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—- ∞ Lips Chapter ∞ —-

Brilliant À Lèvres Lip Gloss (#151, #183, #579)


I am addicted to these beautiful lip glosses! Besides, the lip liner is absolutely creamy and pigmented, it can be used as “lipstick” too!

+ Moisturizing and glossy

+ Very fine shimmer

+ Very natural finish

–  Need few layers to show some pigmentation

–  Not long-lasting that it wore off after a meal

–  started melting a little bit (in the palette) in hot humid weather


(From Left to Right) Mini Lip Liner Pencil (#513 Linen), Swatch of shade I, Swatch of shade II, Swatch of shade III



(From Left to Right)  Bare lips, Lips with I, Lips with II, Lips with III


—- ∞  Skin Chapter  ∞ —-

Diorskin Forever Compact SPF25 PA++ ( #020 Light Beige )


A nice touch but not the best, basically I don’t like it for hot weather. For your info, I always use this powder compact with the Dior brush.

+ Moisturizing and non-drying

+ Very fine shimmer that hardly to be noticed in close distance

+ Very fine powder to create flawless makeup

+ Natural alike soft-illuminating finish

+ Natural looking with multi layers

+ Buildable sheer to medium coverage

+ Rarely caked on skin

+ No breakout or irritation

–  No coverage for pores

–  Non-mattifying for combination skin in hot humid day

–  Need touch-up in afternoon to blot off the excessive shine

–  Oily T-zone shined within an hour although no greasy touch


 —- ∞ Skin Chapter 1 ∞ —-

Skin primed with Kanebo Cofffret D’or makeup base, so the “before” skin shined a lot due to the shimmering particles of the makeup base that reflected direct sun light.

before = with the makeup base  ;   after = with Diorskin Forever Compact after the makeup base


—- ∞ Skin Chapter 2 ∞ —-

Tested the Diorskin Forever Compact on right face only.

Left = skin after the moisturizer ; Right = skin applied Diorskin Forever Compact right after the moisturizer


After 6 hours spent in cozy room temperature in hot humid day (consider balanced skin condition), no touch-up or blotting, the sheer coverage of Diorskin was still there. You might notice the right side (With Diorskin) has more shine because the fine shimmers of Diorskin reflected the sun light better.


 —- ∞   End   ∞ —-


Ingredients (Mini Lip Liner Pencil)


Ingredients (Brilliant À Lèvres Lip Gloss)


Ingredients (Diorskin Forever Compact – Light Beige)


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