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FreshMint Mouthwash

Yes, I am posting a right picture here. While I normally refill my existing skin care into sample container for light traveling, my main issue is how to clean the container  thoroughly without leaving any odour and greasiness. A mouthwash!!

Cleanse the container with makeup remover oil for oil based skin care first (if you use it to fill oil-based product). For water based skin care (if you use it to fill water-based product), just pre-cleanse with water. Then fill in 30~50% full of a mouthwash into the container you wish to clean.

Shake well to dissolve the residue

Rinse well, the cleansing is done. I normally air dry the container or put it inside refrigerator to speed up the drying process. 




FairPrice Grape Seed Oil (S$4.89/500ml) 

I have been out of commercial makeup remover for quite some time, not because I do not use makeup or sunscreen anymore but, I personally loved using multi-purpose kitchen oil. Despite kitchen oil could be very thick and greasy for some people, as long as I follow the routine: Oil Massage Tissue Blotting (I will elaborate more later)Wash with Facial Cleanser, I have no issue of comedogenic nor ineffective & inefficient removal at all. For the low price with natural health benefit, definitely a MUST-KEEP routine for me.


Well, I think I praised this method too much in my previous posts. Back to this FairPrice Grape Seed Oil, which I used for both cooking and makeup/sunscreen removal. FairPrice is a supermarket chain in Singapore, thus this grape seed oil is a house brand product. Regardless the branding, like Chinese proverb said, “black cat or white cat, can catch a mouse”. I found plain oil is great to cleanse my makeup sponge too!  I had shown how cleansing oil to clean makeup puff before, why pay more for different product that beauty industry told you so? It cleanses my Chanel makeup sponge really well, yet to mention the Chanel makeup sponge remained in good condition after several wash. However, do cleanse the sponge really well with soap/facial/hand cleanser, else it has displeasing oil smell when it dried. I admit this home method is slightly inconvenience compared to commercial product but it would be a great alternative in case of emergency. (I cleanse my makeup sponge every few applications)


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Dirty sponge


Pour some oil onto the dry sponge, oil absorbed into sponge in second


Lightly squeezing to dissolve the makeup residue

 Rinse with water


 Use bath soap* to cleanse again. You might need to repeat this step few times in order to avoid any oily smell.

 Rinse with water again

In 5 minutes, the sponge looks so clean. Air dry the sponge later.


 *you can substitute the bath soap with facial cleanser



————-  Tissue Blotting   ————–

I have tried various type of tissues for blotting face oil and I found that makes difference. For instance, a rough and budget tissue paper is more capably absorbing oil compared to premium tissue paper. I am not saying premium tissue paper is useless to absorb oil, but budget one would absorb oil in quicker and easier way despite I have no idea of their composition. Nonetheless, my below picture has shown both absorbed oil quite well.


 Click the picute to enlarge

1   Left is premium tissue paper and right one is budget tissue paper

2   Apply a layer of canola oil onto skin

3   Using the tissue papers to blot the oil

4   Both absorbed oil quite well



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