol or whitening with Vichy bi white. However, there is no “rule” saying that we can’t use two creams at one time, it is matter of efficacy and result. Using two creams together may also be too heavy for certain skin types.

As I don’t have the ingredient list of both products, so I can’t tell which should be applied first to get better result. Based on general rule whichever lighter should apply first, although there are some exceptions. (“v)

Mam, I waiting for ur reply

Dear ayesha,
I had given my opinion in my precious reply. I’m not an expert here to give you an “accurate” answer to your 3 questions – 1) whether they can be used together 2) should there be any gap between the application 3) which should be applied first. Although I think I can give more opinion if you give me complete ingredient list of the products.

can u suggest me a good eye cream that will helps the droopy eyelids and pluffy under eyebags

Hi aysha,

I suppose droopy eyelids and puffy eye bags are signs of aging, hence you need an eye cream with anti-aging properties. Please understand I don’t recommend any product to my reader that I never tried, so speaking from my experience, Japanese brand Shiseido Revital Wrinklelift AA and HABA Point Repair II had shown some anti-age effect for me, both contain Retinol (Vitamin A) and only suitable for dry skin.

Besides, I also believe in massage. The below attached picture is my favorite eye massage tips from Korea Sulwashoo.
click here to view the picture

i hav got vicky night bi-white reveal cream today .my requirement is to get 2-3 shades fairer complexion.will it help me?hav i made a right option as per my requirements?

Hi smaira,
I never tried Vichy night bi-white reveal cream so I really can’t comment. My view is, since you already got the cream, you just use it every night and wait for at least a month to see whether the cream works for you. Honestly, only your own experience can tell an accurate answer to your question — “hav i made a right option as per my requirements?” . Meanwhile, minimizing sun exposure and sun protection would definitely help. (“v)

may i knw how to apply vicky’s night bi-white reveal cream?before goin to bed or in da evening itself?

I suggest to use the night cream after your last shower of the day. In fact, the best time to apply skin care product is right after your facial wash. It can be applied after skin toning or serum also if you are using toner/serum. (“v)


Dear ayesha,
Seem like the Vichy Bi-white cream didn’t work for you because you said you didn’t see any difference after using the cream for two months. I don’t know whether your whitening expectation realistic or not, normally a person can spot a difference after a month use if the product is effective and use it correctly.

thanks for ur reply. can u suggest me a good whitining cream I have dry skin suggest me creamwhich will help both dry skin and makes u fairer.

Dear ayesha,
Most whitening products that worked for me in recent year gave me good brightening result rather than “whitening” effect. The skin appeared more glowing and radiant but I can’t say that was all because of skin care product. Besides, I born with fair skin so I don’t intend to get fairer with “whitening” product.

Two months ago, a reader had asked me to suggest her a “Most-Effective” whitening cream and I told her Japan Dr.Ci Labo Photo-White-C Laser Plus.

Last year, I replied to another reader about whitening cream recommendation, below quoted is part of my reply :-

“I don’t really suggest a product to my reader (I’m just sharing my experience of particular product in my blog) because I understand that skin care is quite subjective, a same product can work totally different on different person. Obviously skin care is not just purely a product matter, it associated with individual skin types, lifestyle, diets and sun protection.

Here are my suggestions, I hope they help:
• Whitening care MUST works together with sun protection all the time except night time. Periodical exfoliation also helps.
• Get the right concept, skin whitening is not equal to skin bleaching, you can expect more brighter and even skin tone in 1~3 months.
• Vitamin C derivative is included in almost all whitening products on market, pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) will give better and faster result in my experience. My personal favorite Vitamin C products are Kiehl’s and Clinique.”

A friendly suggestion here, some people understand what “whitening” product can help but some people misled by exaggerated commercial ads that have unrealistic whitening expectation, you need to know which group of people you are in. Brightening or lightening is not equal to whitening or bleaching.

