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Giveaway (20 – 24 Nov 2011): Especially for acne-prone/acne skin

Posted on: November 20, 2011

This giveaway is to those who have acne-prone/acne concern

(8 pieces of Korea Leaders Clinie Mask, 6 sachets of Missha Powder Wash with Baking Powder, 2 boxes of Missha Nose Strip Patch, 2 boxes of Missha Anti-trouble patch, 2 boxes of The Face Shop Nose Pore Strip)


Occasionally I have reader seeking my opinion about skincare for acne-prone skin. Although I had been trying my best to share with them of my limited skincare knowledge that learnt from experts and experience but, I hope I can do more for them. As I reaching to early mature age, I have minor breakout once in a while and not having acne-prone skin basically, hence I don’t have many experience in this area. However, I can totally understand how destructive of acne done to skin appearance as I also have several tiny pitted acne scars left on cheeks due to improper care in young age. Therefore, I had ordered some acne care stuff from Korea, they generally received quite a good reviews in Korea.


Rule to enter this giveaway


–   Just leave a comment in this post. Done.  –



* Open to all readers *

* You can submit more than one comment to increase your winning chance, no limit  *

* Giveaway will be closed on  24th Nov 2011,  12pm   GMT+7 *

* Winner will be selected via random drawing by *

* One lucky winner will be selected for this giveaway *

* Winner will be announced on this blog on 25th Nov 2011 *

* BT will email to the winner on 25th and the winner must reply within 7 days for shipping info *

* Shipping cost will be bounded by BT *


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(There will be total 5 drawings to the giveaway via




33 Responses to "Giveaway (20 – 24 Nov 2011): Especially for acne-prone/acne skin"

HI, I would like to enteryour giveaway
I have some acne scars from my young age and since I have stopped birth pills I have a new rash of those ugly pimples AHHH i look like i’m 14 years old !!!

I’m in! I don’t know why my skin broke out like crazy since last week, need anything work for the breakout!

Western acne products are too harsh to my skin and my skin broke out more, so I want to try the gentle Korean acne products.

Hi. I’ve been battling with acne for quite a while and i love to try out new products. So, please, enter me in the giveaway.
Oh, i just wanna say i love your blog and reviews, especially on korean skincare products.

Acne affected my self-esteem and I really want to do something about it.

I have been suffering the frustrations of bad acne and trying over-the-counter medication that never worked to stop the acne, I started looking into holistic approach in my skin care routine and diet this year, acne condition were getting slightly better. I want to give this Korean acne skin care a try, they look good and gentle to use.

I am 23. As a teenager I had nice and flawless skin, with only the occasional minor acne before my period. When I was 21 years old I went on birth control pill and took it for nearly 2 years. When I stopped taking birth control pill this year, my pimples have gotten more severe and have spread all over my face. I am looking for gentle remedies to cure my acne and would like to give this Korean acne care a try.

Hi, this sounds like a really good giveaway. Acne is such a problem for me, especially these days. I already had a pretty good skin, but then maybe my hormones got messed up or something, but it looks terrible again 😦

Recently I got some annoying breakout on forehead, really no idea where they come from as I have good skin to start with, don’t feel good about that so I think this giveaway just come at right time, hope I’m lucky enough to win this.

I want to win this giveaway ^^ I have oily skin and have some acne scars on my face since young. Now I’m 35 but pimples still come up sometimes very sad. TT

Acne is unconsciously cropped up in the face or body during the hot weather in my country. Feeling annoying how to get rid of it, this giveaway has been my perfect answer!

I have a history of skin allergies, have used benzoyl peroxide anti-acne cream, acne had been improved but had developed contact dermatitis on the other side. Doctor gave me a medicine and the dermatitis symptoms disappeared. But few days ago I used make-up foundation, I do not know the foundation is the reason, my clean face appeared few pimples again. I want to try gentle acne solution this time and hope I can win this giveaway. 🙂

Count me in! I have acne especially a lot on the forehead. I don’t know why they are still there after two months, I get very worried, I bought skin care product like Clean & Clear and Metholathum but they don’t work. I heard from a friend say that acne is also related with mood, it seems right. Recently I stressed a lot particularly bad mood. I also did not sleep well, often woke up at night. To be honest I was a beauty vain kind of the girls, the acne really makes me worry.

This giveaways sounds interesting and really want to be picked! 🙂

i would like to join the giveaway!
i’ve been having acne-prone skin since i were a teenager.
what i’ve learnt after so many years/tips to myself is cleansing is very important, and hydrate my skin but not over-moisture it with too many layers of products 😉

I don’t have luck when coming to giveaway, just try my luck because I have terrible acne skin 😦

Acne is an inflammatory disease in which the sebaceous glands become clogged and infected, often drive people feeling insecure of their appearance.

I’m in !
I’m 19 year old, I have oily and acne skin. I start layering for a moment, and I note that improve my skin. So this giveaway is very interesting for me !

Thank you 😉

I want to enter this giveaway!
I am a girl who has struggled with acne these few months, probably I endured some emotional and hormonal changes this year. This giveaway looks interesting to me as I am new to Korean skin care.

Hello, I would like to join your giveaway.

I have been breaking out a lot the past year. Strangely even if I grow old, I still break out. Would love to win if possible.

Hi – I’d love to win this giveaway.

I never used to have acne-prone skin, but have greatly struggled with it the past couple years due to a hormonal imbalance. It is slowly getting better now that I am on birth control pills but I still have lots of scarring and some blemishes. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! 🙂

Hi , i love to enter this giveaway and enjoy the love of this gift from beautyknot 🙂 i have acne prone skin and certainly this will be beneficial. continue to support your blog, thanks for all your good effort and dedicated post all these times!

Please let my join on this giveaway. My skin is oily and clog pore easily, need effective gentle product to address this problem. Thanks for this giveaway.

Hi, my skin doesn’t broke out easily but I often get annoyed of those blackheads, this giveaway seems to be fantastic answer to my skin. Love your blog by the way. 🙂

Hi dear. Thanks for the giveaway. I have really oily skin and quite acne prone and in fact yesterday I was just using The Face Shop’s sheet mask and is pretty much in love wiith them.

I would like to win this giveaway!!^^

thank you so much for this giveaway

your reviews are amazing and i love your site 😉

Thank you for this giveaway-

done i have followed the rules
my email :

This giveaway is too tempting to be missed, especially when I have acne prone skin since adolescence. I am wishing myself good luck & will love to try them all and probably feedback them on your blog which I read regularly 🙂

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