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For the past two years, I stuck with Fancl HTC Collagen which made of three important amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline). Since Fancl had withdrawn their business from Thailand, I had no intention to continue with any collagen supplement. Moreover, I read from magazines before that only approximately 3% of collagen supplement can reach to our skin, thus limited strange to achieve beautiful skin. However, to get the concept right, collagen supplement is benefit for overall body well-being, not just for skin.



I grabbed two packets of this during a promotion. DHC collagen contains 150 tablets (400g/tablet) for one month supply and recommended 5 tablets per day. I took it together with Coenzyme Q10 supplement in the morning, after having breakfast. The yellowish tablets are small enough that can be swallowed at one time (plus the Q10 capsule), very faint fishy smell (it derived from fish) but might be a little bit bitter.

Let me put the thing in more readable way:

Feb 2008 – Jan 2010 : Fancl HTC Collagen

Feb 2010 : No taking any collagen supplement

Mar 2010 – Apr 2010 : DHC Collagen

May 2010 – now : No taking any collagen supplement


I just wanted to share there is indeed a difference that I’ve noticed in between the transition period. My nail grew much faster than usual when I took collagen supplement everyday, either Fancl’s or DHC’s. While consuming the collagen supplements, I must trimmed my nail weekly else it’s too long for my liking. After I stopped taking collagen supplements, notably my nail grows slower that I only want to cut the nail averaging every 1.5 week. Meantime, I also noticed my hair grew slightly faster during the collagen-taking period.


Other than these, I didn’t notice any other improvement. However based on the differences, collagen supplement is not something useless in my opinion but it highly depends on the extraction and concentration to determine its benefit.


One of my good friends who was taking Collagen drink everyday in recent years, her skin wasn’t perfect and acne-free “yet”, so obviously you cannot rely on supplement only to fight against aging. After all, most supplements only work while you are taking them.


This DHC collagen  (THB570/150tablets) is one of the Best Seller of DHC TH, honestly I’m very curious about the actual sellable reason. Perhaps those have tried continuously more than 6~12 months can give me an answer.


Ingredients (5tablets):  

Fish Collagen  1750mg

Vitamin B1      1.45mg

Vitamin B2     1.5 mg


* Don’t overtake as product indicated. Please stop immediately and consult doctor if allergy occurs. Always seek your doctor’s advice if you are pregnant, or under medication.



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