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L’Occitane Shea Butter Balm is made of 100% pure shea butter, although my first thought is to use it for lip care, the sales assistant also advised me that it can be used on any dry spots either body or face. I kept the advice in mind and I am glad I did.



A 100% pure Shea Butter provides superior moisturizing and has wound-healing capacity in a soothing way. It has shown to help with sunburned skin, insect bites, wrinkles, eczema, blemishes, rashes dermatitis, scars and stretch marks. The only negative point about Shea Butter is it is too heavy for oily-combination skin, and generally suitable for dry to very dry skin.



The balm texture is fairly waxy and heavy. It is recommended to be melted on palm before apply to targeted spots. Sometimes I take a small amount and just applied it on the spot directly, then use palm/finger press onto the skin gently.


The waxy content in the small weightless aluminium pot is extremely hard to pick up in the beginning. Okay, really hard to be more precise. However, the texture became softer after a short period, notably the environment temperature did affect the hardness.




I tested the Shea Butter Balm in many ways and here are those that I found it works wonder for me.


For lip care, in order to avoid a pale waxy film that imparts unattractive bloodless lips, you can melt it first in palm before applying onto lips. Because of the waxy texture, there is slight sticky feeling. I don’t mind about that since that actually prevents the moisture shade off too fast after having a drink. Praise it is excellent to moisturize, soothe and protect the dry lips instantly but still not enough for very dry lips, I usually cover the “Shea Butter Lips” with Petroleum Jelly, the moisturizing result is superior.


Another good thing I must bring out here is it serves as a fantastic lipstick primer! Even a creamy lipstick like Chanel Rouge Allure could be drying sometimes, use this shea balm balm underneath the lipstick is simply amazing to prevent the dryness. The lipstick also adheres to the balm-conditioned lips smoothly. Unlike normal lip balm which could be too oily or nourish to get the lipstick well clinging to the lips.



Besides lip care, I also get the Shea Butter Balm for any itchy rash on body that caused by contact dermatitis. I just massage a little bit onto the spot, the itchiness would be eased after a while, good enough to prevent me from scratching. 


Other than lip care and itchy spot, I used the Shea Butter Balm under eye when the skin wasn’t drying. Dabbing the melted balm on the outer corner of eyes where prone to crow feet. When properly done, that is Amazing! (for left eye) Amazing! (for right eye). Practically this works similar to wrinkle-filler but a tad of sticky touch. Be careful, not everyone’s eye area can load the heavy texture on.


Lip care, itchy spot, undereye, what is next? My flaky nose. None of my existing skin care and cosmetic could actually “hide” the flaky instantly and flawlessly, this Shea Butter Balm is a perfect “concealer” to the minor flaky. It works wonder to make the flakes invisible without spoiling the makeup, and it appeared transparent on skin. The side effect is, I got 1-2 zits on nose at the end of the day, after all it’s too comedogenic. For this reason, I won’t do that continuously for more than 2 days and in fact, I don’t have to, the flaky eventually healed within 2 days.


Furthermore, I found this is helpful for minor cracked heel, particularly overnight care. It softens, moisturizes and repairs the minor cracked heel, best to use it together with body/hand/foot cream and you need a pair of sock.



Despite a balm normally lasts for at least six months, my first pot was finished within three months because I used it diligently, showing how much I love this. Since I was no longer using it frequently in humid months, hence my second pot would last much longer.


This is weightless to carry along, helpful, tasteless, safe, 100% natural but it’s not a necessary item to be honest. Nevertheless, when you have one, you will find it lovely useful in case you need it. L’Occitane Shea Butter Balm retails for THB400/8ml in Thailand, I paid RM87 for three in Malaysia.



Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)



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