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My lips couldn’t live without lip balm in dry season, but I was kind of lazy to use lip balm in humid environment. Lip balms can be found in my living room, dressing table and makeup pouch…, basically I use petroleum jelly mostly at home because that’s quite troublesome and unhygienic to wash my hand before applying it onto lips when being outside.

Watson’s Pure Petroleum Jelly is an excellent lip balm that I applied a thick layer religiously every night and my lip appeared moist in next morning, not too fantastic but I am highly satisfied, particularly many expensive lip balms didn’t even deliver as good as it. The Petroleum jelly itself has very heavy consistency but I guess my lips liked this extra moist version in order to prevent crack lips.

The waxy content became softer after storing in normal room temperature for some time, it is however, has no funny smell at all after having it for over a year, despite it contains botanical oils. Most probably the concentration of those botanical oils are very low, otherwise pure botanical oil would has kind of rancid smell after a short period.

I love to treat this as a “winter coat” of my lips, but other ”Vitamins” for strengthening are still needed. Only 39 Thai baht for 50g in local Watson’s pharmacy, and it seems to last forever. I still have 70% full after a year use.

Update @ 6/8/2010:

It finally reaches the bottom after using it for nearly three years. I stored it inside refrigerator and transferred some of it into a small aluminum tin for convenience. Besides, I also upgrade its rating from “Satisfied” to “Excellent” because it works at all times at anywhere, which is certainly outweighing many natural premium lip balms in my experience.

Rating: … )))   Excellent. Willing to buy again.


Petrolatum, Jojoba (Buxus Chinensis) Oil, Avocado (Persea Gratissima) Oil




Transferred into a small aluminium tin

Note: No other lip product used in the pictures

Little shine under sunlight

moisturized lips

January 2009

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