Thanks for your suggestion, ur suggestions have helped me a lot. In the mean time I would like to discuss my problem Iam 40 years old I go to gym regularily during this session I sweat a lot on forehead that has started causing lines and 11 between eybrows what is your opinion to reduce the sweat on forehead and reduce wrinkles on forehead

Hi ayesha,
First you need to identify the actual cause of the lines on your forehead. There are many possibilities to cause wrinkles or lines, if you only spot the lines on your forehead after you started attending gym session regularly as you said, I think it is most probably dehydration lines.

Dehydration lines normally look tiny and can be remedied by moisturizing the skin. Sweat contains sodium (salt) and excess salt can also cause dehydration. To reduce the sweat on forehead, just blotting the sweat gently using clean towel. I recommend you wash your face with clean water after gym if you are not wearing makeup or sunscreen, then follow by a moisturizer.

Another possibility is due to the facial expression. Those people raising their eyebrows frequently definitely develop forehead lines earlier than those don’t. The 11 between the eyebrows that you mentioned is certainly result of frequent frowning, it won’t form in short period but build up over the years, especially when the skin is losing the firmness.

If your forehead line is part of aging process and becomes more evident due to dehydration, then you might want to use anti-aging skin care with wrinkle treatment properties, such as Retinol (Vitamin A) and pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid). Please understand topical applied skin care can only improve the wrinkle to certain extent and not permanent, once wrinkles developed, no skin care product can make them disappear forever.

you are right, the lines on forehead have spotted only after joining gym I sweat a lot only on forehead only during the work out I too think it is only due to dehydration only is there any remedi or any cream so that i can apply on forehead before going to gym or should i stop gym and start brisk walking to avoid wrinkles as u have said if once developed it cannot dissapear. hence iam very much upset and scared kindly tell me how to reduce these lines.

Need not to be upset and scared, in fact your skin seemed to be better than many women at the age. Dehydration lines can be remedied by a good moisturizer. When the skin is moisture balanced the dehydration lines will be disappeared. Good moisturizing/hydrating can prevent dehydration lines appear again. You can apply a light moisturizer before going to gym just to keep your dry skin moisture. Whether stop going to gym or start brisk walking, it is your decision. (“v)

Ihave bought a loreal collagen filler wrinkle de crease to reduce lines on my fore head is it godd to use before going to gym how is this cream is it adviseble to use this cream to avaid dehydrating while doing work out.

Hi Ayesha,

You can follow the product usage direction. As I don’t know the ingredient list of the L’oreal collagen filler wrinkle decrease cream so I can’t comment any. May be you can try it this way to see how it works for you. (“v)

what is the differance between the essence and the emulsion of bi white

Hi nesreen,

In cosmetics terminology, essence aims for intensive care and emulsion basically is a moisturizer. Normally essence contains higher percentage of active ingredients.

If you want to know the technical aspect, you might need to get their full ingredient lists and consult a professional cosmetic chemist.

im having pigmentation spots on my cheeks from last 3 yrs which started after one and half year after…. i was consulting a doctor and after applying so many medicines now she has asked me to use biwhite corrective essence for one month…. i want to know whether it will work for me or not…..also im using vichy sunscreen anti brown spots recommended by d doctor only…. pls help

Hi Puja Sharma Trivedi,

Did the doctor/dermatologist tell you what type of your pigmentation? Different types of pigmentation required different treatment for optimal result.

For example, acne scar, burning, newly appeared sun spots… etc can be lightened by skin care like whitening or chemical peel. Whereas hyper-pigmented spots like freckles, melasma, solar lentigos (age spots, liver spots), birthmark, tattoo… etc can only be improved greatly by laser/light therapy, in this case whitening skin care normally help to lighten them slightly and play role for preventive purpose.

Honestly I can’t comment whether the Vichy Bi-White Corrective Essence (or any whitening product) works for you or not, in fact that can only be told by your own experience. I suggest you monitor the progress closely and evaluate the result with your doctor/dermatologist. They have medical device or skin analyzer to analyze the skin condition better than our untrained eyes. (“v)

Thank you for your product Bi-white.It gave me the best result after a trip to Turkey when i noticed black spots on my face due to swimming.I tried to get in Jordan(Amman) but not available.I appreciate it if you can provide me with the stores that have it plus antiwrinkle agents.

