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From Vichy website, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is naturally rich in 17 mineral salts and 13 trace elements, it holds one of the strongest concentrations in mineral salts and trace elements in France (5.1g/l), recognised for their soothing, anti-oxidising and anti free radical qualities.


Direction for use: After spraying, allow a little while to settle then dry off by gently patting with a tissue or clean face cloth. It can be used in every morning and evening to complete cleansing process of sensitive skin.



The bulky size had told us it should be sitting at home, since I have smaller size of  Uriage Mineral Spa Water for traveling. The spritz is fine like most mineral water spray on the market, I can’t  differentiate among them if I guess without open my eyes to see the actual product. I think Evian, Caudalie, DHC and Uriage soothe the skin as well as it. Perhaps a filtered drinking water is good too. I mean, clean water itself is already a soothing agent.



Once I tried this as lotion mask for my sensitive skin condition. I saturated cotton pad with this Thermal Spa Water and splited the cotton pad into several pieces, placed on skin for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Result? The very sensitive skin did calm down a bit but nothing impressed me. Moreover the water drops were unlikely to be absorbed by skin that stayed on skin surface only and my skin still looked dry. I might be asking too much from a pure mineral water technically, especially it has large molecules and contains no penetration enhancer. Therefore for me, mineral spray water is always a convenient (anytime & anywhere) and temporary (<an hour) skin salve but would never truly hydrate skin without help from other skin care. I had mentioned what I usually use facial spray for in my previous post, so today I gonna to share a new tip of using it.


Recently I read from an article of Japan beauty expert Chizu Saeki that wiping tissue on our face (this frequently happens when sweating) might be causing fine lines! She recommends the better way is to use damp cotton and gently dab onto skin. I think her advice is reasonable since our sweat contains sodium (it’s salty) and would further dehydrate our skin, using something soothing to cleanse without skin pulling sounds savvy. 


cotton pad -dry

after spraying the Vichy spa water


Vichy Thermal Spa Water costs THB523/150g in major pharmacies in Bangkok. I am not an expert to compare the mineral content with other mineral water spray, but as far as the minerals are beneficial to skin, I believe it helps.


Mineral Content:

Bicarbonates    4776,3

Sodium    1860,0

Chlorure/chloride   357,0

Calcium   150,6

Potassium    99,6

Magnesium     12,3

Fluor/fluorine     8,8

Fer/iron     1,0


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