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I frequently “forget” to use eyelash curler during makeup because frequent use of eyelash curler would contribute minor lashes fall, no matter how good is the curler or the person skill. I adore those people who have naturally beautiful eyelash but I wasn’t crazy about having it.


The quality of my previous (also the very first one) drugstore eyelash curler was really so-so in my view, it didn’t curl the lashes well plus it didn’t fit my eye contour. In such case, counter brand is more user-friendly because I can test and justify it before I pay for it.



I paid THB250 for this (normal retail price is THB390 in Thailand) during DHC’s Autumn Sales in last year. Being an unskillful user, I’ve to depend on luck very much to achieve the extreme lift. In order to know better, I did some study and survey, here are the tips that I learnt from a Taiwan makeup expert.



First, the depth and length of the curl (that fit the person’s eye convexity). The dimensional decides whether the curler fits to your eye contour. This DHC Eyelash Curler for example, could only curl up the middle part of my eyelashes; the head and the end of the lashes are droopy still.






Besides the “deeper-curl” design like this, another common design is “flatter-curl” that suitable to flatter eye convexity. Choosing the wrong design, the curler can easily clip the eyelid (like my previous drugstore brand, that was painful!).





Look at the above picture, my eyelashes are naturally stiff, thus the curled lashes are also stiff. I love my parent so I won’t complain it to them anyway. (” 7) There are many false-lashes available on the market.



Second, the shape of the rubber piece. There are two common surface designs. One is flat and the other is protruded. Theoretically protruded design will curl up better, this DHC Eyelash Curler is the flat design, hence it requires gradually clinging from root to tail (raising the arm slowly while clinging), provided the rubber surface must be smooth enough to prevent any eyelash fall. I think the rubber of this DHC’s is medium-soft and dense, in fact it provides very good elasticity.


In order to create better uplift, some people like to heat up the rubber piece with hair dryer or brave enough to use fire lighter to heat up the rubber piece. However, all these will damage the rubber cushion that it has to be replaced frequently. Personally I never did that, I would rather consider an electronic lash curler if one day I want extreme uplift lash.


 The eye looks more “open” eventhough I grin. The curl could remain for at least 7 hours. By the way, I was using lifting & curling mascara in the picture.


To prolong the lifespan of the rubber piece, wipe the eyelash curler after every usage and don’t expose it to direct sunlight. I love DHC gives an extra backup piece, a separate rubber refill set is also available (two pieces per set) to purchase. This is another plus point of counter brand.


Generally I would say DHC Eyelash Curler is quality one but not my perfect fit. I guess electronic lash curler is better but I’ll do some survey before I get one. Please feel free to share with me if you have any experience with electronic lash curler. Thanks … (“/)


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