Hi Eman,
Glad the essence works for you.
I did help you to google online for stores that sell this essence, few of them did ship international like ebay seller, mostly based on HK, Canada and UK according to my search result. I’m now also helping other to shop with a little bit of service charge, if you are interested, please contact me for price quote. Or, you can search online for other beauty stores/seller that suits your need better. Thanks. (“v)

Hi, I recently bought Vichy products- bi white whitening lotion, essence, day and night cream to treat my pigmentation. I will be buying the cell whitening spot intervention soon. If I use the essence, do i need to use the spot intervention? Normally after cleansing my face, i put on the lotion, then essence and lastly day cream with SPF and if at night use the night cream. Is this the correct way?

Hi Carol,

Generally essence can be used for entire face and neck but spot treatment normally apply on the dark spots only. I just did a simple research online about the spot intervention. From Vichy marketing statement, it said the spot intervention is the 5 times more concentrated than the essence and meant for all kind of dark spots. However, the main ingredient seemed to be remained the same as the Bi-White essence – Ceramide White, LHA and Vitamin C.

My personal opinion is, since both of them having same main ingredients for whitening (I can’t find the ingredient list of spot intervention btw), I would expect they deliver same end-result. Nonetheless, the concentration does matter. The essence might take longer time than the spot intervention to show the end-result. Therefore, if you want to treat your pigmentation aggressively, you may consider adding the spot intervention, else the Vichy whitening set is already enough. In addition, If you happen to purchase the spot intervention, I would suggest you to use it for night care.

Yes, your routine is nothing wrong – Cleanse – Tone – Essence – Cream. No worries. (“v)

Hi, I have an oily skin and been using Melacare for more than 2 yrs for the complexion. Doctor advised me not to continue as it leads to some side effects. Currently i am using Olay total effects which doesn’t improve my complexion but for the pimples and acne. Now my skin became very dark and planning to use Vichy bi white products. Plz suggest me which product goes for my skin essence or emulsion or cream?

Hi Kanthi,
Theoretically essence should give more intense result than emulsion or cream and usually an optional treatment to the skincare routine. If you want to see optimal result from the Vichy Bi-White, I will suggest you try the whole line, that means toner/lotion, essence and emulsion/cream. Else, you can select either one according to your need. (“v)

hi , i have a darker complexion…i want to become fair and want to hav a glowing complexion…which cream of vichy would u select?

Hi Ridhi,

I can’t tell which Vichy cream suits your need best because I don’t try and study them all. Essence should be most effective among the whitening range in common practice. Besides essence, I would suggest night cream.

However, whitening product isn’t magic portion, you still need to minimize direct sunlight and to have enough rest to have radiant glowing skin. Stay energetic and healthy is essential for beautiful complexion too. (“v)

thanku….im depressed cos of my complexion….i dnt knw wa to do n wat helps to get rid of it…

Hi Ridhi,

Depression will make complexion looks even worse. Try to stay positive, your skin will react better.

hi, i am using the products of vichy bi-white and after some days if use i notice my cheeks to have a granular apperance. please sugget what should be done regarding this.

Hi sheen,
I am sorry to hear this, does your skin easily get pore-clogging? Stop using the Bi-White product immediately and monitor how is your skin condition. If you are using more than one Bi-white product, then stop one by one to find out the culprit, it might be involving a series of trial-and-error (for few days to a week). If your skin get clear off after you stopped using the particular Bi-white product, obviously the product is the cause. If the condition persist, you need to consult dermatologist.

In my personal experience, sometimes sunscreen and makeup can overload the skin because they are water-resistant and tend to be pore-clogging. Just adjust your skincare routine and learn to find a product that suitable for your skin type. My friendly reminder, when trying new skincare line, always start with 1-2 products and then slowly add in the rest, that will help you to identify which product has caused your skin problem later. Hope my answer helps.

I m in a dilemma to pick which product for whitening/lightining my skin..
im not much dark..and has bit oily skin.and if i use some product for my face ..what about my hands..?can u suggests me any cream for face as well hands.

