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For the past two years, I stuck with Fancl HTC Collagen which made of three important amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline). Since Fancl had withdrawn their business from Thailand, I had no intention to continue with any collagen supplement. Moreover, I read from magazines before that only approximately 3% of collagen supplement can reach to our skin, thus limited strange to achieve beautiful skin. However, to get the concept right, collagen supplement is benefit for overall body well-being, not just for skin.



I grabbed two packets of this during a promotion. DHC collagen contains 150 tablets (400g/tablet) for one month supply and recommended 5 tablets per day. I took it together with Coenzyme Q10 supplement in the morning, after having breakfast. The yellowish tablets are small enough that can be swallowed at one time (plus the Q10 capsule), very faint fishy smell (it derived from fish) but might be a little bit bitter.

Let me put the thing in more readable way:

Feb 2008 – Jan 2010 : Fancl HTC Collagen

Feb 2010 : No taking any collagen supplement

Mar 2010 – Apr 2010 : DHC Collagen

May 2010 – now : No taking any collagen supplement


I just wanted to share there is indeed a difference that I’ve noticed in between the transition period. My nail grew much faster than usual when I took collagen supplement everyday, either Fancl’s or DHC’s. While consuming the collagen supplements, I must trimmed my nail weekly else it’s too long for my liking. After I stopped taking collagen supplements, notably my nail grows slower that I only want to cut the nail averaging every 1.5 week. Meantime, I also noticed my hair grew slightly faster during the collagen-taking period.


Other than these, I didn’t notice any other improvement. However based on the differences, collagen supplement is not something useless in my opinion but it highly depends on the extraction and concentration to determine its benefit.


One of my good friends who was taking Collagen drink everyday in recent years, her skin wasn’t perfect and acne-free “yet”, so obviously you cannot rely on supplement only to fight against aging. After all, most supplements only work while you are taking them.


This DHC collagen  (THB570/150tablets) is one of the Best Seller of DHC TH, honestly I’m very curious about the actual sellable reason. Perhaps those have tried continuously more than 6~12 months can give me an answer.


Ingredients (5tablets):  

Fish Collagen  1750mg

Vitamin B1      1.45mg

Vitamin B2     1.5 mg


* Don’t overtake as product indicated. Please stop immediately and consult doctor if allergy occurs. Always seek your doctor’s advice if you are pregnant, or under medication.





Food junkie like me, I just can’t resist some unhealthy but delicious food sometimes, I doubt if I have enough antioxidant consumption from daily food to protect from stress, pollution, UV rays…, so I decided to include antioxidant supplement in my daily life.

CoQ10 (a.k.a ubiquinone) is present in all cellular membranes and in lipoproteins. Aging is generally associated with decreases in tissue coQ10 levels. For example, levels of coQ10 in the skin are low in childhood, reach a maximum at around 20-30 years of age, and then decrease steadily with increasing age. Topically applied coQ10 can penetrate into the living cell layers of the skin and attenuate both the depth of deep wrinkles characteristic of photoaging, as well as the turnover of epithelial cells. CoQ10 is also highly effective in protecting skin cells known as keratinocytes from oxidative DNA damage induced by ultraviolet light. Other health benefits of coQ10 such as stimulates body’s metabolism, improves symptoms in cardiac and congestive heart failure, significantly enhances body immune function…etc.  (source and read more from here )



Alpha-Lipoic Acid got me interested after I read MD.Perricone’s theory of inflammatory, which Alpha Lipoic Acid is effective to combat inflammatory that associated with aging. DHC is doing well to develop a product that contains popular ingredient at affordable price.

DHC ALA + Q10 cap

Single pack of DHC Alpha-Lipoic Acid + Co Q10 contains 30 soft capsules with a cap a day for one month supply. Each cap contains 50mg ALA and 29mg coQ10. Retails 470 baht per pack but I always get the 380 baht or lower promotion price either at major Boots pharmacy or DHC Olive Spa Siam Paragon. This is great value buy to me compare to other coQ10 supplements in the market.


Fancl Q10

Fancl Coenzyme Q10 is retailing at 1300 baht per pack, 60 capsules for 30 days, 2 capsules a day with total 60mg of coQ10. Currently I only take a cap after meal in the morning and I found it boosts my energy as well. This is expensive, I only purchase this during promotion. 

Fancl Q10 cap

Ingredient list: Q10 (30mg/cap), Vitamin E (10mg/cap), Vitamin B6 (1.5mg/cap)

I have faith into the long-term benefit of taking quality supplement, together with  positive cycle of good health and good skin. Healthy diet and lifestyle still the priorities because we need different families of antioxidants daily, obviously we couldn’t solely rely on supplements.


*Please stop and consult doctor if you are taking other medicines or allergy occurs, do not overdose.



DHC mixed vege


I would prefer fresh food if I could help, where vegetable supplement just as a backup when I didn’t have enough portion of fruit and vegetable on the day, especially during a trip. DHC Mixed Vegetable is a powder mixture of 20 types of vegetable, retails 350 baht per packet and each packet contains 120 tablets with 500mg per tablet for a month supply. Advised 4 tablets per day.


