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The History of Whoo Bichup Ja Saeng Essence and Jin Hae Yoon Sun Wrinkle SPF46/PA++

Posted on: January 26, 2012


To keep the intro short, this post will be sharing two samples I received as GWP, the Ja Saeng Essence and Jin Hae Yoon Sun Wrinkle from Korea The History of Whoo.


.˛.*.★*。*★*。*★*。*★*。*★* c[]b *★*。*★*。*★*。*★*。*★.*.˛.  


Bichup Ja Saeng Essence (KRW160000/45ml)


Bichup Ja Saeng Essence is a signature serum of The History of Whoo, it has similar product position as Advanced Night Repair serum under Estee Lauder, targeting wrinkle improvement and enhancing skin self-healing ability. It contains three court secret compounds (Gongjinbidan, Kyungokbidan, Chungsimbidan) to enable skin self-strengthening against environmental damage.



This is pricey, that would be great to get a sample first to see if it is what we like. The essence has gel and hydrating texture, feeling smooth and slick while spreading on skin, then conveyed to gel-sheen finish and a little bit sticky to touch. From its ingredient list, it contains various humectants and oriental plant extracts, though I could not vouch the effectiveness of those plant extracts in beauty product but it should be helpful to treat dryness because of those humectants. I was rather disappointed of its artificial fragrance since I was expecting natural scent or a non-fragranced essence. The pleasant floral scent was similar to the aroma of Whoo Gongjinhyang series but not identical. Overall it was a nice hydrating essence that able to iron out the fine line instantly (although temporary) but would still need moisturizer afterwards for complete moisturizing. My sensitive skin also experienced no irritation or breakout from testing it for a week.



I did this test on whim on the other day, trying to have some ideas between serum and lotion but no useful conclusion is drawn. I post this test anyway just to give you all a small idea how moisturizing of this essence compared to the other three first-step products. Yes, it is most moisturizing among them and also the thickest.



.˛.*.★*。*★*。*★*。*★*。*★* c[ ᵕ ᴥ ᵕ ]b *★*。*★*。*★*。*★*。*★.*.˛.


Jin Hae Yoon Sun Wrinkle SPF46/PA++ (KRW55000/45ml)


Gongjinhyang Jin Hae Yoon Sun Wrinkle is marketed as an anti-aging sun cream. As Gongjinhyang series is created for women from late 20s to 30s, that is no surprise to see an anti-wrinkle sun cream in the series. It said to improve wrinkles resulting from dryness aside the UV-blocking.



This has pleasant floral scent too, something different from the scent of Gongjinhyang series. The finish is either radiant or shinny depending on the skin condition (dry/oily) but it leaves no unnatural white residue. I do think Korean sunscreens (eg: Rojukiss Protox day cream and Laneige Sensitive Mild UV protector) commonly have cream texture while Japanese sunscreen majority is appearing more lightweight, this probably because the climate in Korea is drier compared to Japan.



For drier skin, this sun cream was feeling non-heavy and easily dried on skin in less humid day (humidity <50%). However, it was slightly rich for oilier skin and skin was tacky until the skin started excreting sebum, or applying any makeup foundation/powder can ease the tacky touch too. On the other hand, the compact powder caked on skin due to the tacky base. Referring to above test pictures, I tested this both to my face and hand, it seemed to be okay as makeup base when tested on hand, so I think the cakey finish probably due to my uneven facial skin texture (larger pores at least). Meanwhile, this is also water-proof, I definitely need proper makeup removal at the end of the day. I tried it four times only, no skin irritation had been noticed. In short I still love Japanese milky sunscreen, not to mention I do not believe in “anti-wrinkle” sunscreen.



12 Responses to "The History of Whoo Bichup Ja Saeng Essence and Jin Hae Yoon Sun Wrinkle SPF46/PA++"

Thank you for this review 🙂 It was really interesting to read, especially the part when you pointed out the fact how the Korean’s sun screen is usually thicker than the Japanese’s ones. Really good point, I never thought that the weather could be part of this reason.