Hello twinkle,
I guess you are looking a whitening product to maintain the current skin tone, perhaps to bright it up more? There are too many whitening products on market and my personal favorite is always Asian brand (Japanese & Korean) because I see more impressive result from few Asian lines, regrettably they are considering pricey to some people namely Kose, The history of Whoo and Dr.Cilablo. Western brand I think Estee Lauder, Clinique, Kiehls are not bad. Neutrogena whitening mask is also nice for brightening and oily skin.

As I am not sure what brand is available in your shopping channel, it would be best you can test the tester (if any) at your local beauty store, or researching review of product that you are interested online.

For hands, try any body/hand care that labelled for whitening would normally help a little bit, and also cover your hands from sunlight (wearing long sleeve).In my experience, you should notice a difference after 2-4 weeks. (“v)

Hello thanks for suggestion, but u mentioned too many product names..and i heard about Vichy bi-white that not good.u dint mention that name at all.can u suggest me any 2 names in particular.

Hi twinkle,

As I only used the Vichy Bi-White REVEAL Double Corrective Whitening Essence for 10days, hence I won’t be able to justify its whitening effect. Some people said this works amazing for them but some are commented this had shown no effect on them, so it really depends. In fact, treatment type of product might work differently to different person.

Those brands I mentioned in my comment are those I had tested comprehensively. I think it’s pointless if I suggest a brand that you don’t have access to it, you can read my reviews (I’ve put the link to those brands) or doing some research online for more info. Thanks and happy new year.

actually i was fair when i was born and now my face, hands and back had become dark and now i am using vichy bi-white double corrective whitening cream night . so how long i have to wait to get fairer skin. and i am only 15

Hi Dia,

Wait for a month and see what is the result. Please bear in mind, whitening cream is not a magic portion, you still have to protect your skin from sunlight to gain back the fair skin.

i was fair by birth……bt now due to pollution n sun exposure… skin got tanned…….wana to get natural fairness……which range i shud go for???……my skin is combination of oily n normal n sensitive to sun…..

n hw can i get the according range…….

Hi Nitika,

As far as I know Vichy has revamped some of their Bi-White products, I can’t comment something that I never tried. Please get whichever whitening product that you can afford as whitening product is just a skin supplement, minimize sun exposure is the real key factor. (” v)

is bi-white essence a kind of serum???? or can i use it as a moisterizer??? does it contain spf???

Hi Ankita,

Yes, it’s serum. Basically essence carries same function as serum in cosmetics term. You can use it as moisturizer if you think your skin is too oily to have moisturizer. SPF……if the product doesn’t mention SPF / UV protection on its label, then it never meant for sun protection. (” v)

Hi beautyknot,
i use melacare at night for spot treatment ,is it ok for me to use it over my night cream, i use vichy normaderm which contains glycolic and salicylic acid as its ingredients..

Hi Khushe,

I had replied your mail. Please check (” v)

i have a dry skin can i use this product( vichy bi-white) to my face answer me please ?

Hi Rthita,

I think it is for all skin types. (” v)

please can you tell me if the vichy bi white reveal can help me removing scar spots caused by acne ??

Hi Rajaa Mora,

I think it will help a little at least. Without whitening product, scar normally takes longer time to fade. (“v)

i wanna try this bi white whitening my face darken than my body ihad used melacare previously i got depigmentation so can u tell me any side effect for this cream

Hi Remyaakr,

Sorry for my late reply. I couldn’t tell any side effect of this cream unless your skin is allergy/sensitive to certain ingredient in this cream. (“v)

So can I use the BI-white bauble correction on my underarm , because it got darker from shaving ?

Hi Sam,

You can give that a try and see how it goes (“v).

Can I use the cream on my underarm ?

Hey, as long as the underarm feels comfortable with the cream texture.

[…] VICHY Bi-WHITE REVEAL Double Corrective Whitening Essence … – Jun 11, 2009 · With bio-Assimilated double efficacy Ceramide White TM and LHA, Vichy Bi-White Reveal promises more efficient whitening care on Asian skin by more …… […]

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