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Fair skin or tan skin, this is aesthetic view between western and eastern  perspectives. Most women in Asia were crazy over the fair skin, trying to achieve the very fair skin by hook and by crook. While most westerners fancy sun bathing or tanning salon to get their fair skin tanned.


There are few versions that I heard and read long time ago which personally I found them very interesting to know.



taiwan - Angela Zhang

Angela Zhang

Asia part

Since ancient age, the high social status group like wealthy businessman and office worker usually have fairer skin because they don’t spend long hours to be under the hot sun. While low social status group, usually grass-root level like farmer and estate worker whose need to work under scorching hot sun in long hours, thus they have tanned skin. The culture impression imparts the concept from generation to generation, until today, Chinese adage – ” yì bai zhe san chou” ( Lame English translation : “A fair skin camouflages three ugliness” ) still well-known among the young, giving the perception that you will look more beautiful with fairer skin. Asia woman with fair skin also perceived as impeccable, lovely and attractive.


The “fair skin” culture is timeless. That can be told by how sellable of whitening product in Asia. In this modern era, the reasons for fair skin was varied that might not associated with social status, more are related to pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Ideally, most Asian admired the radiant skin with rosy blush, which implies youthful healthy glow. On the other hand, many Asia celebrities were crazy over tanned skin in recent years, hence, more Asian are getting into tan skin fever. Also, Asian could easily get medium or darker skintone over years under hot sun in Southeast Asia region, some burned severely that can never revert to their original lighter tone naturally.



US - Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan


Western part 

Most westerner has genetic fair skin especially those from Northern or Eastern Europe. After World War Two, Europe had suffered great loss from  the war and people living quality was not as affluent as before. Those have tanned skin meant those were well-to-do to have holiday vacation for sun bathing. On the other hand, men or women with tanned skin usually marks as sexy, fascinating and glamorous.


I could be wrong here, but I guess those living in cold climate extremely love sunshine. I never like to be under sun because I could get sunburn easily, however, whenever I was in autumn/winter oversea, I couldn’t help myself to search for any sunshining spot, and stand there for long time in order to bath warmly in the sunshine.


Basically, lighter skin tone tends to get sunburn when exposed to sunlight, therefore, apply sunblock or sunscreen to protect from photo-aging (hyperpigmentation and wrinkles) as well. Three major types summarized as follows: (source from


Type One: Always burns and never tans

Type Two: Always burns but only tans sometimes

Type Three: Can sometimes burn but always tans


Final thought, whether you are white, yellow, brown, red or black, we look best in our original color.


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