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I recalled a fun incident in years ago. An American customer, most likely in his 70s (?), told me and my colleague that I looked like 14 years old and my colleague looked like 28 years old. When we told him that I was actually 29 and my colleague was 35, his eyes were unbelievable sparkling and thought we were joking. My colleague, who is Philippino, mother of three sons and the eldest son was already 13 years old!


So, do we really look so much younger than our actual age? That is different age assessment paradigm between Asian and Westerner. In fact, I guess that is because we both are petite build and thin, also, we dressed very casually like T-shirt and jeans. Apparently, I think we do look close to our actual age in Asian eyes, but the way we dressed, the hair style, even the color we wore, make-up, skin texture all influenced how other people perceived our age. People who is savvy to read chronological signs of aging will either guess the person’s age right or guess older. ( So lie is better than truth in this case? )


Women nowadays are anti-aging conscious, they knew very well of how to take care their appearance or what to learn or where to seek help. Asian women always view to have younger appearance than western peer due to petite body build, or may be less wrinkled. I could be wrong anyway.


That was unfair when someone has baby face to look younger, for example, Hong Kong actress Vivian chow (42) and Charlie Yeung (35), Taiwan actress like Vivian Hsu (34) and Barbie Hsu (33). Other female celebrities like Gigi Lai (38), Maggie Cheung (45), Japanese actress like Ayumi Hamasaki (31), Korea actress Lee Young Ae (38.) …… all look gorgeous on their age! Male celebrities like Aaron Kwok (44), Louis Koo (39), … are also look smart and younger. They have something in common to project, which they are slim and fit, they dressed young and fashionable, they are young-old, and certainly they take care their appearance seriously, indeed, many of them sought help from professional skin treatments to maintain the look which are pretty common in this anti-aging era.


Not to say their pictures always had been software-edited in magazines and commercial ads that make us believe they never age! Honestly, if you observe carefully, those celebrities’  face had shown visible signs of aging such as fine line, aging pores, little sagginess… but of course no wrinkle yet for most of female celebrities. That is SOooo fair that everyone will age eventually.


Here are their recent years pictures to attach in this post, I’m quite sure their current appearance won’t be huge different from the pictures.


Vivian Chow (HK) Born 1967

Vivian Chow (HK) Born 1967


Charlie Yeung(HK) Born 1974


Zhao Ya Zhi(HK) Born 1954

Ayumi Hamasaki (JP) Born 1978

Ayumi Hamasaki (JP) Born 1978


Lee Young Ae(KR) Born 1971

Vivian Hsu (TW) Born 1975

Vivian Hsu (TW) Born 1975

Maggie Cheung(HK) Born 1964

Maggie Cheung(HK) Born 1964

February 2009

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