DHC mixed vege2


I have Fancl Aojiru previously, the unpleasant taste put me off though it is really good, DHC Mixed Vegetable is good replacement to me that it has exactly dry vegetable taste but in tablet form, thus easy to swallow. It provides adequate nutrition for my occasional unbalanced diet, it helps to prevent constipation too. 


DHC mixed vege3


The green powder tablet should be proper stored to avoid humidity if you want to bring along to office or trip. The green color will turns to darker if you put aside the tablet for few minutes. For that reason, I don’t think it can remains fresh in my supplement case, unless I placed a desiccant inside the supplement case. Either purchase DHC desiccant disc (150 baht /10 sheets) or collect the desiccants from my other finished supplement. I strongly recommended those supplement cases with double layers design, Fancl supplement case is a good value one.


DHC mixed vege1


Generally I think DHC Mixed Vegetable is worth to keep, no surprise it is one of the best seller of DHC Thailand. I normally stock up during promotion for 30% saving and give as a hearty gift to my family.



Mixed Vegetable Powder 1560g ( Green barly, Kale, Carrot, Tomato, Purple sweet potato, Cabbage, Red perilla, Onion, Pumpkin, Spinach, Mulukhiya, Radish, Ginger, Parsley, Buldock, Brocoli, Celery, Angelika, Bitter melon, Mugwort )





Fancl Aojiru is a Japanese vegetable that compressed in powder form. Aojiru rich in water soluble Fibre, DFA III and SOD. It’s best to drink in the morning to start an energetic day.


The Fancl Aojiru that I’m reviewing  is the relauched version in 2008. I only took the powder whenever I wasn’t eating enough vegetable during the trip or when I feel fatigued on the day. To drink, add the green powder into a glass of warm drinking water. Admittedly, the green juice is really yucky to swallow, I can’t even drink it plain that I must added three teaspoons of chocolate powder to dilute the unpleasant taste, and drink it cold.


The taste of the Fancl Aojiru is neither bitter nor sour, just kind of drying vegetable smell. I’ll be fine to bear the taste if it’s in pill form. Anyway, the Fancl Aojiru is simply awesome being an energy drink and give me very good complexion on the day.


The retail price of  Fancl Aojiru is 450 baht for 4.2g x 10 sachet, each sachet approximately equivalent to 40g of Aojiru leaf, expensive but healthy company for busy schedule and very convenient to take along with trip.





 fancl suppl

Fancl promotes skin care from inside out for perfect healthy skin. After trying so many anti-aging products that promised sky and earth with no  miracle happen, I was seriously into thinking that skin supplement will do the magic trick. Many controversies of collagen supplement, it is personal decision after all.


Myriad of brands for supplements are overwhelming the market, Fancl is the one among them with affordable price. Adding I was confident with Fancl reputation as I believe their product safety control is stringent.


Fancl HTC collagen


Basically, collagen is the connective tissues that hold together all body tissues. Reduction of collagen through aging process would resulting skin loss its firmness and eventually wrinkling.


We need other substances for collagen synthesis, for instance, Vitamin C is involved at every stage of the synthesis of collagen, from procollagen to ultimately formed collagen. Procollagen is a 3-D stranded structure made up mainly of the amino acids glycine and proline. (source)


The main ingredients of Fancl HTC collagen is glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which is easier to be absorbed by body. If I interpret the ingredient list correctly, each tablet contains 150mg of HTC collagen, with total weight 251mg.


I was taking the collagen at least for 17 months now, my skin complexion was healthy glowing although skin didn’t out of troubles. That means, still breaking out occasionally, still having dehydration and dullness occasionally, … etc. However, tackle dullness already a big step to go back to youthfulness.


The HTC collagen is extracted from animal, 180 tablets for 30 days consumption, advised 6 tablets before bedtime. Retails 560 baht/packet. After taking 6 tablets/day for more than a year, I decided to reduce the intake to half, 3 tablets/day because I included Coenzyme Q10 supplement in my daily life, as well as eating more protein-rich food daily.


Fancl TenseUp EX


On the other hand, I was also drinking Fancl Tense Up EX occasionally. Consists of 30% fruit juice, tastes sweet and sour fruit juice, simply delicious. This is definitely more effective than HTC Collagen, just very expensive to take on daily basis, so I only take it occasionally and wouldn’t take on the same day with Fancl HTC collagen, afraid of overdose. Usually I take this for continuous a week in emergency circumstances for express complexion boost. Tense Up Ex comes with 10 bottles per box for 1200 baht/box.


TenseUp EX Ingredient List: (50ml/bottle)

Collagen 2600mg, Blue-berried-Honeysuckle, Co Q10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.


* Don’t overtake as product indicated. Please stop immediately and consult doctor if allergy occurs. Always seek your doctor’s advise if you are prenant, or under medication.

* Updated on 19/6/2009



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