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Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted on: January 5, 2012


Hello a spanking new year… May there be joy and peace to all of you in 2012 (^ᴗ  ^) ~*. Today I want to share an absolutely amazing discovery although it is actually not something new. I have used an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) in 2010 but reluctant to re-purchase because I prefer to indulge myself with aromatherapy rather than coconut smell.



In recent years, my sensitive skin becomes easily react to what I eat that I have more flare-up than ever. The L’Occitane shea butter balm is good to relieve the itchiness but not doing much in rash healing, moreover the heavy balm is not practical to be used for large area of body skin, it is also expensive to be used as body balm every day. Thanks to Lydia comment, I read back my old post and inspired myself  to try coconut oil again, despite I really really not fond of coconut smell.


Thoughtful packaging. I use pump at home but replace with cap if I take it travelling. Allow some buffer space inside the bottle before thrust the pump so the oil will not overflow.


My prayer is answered, I saw this cold pressed, organic, 100% pure EVCO in a supermarket the week after I replied Lydia comment in my old EVCO review, best of all it costs THB270/250ml only. The brand has four package sizes (60ml, 120ml, 250ml and 500ml) of their EVCO and 250ml is the largest size sold at the supermarket. Since I knew EVCO is helpful for sensitive skin so I bought the 250ml without hesitant.



Although the freezing point of Coconut oil is 25.1 °C due to its high level of saturated fat, but I never found my EVCO becomes solid under room temperature even the temperature of certain days were as low as 21°C  in dry season. Anyhow, using pure EVCO in cold season is probably inconvenient. If I shop at the supermarket in early morning, I can see all these coconut oils are in solid form on shelves but return to liquid form gradually when the temperature is up.



Cold pressed, is an extraction method without heat processing method, which normally a more tedious extraction method and ideal to preserve the greatest nutrient. It has very mild aroma and the detectable smell is only lingering for few minutes. I think it smells much pleasant than my previous EVCO purchase, probably it is quite newly manufactured (2 weeks!) at time of purchase.



The oil is feeling very rich and runny on skin. It leaves greasy film and takes long time to be absorbed by skin, hence I mixed the oil with body butter in the beginning to reduce the greasy feel and also to increase the moisture level of the body moisturizer in very humid season. Nevertheless, when my skin is quite drying in air-conditioned room, this is easier to be absorbed. Additionally, using the EVCO alone is still insufficient to very dry skin in low humidity which would require extra body moisturizer on top of this for adequate moisture.



After using this EVCO for nearly two months, I was no longer bothering about the greasiness and smell, instead I was using it every night religiously and will continue to re-purchase until coconut trees go extinct. What have changed my mind so dramatically? …. (T T) All because it resolved my ingrown hair ~ !!


I have small area of ingrown hair on both legs caused by body exfoliation at a local spa and Veet waxing cream (eventhough the one I used was sensitive skin formula) made them worse. I felt inferior to reveal the skin especially I never had issue with ingrown hair in my first 30+ years! Unfortunately the ingrown hair did not disappear by itself and some remedy like exfoliation, plant oils, shea butter also unable to improve the condition. When I prepared to live with ingrown hair in next 30 years, a “miracle” happened. Approximate 90% of my ingrown hair is gone after solely applying EVCO oil to the affected area for 2-3 weeks… totally surprise! I should try this way earlier.



In short, this is a simple budget oil that worked miracle for my sensitive skin. It can be used for cooking too but I do not feel ease as it looks a little bit too fancy in kitchen, after all we have better oil for cooking. All in all, love EVCO.


Rating: …)))     Excellent. Willing to buy again.



6 Responses to "Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil"

Hahahah until coconut goes extinct! 😀
Happy New Year to you, and may all things nice come your way..

Now I have another item to lookout for when I visit Bangkok soon 🙂

Love to hear from you again Nellz, hope abundant wonderful things be with you (“v). FYI, I bought this at a small supermarket called Best Supermarket in Pattaya, not sure where else is selling EVCO though.

Looks like a good product! I wish I spotted it when I was in Thailand!

I only spotted this when I started shopping at the supermarket, 😉

You can use almost any type of coconut oil for skin care; just make sure it is ‘virgin’ coconut oil that has not used heat to make the oil. Cold-pressed oils contain all of the natural fatty acids that help impart the health benefits to your skin.

Hi Kevin, couldn’t agree with you more 😉

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