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DHC Japan probably sell most expensive in Thailand, but this didn’t stop me from the star ingredient, organic olive oil which sources from Spain. Despite its home delivery sales system, I prefer personally feel the product consistency before any purchase to be make.


DHC has a beauty store & spa in Siam Paragon shopping mall, Bangkok, and the beauty store has a product testing zone that you may test out all their skincare and makeup before you decide to buy any product. Meanwhile the beauty consultant is very friendly to let you feel free to test as much as possible.


I also received a sample gift while registered their Olive Club Membership. The beauty consultant gave me the sample gift of Olive Leaf Series that suitable for sensitive and dry skin to me, instead of basic olive oil essential set. In January, humidity in Bangkok goes down to 31% while temperature shoots up to 33-34 degree Celsius, I will see how the Olive Leaf Series do to my skin.


What I like about DHC is they will send you a free monthly Olive Club Magazine about their latest promotion and product info, or you may get the free magazine at the beauty store in Siam Paragon. I do think the Japanese cover girl of the monthly magazine is charming and adorable. You may copy the pretty make-up as inside the magazine, it list all the DHC make-up items to be used for the cover girl.


I will only review my DHC haul when I finish my existing skincare product to avoid confusion, test in systematic approach by slowly add the product into my skincare routine   and make sure I have use it long enough to give the better opinion. If you interested in DHC, you might want to check their website (US for English, TW for Chinese, TH for Thai) for detailed info, including full list ingredients and price of every products in their website.



Haul List:

  • Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Mask
  • Alpha-Arbutin White Mask
  • After Bath Hair Treatment Oil Type
  • Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Lotion
  • Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Milky Essence
  • Washing Powder



  • Olive Soap
  • Deep Cleansing Oil
  • Olive Leaf Lotion
  • Olive Leaf Milk
  • Mild Lotion
  • DNA Cream
  • Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Cream
  • Suncut Q10 SPF50+/ PA+++ Light Lame




Olive Leaf Sample Gift

Olive Leaf Sample Gift

DHC Haul Samples

DHC Haul Samples




DHC at Siam Paragon

DHC at Siam Paragon

DHC Free Testing Zone

DHC Free Testing Zone

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