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 Muji cut cotton large

You know how excited I was when I spotted this cotton pad at Muji store, finally I get a large size cotton pad in Bangkok. Occasionally, I love using cotton pad as mask for instant yet temporary hydration and I always use regular size of cotton pad which commonly available in the market. The normal cotton pad that I bought from supermarket or pharmacy can be tore to 4-6 thin layers, this Muji cotton pad is ideally split to 3 layers.


Muji cut cotton large - texture


The cotton pad is lovely soft. Muji uses 100% natural unbleached cotton, certainly safe to use. It appears slightly yellowish due to unbleached feature, and the dark spots of this cotton pad actually is shredded shell of cotton if I’m not mistaken.


Muji cut cotton large - size compare

 After tearing, compare to regular size one

The size of this cotton pad is approximately double the size of regular one.


Muji cut cotton large- stretchable

 Left: Orginal size of Muji’s, Middle: After stretching, Right: Regular size’s

It’s also moderately stretchable. Isn’t flexible?


Muji cut cotton large - back


It can be either used for lotion application or used as “lotion mask”. For lotion mask/cotton pad mask, please damped the cotton pad with lotion before tearing. I personally prefer using lotion only, which means not diluted with water like Japanese beauty guru, Chizu Saeki recommended. (Click here for Youtube demo by her) Because I found diluted way has less instant boosting ability.


Muji cut cotton large- lotion mask


The cotton pad size just fits my cheek perfectly, but it’s too large for my forehead, hence I tear 1/3 of the third piece for nose too. There shouldn’t be non-fitting issue because it simply stretchable. Leaves for 3-5 minutes, remove and follow by skin care routine.


Muji cut cotton large - neck mask


Please don’t waste the lotion mask after face usage, used for neck as well. Wow Wow! Two pieces already enough for the neck, did that twice for front and back of neck. My chin was covered as well.


How to hold the cotton pad


For the large size, I only use a piece of this together with cleansing milk, instead of using 3-5 cotton pads of regular size cotton pad. Moreover this is easier for liquid lotion application, only issue is more lotion required, better for make up removal and lotion mask.


How to hold the cotton pad1


Anyhow, avoid any cotton pad whenever skin is ultra sensitive, hand is the gentlest tool then.


Muji cut cotton large - tear


This is retailing at THB195 for 102 pieces (~90x70mm). I saw there is also a smaller pack for THB135/60pieces with different texture and appears whiter color. For anyone who love lotion mask, this is worth to have for beauty sake.


Rating: ….)))  Excellent  Excellent. Willing to buy again.



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