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—- ∞ Eye Chapter ∞ —-

Fards À Paupières (Eyeshadow) – 5 Colours Iridescent (#822-009, #959-042, #194-233) and Mini Crayon Eyeliner (#090 Black)

(From left to right) Crayon eyeliner, Eyeshadows (1,2,3), Diorshow mascara

The eyeshadows are creamy and glide on easily. I do need few heavy strokes to have visible pigmentation. I did not try many eyeshadows so obviously cannot justify, but I love how they looked on me. I had intense “makeup-look” with them, keeping my eyes more energized and sharp. They are quite long-wearing also, stay put whole day and non-drying.

The mini crayon eyeliner is soft and very pigmented on bare skin. However, the pigmentation looks ashy when drawn on the eyeshadows, please refer to the below attached picture for clear view. For that reason I actually prefer using gel eyeliner in this case. Moreover, it smudged a little bit when skin turned to be oily.



Diorshow Mascara (#090 Black)

I am not sure if the sample tube is identical with full-size version, it is rather drying. Overall it greatly disappointed me, a drugstore mascara works much better than it.

+ dried up quickly

+ smudge-proof (I used powder on eye area)

+ easy removal by cleansing oil

– minimum lengthening

– minimum curl up

– nothing dramatic (hence very “natural-looking”)

– bulky brush

Last but not least…

Ingredients (Eyeshadows)

Ingredients (Crayon Pencil and Diorshow Mascara)


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