Thanks Helen (” v)
The climate of Korea and Japan are actually very similar, but according to studies, the sebum secretion will be increased 10% when the environment temperature is increased 1°C, perhaps Japanese is more concern about enlarged pore and oiliness while Korean takes moisturizing and dryness more intensely.

As I know few Korean sunscreen (eg: Hara) is very matte and good in oil-controlling, however the sunscreen consistency is usually either cream or emulsion. Japan sunscreen on the other hand, more are going from milky to watery essence. (” v)

Hi BeautyKnot,

Thank you so much for the review about the Ja Saeng product. I found it very useful. 🙂

I got two sample packages of the Ja Saeng Essence. I used it together with the History of Whoo Hwa Hyun’s cream and I totally loved the products (It last me for about a week). I could see that my face became brighter and looked healthier.

I am thinking about purchasing a full size of the Ja Saeng Essence (45ml), however, I came across to one of the blogger’s website that mentioned that these products could be fake, if purchased online. It was such an interesting thing to hear. However, I am really concerned if I will end up buying a fake product, since I am going to order it from online, or perhaps stop by the Korean store inside the 99 Ranch Market (in Houston, TX).

Is there any way to find out if the product is fake or not?

As much as I loved the product, I got a little scared for seeing such a big results–brighter and healthier looking face (although it was a positive one) by just using them for a week. On top of that, I am a little bit suspicious about many gift sets were being offered to me for free (under the same line-History of Whoo) if I am making a purchase (e.g. If I were buying a $600 set of The History of Whoo Hwa Hyun, I would get a gift set of 6 pieces of the History of Whoo Seol that worth about $100 + and a gift set of 5 pieces of The History of Whoo GongjinHyanga which worth about $100+ as well, FOR FREE!).

And for the Ja Saeng Essense, the price for full size bottle (just one bottle-45ml) is about $179. However, I could pay just $175 (at the same store) and get

– Ja Saeng Essence 45 ml
– Ja Saeng Essence 20 ml

and some three or four more small set from the JinYul line.

What do you think?

Any recommendation where should I get the product from?

Hello Hakuku,
In fact most fake skin care products selling online are in sample size, I had also mentioned that in my Whoo’s Seol review before (“v). Most people are willing to pay small amount for sample size since sample size can save up to 60% of regular retail price of full size product, that indeed very tempting, especially when people are in the search for suitable product without committing to full size. However, I used to see beauty stalls in a Korea low-end mall selling Lancome full size product, frankly I would never believed they were real. Therefore, I can only say the chances of getting fake full-size is lower than sample-size.

People normally differentiate between authentic and fake is to compare both of them from various aspects such as packaging, layout design, fragrance…etc. For eg: You would never see Creme de Lamer packed with non-aligned label. Prestigious brand would always ensure premium quality of their packaging.

For sample-size, it’s hard to differentiate actually since the packaging quality of sample-size is irregular and usually inferior than full-size product, another reason explaining why so many fake sample-size on the market. The most effective method is to get their batch code for verification with the cosmetics company, which most people don’t even bother or get response from the company.

I suggest you buy from trusted source, or ask for proof of genuine source. I bought some of Sulwhasoo & Whoo products from a China seller in Korea and she did provide me the proof of purchase, hence I knew my purchase was 100% genuine. The proof of purchase can be an original copy of retail receipt, or in the original shipping packaging that directly sent from LG, or ask for screen shot of their online shopping.

You’re not alone, me and some people from online reviews, we had seen quick-result of Whoo skin care. Frankly, we can only find the clue of the quick result from the product ingredient list, too bad Whoo doesn’t list their ingredients in English.

The attractive promotion package that you mentioned is possible, in fact it’s quite common in Korea due to aggressive market competition in Korea. Click this link to see most up-to-date amazing promotion gift sets. Lotte is upmarket department store in Korea, those with Korea identity can register and enjoy at least 10% discount of the normal retail price. Besides Lotte, several reputable online shopping channels also have the right to distribute Amore Pacific and LG cosmetics but only for Korean resident. (“v)

Wow, you know so much about how to identify fake products. I’m actually guilty of buying sample sizes, like you said, its very tempting, consider with the cheaper price and a trial time to use a new product.

