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Korea VOV ES:pair Snail Ampoule Cream

Posted on: September 22, 2011


I get to know Korea VOV cosmetics long ago but know nothing about their skin care line. Generally VOV is Korean drugstore line, which having similar market position as Skin Food, The Face Shop, Missha, Etude…etc.



Recently I got a chance to try this Snail ampoule cream for a week when I was stayed with my sister in last month. She had mild sunburn from a trip because she did not wear sunscreen while spending a lot of time in sun. Although she never a beauty nut but she also got worried those small sun spots, hence she asked a sales assistant in the Korea duty free shop to recommend her a skin care cream for her sun spots and this VOV ES:pair Snail Ampoule Cream was highly raved by the SA. Because the SA raved this cream like a magic miracle portion, my sister joked with a serious face that if the cream failed to work, she will fly to Korea and look for her. Haha, the SA seemed to be terrified a little bit and immediately changed her words “ oh…it also depends on individual skin condition….” Anyway, she bought the cream for USD29/50g and quite happy with it.



My sister’s sunburn had recovered fully after a month and those small sun spots were faded greatly that hardly to be noticed in close distance after 2 months. Besides using this Snail Ampoule Cream daily, she had very minimal sun exposure in normal daily life so I believe all these factors helped her sun spots faded.



The cream consistency is quite interesting. Lightweight yet moisturizing, glutinous and only small amount  required for each application. The cream felt hydrating on applying, it absorbed into skin quickly, skin was just smooth touching. Nice experience especially in muggy weather. Suitable for combination to normal skin type but not sufficient for dry skin condition.



The main ingredient of this cream is Snail secretion filtrate. Snail cream made a big hit in Korea lately that many Korea brands have launched their “snail cream”. Frankly speaking, it sounds rather weird to me at the beginning, snail?     What is the benefit of Snail secretion filtrate for skin care? As the product did not mention what species of the snail secretion, hence no specified info can be searched but while doing my research online, I learnt that some western countries had used snail secretion filtrate in their skin care earlier than Korea. From various online sources, the secretion of the little mollusk contains glycoproteins, sugars and amino acids that can be found in human skin, which help to repair photo-damaged and heal the injured skin.


click to enlarge for ingredient list


As I only used it for a week, I couldn’t comment other than moisturizing factor. Speaking from my sister experience, this is gentle and soothing for irritated skin and it seemed easily lasts for a year usage!


4 Responses to "Korea VOV ES:pair Snail Ampoule Cream"

I was just offered a snail eye product to try but had to reject because it’s not in the natural/organic category. But I’ve tried allantoin in other products though.

Hi sesame,
Hmn…beside the snail isn’t organic/natural, the snail didn’t feed with organic food either. (“b)

Hi, I’m from The Sops Seoul, Publika. You can come and have a look at other snail skin care products. Have a nice day. 🙂


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