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I bought numbers of foundation/powder in recent years but never finished any of them, most of them were still 90% new and I had given few of them away to my younger girlfriends. Instead of trial-and-error on premium brand, budget drugstore line also has good quality to consider. I did some online research and decided to give this a try.



The case (THB300) and refill (THB450/10g) sold separately. One problem with drugstore brand is that I can’t test the product directly on face. For premium brand, we can see how the powder goes on facial skin, we can always say NO if it isn’t working well. For drugstore brand, due to hygiene issue we normally test the powder texture on hand, where I bet our hand has less issues comparing to face, so not exactly justifiable whether the product can get along with facial skin. Therefore, like what I did to Kate powder foundation, I bought the refill only in case it fails to impress me. 


Left: case for Pressed Fantasia 24h Right: case for Pressed Pore


Beside Pressed Fantasia 24h in white casing, it also fits the black casing that belong to Pressed Pore Powder. By the way, they don’t fit in any Shiseido Za casing.



This is a non-powdery pressed powder that feeling “wet” on skin, unlike normal powder which usually powdery dry and smooth. Good point is, the powder seldom became messy while brushing the brush on as it’s “wet” thus hydrating either on skin or on brush hair. I use powder brush for application because the provided thin puff isn’t user-friendly and difficult to use for even application.


The powder contains minimum glitter-particles that barely noticeable, imparts beautiful softly-matte finish with subtle glow, no oily shine. That’s kind of silica-textured finish if you know what I’m trying to say.


 +*+*+ Testing +*+*+ 

Before- skin is primed with face oil

After- matte with soft glow


To verify if it lighten my skin tone (skin appears slightly brighter when newly-applied), I tested this powder on my friend who has been tanned, the pale powder just “disappeared” on her tanned skin thus generally this is suitable for all skin colors.


Besides, it’s highly depending on skin condition/primer to create a perfect complexion. It could possibly “sit” inside the pores or cause streaky finish (shown in below picture), especially it’s kind of creamy-textured. Sometimes it highlights the pore too. Nevertheless, the imperfect finish is actually barely noticeable due to its translucent shade, meanwhile a facial mist is helpful to address the streaky issue but do avoid blending the powder after spraying the facial mist, just gently pat into skin.



I don’t have the issue of streaky finish in summer, it mostly happen  when my skin is dehydration-prone. Although facial mist is helpful but my skin actually became very dry and tight in short while that I must apply something moisturizing to soothe the droughty skin. That’s why I don’t use facial spray for makeup setting and I rather omit powder when skin is prone to dehydration.


Hand primed with Lavshuca makeup base 

Left: bare Right: MJ PF24h


 Without moist base, this hydrating powder is drying



Left: bare Right: MJ PF24h

Strictly speaking, it has sheer or no coverage. It neither cover the redness nor hide your natural skin tone. It also lack of sebum-controlling ability. The softly-matte-finish would last for few hours until the skin started excreting a little sebum to melt off the powder, which in fact it didn’t. I tested it at home and applied the powder on one side of the cheek only, when the T-zone became oilier, the skin with this powder on has unsmooth wet-powdery-touch, while another side with no powder felt a little bit greasy and over-smooth-touch. As such, I normally need to blot 1~2 times a day for my combination skin in hot & humid day.



Generally this is ideal to those who have minimum dryness concern and just want a less drying translucent powder to blot/set the skin. Nothing more, nothing else. Beautiful powder but it still not lived up to my high expectation. I’ve this pressed powder for nearly 6 months yet never thought of purchasing a case to nestle it, you can see why. I still using it occasionally in right weather after all. I wish it has at least some pore-concealing ability and coverage for my unsightly facial veins, perhaps I’d never satisfied with any base makeup without a good skin (.**..).


Rating: ….)))   Good. Unlikely to buy again.


Main Ingredients:

Octyl Methoxycinnamate 0.9992%w/w

Titanium Dioxide, Tocopherol, Citrus Auranitium Dulcis Fruit Oil.


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