This is actually my first time hearing about fake skin care products (yes, I am that naive), so I’m going to be super careful from now on

Hello Helen,
I had done some research and reading on fake cosmetics online some time ago, so I know a little bit about that. I was excited when I first saw some websites offered many samples of high-end brands but I only bought those samples at Sasa retail outlet in HK eventually. Even at sasa or bonjour these popular beauty stores, I can’t 100% guaranteed those samples selling are 100% original too, particularly counterfeit is rampant in China, unfortunately.

Someone in the industry told me that popular brands like Missha, TFS, Skinfood…the brand SA can “sell” the sample sachet with minimum order quantity (eg:5000 sachets), but premium brand like Sulwhasoo and Whoo are very strict about their sample giving policy in recent years in order to control the fake sample of their brands on market, these premium brands don’t offer low cost for their samples even with the minimum quantity 10000 per month. Their policy actually alerts the consumer in good way, so when consumer sees their samples in very low price, the chances the sample being fake is very high. Furthermore, Sulwhasoo and Whoo always offer attractive gift set with their online purchase in Korea, so Korean consumers can always enjoy generous authentic samples with their purchase. Those fake samples are mainly targeting foreign market since foreigner outside Korea can’t access the promotion set like locals.

By revealing these info, I hope sellers (especially in US) will come up more attractive price for Sulwhasoo and Whoo, so that more consumer will be benefit of their $ value. Seller probably detests me because I jeopardize their profit margin……may be. (” b)

I just won a bid on EBay for Bichup Ja Seng Essence, got 50 ml for 12.00. I am delighted with your review thank you and Merry Christmas.

Hi, I’m so sorry to miss your comment. Hope the essence worked well for you.

oops…i think i just received my fake sachet samples today … is the real bichup ja saeng essence smells very strong ? (makes me dizzy)
i worry mine is fake, coz the smell is toooooo strong! like a cheap artificial fragrance, no herbal smells at all.

the texture is more or less like your picture, pinkish-yellow-something like that. it’s just i can’t believe whoo still produce lots of samples like this (the seller seemed able to provide as many as sachets as possible).

btw does anyone knows about and ? do their products authentic ?

thanks before ^^

Hi ieji,

The sample not necessary is fake because of the strong smell, the Bichup ja saeng essence doesn’t have herbal scent indeed. However the seller claimed to provide as many sachets as possible definitely doesn’t sound right, especially for prestigious brand like Whoo.

As I don’t know their product sourcing path, hence I couldn’t comment regarding the two webshops.

Hello BeautyKnot ^_^
I’ve read the replies above about fake cosmetics products, recently I’ve doing some search for sulwhasoo product lines in (since I’m Indonesian I’ve using the ‘’ site).

the offering are mostly at tempting price (they give tons of bonus items too) and since the sulwhasoo official site doesn’t put price in their site I have no idea of how much the official price of sulwhasoo lines.

could you give me the link for the reliable online sellers where I can buy the sulwhasoo products, I’ve interested on their ginseng cream.

History of whoo opened their store on one of high end mall in my city but I’m not sure if they are also genuine products, since there’s many scams and counterfeits on online shopping, I have my own reasons to doubt them.

Thanks, I hope you’ll do more review on premium brand of korean cosmetics coz I luv it so much ^_^

Hi Ms, ^^

Pray I have deep pocket to try more premium Korea brands Haha.

The normal retail price of Sulwhasoo Ginseng Cream (New formula) is KRW180000/60ml, approximately USD162. If you purchase online, be prepared you might want to pay little extra (the seller has to make profit after all) and international shipping cost. Not to mention the risk from custom clearance in ID.

I have a look at qoo10 just now and hard to tell if the products are genuine. However if it is selling at prestigious department store, I think it is more creditable as department store has to safeguard their reputation.

I know Sulwhasoo is available at Singapore Changi airport ( Terminal 2 &3? ), which is nearest place to ID if you want 100% genuine product.

If you are looking for sample size, I afraid I can’t help you on this then. Unless you know the seller, else is difficult to tell if the sample is genuine.

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