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Giveaway! (14 Nov – 24 Nov 2011)

Posted on: November 14, 2011

When the blog statistic passed over half of million, I was thinking to hold my very first giveaway. Thank you for all your clicks to make this little blog shines!!


What to gift? Many brands and ideas were flashing in my mind but honestly, I was indecisive. In fact, I don’t have idea what your gals want. Then I recalled a reminder from my mum early this year – don’t’ give a thing to other that you don’t have love in it. So I grabbed the wisdom and hopefully you will like my giveaway too.


DANG DANG DANG ! In celebrating my 3-year-old beauty blog and introducing my sales blog, let’s have fun and join this giveaway!


All sponsored by BT’s piggy bank


A   Korea Leaders Clinie Mask Set – NMF Aquaringer, Vita Bright, Aloe Soothing, Vita Whitebeam & Aquaringer  (25ml x 5 sheets)
B   Korea Leaders Hand Cream Set – Firming, Clearing & Brightening   (50ml x 3 units)
C   TonyMoly Fruit Princess Gloss # 3 Mangosteen ,#5 Poemgranate, #7 Apple  (7ml x 3 units)
D   TonyMoly Fruit Princess Gloss # 2 Plum, #4 Apricot, #6 Cherry  (7ml x 3 units)
E   Hermes Voyage Moisturizing Balm Face and Body (200 ml, *Unisex fragrant)


Want to win them all? Or you will be contented and only focus on what you like most? In order to enter this giveaway, you must fulfill the Rule 1 :


(CLICK ME to go to the sales blog)

(CLICK ME to go to the Facebook page)


After fulfilling the Rule 1, you are already entitled to a chance to win Gift A. (“v) I hope you can win more, so here is the Rule 2 to win the rest.



Here is an example to this Giveaway


* One comment per person *

* BT will only reply to comment that did not meet the Rule 1 & Rule 2 *

* Winners will be selected via random drawing *

*Giveaway will be closed on  24th Nov 2011,  12pm   GMT+7*

* Winners will be announced on BunnyToo facebook page on 25th Nov 2011 *

* BT will email to the winners on 24,25th and the winners must reply within 7 days for shipping info *

* Shipping cost will be bounded by BT *


~ Have fun and Good luck ~


22 Responses to "Giveaway! (14 Nov – 24 Nov 2011)"

I had liked the bunnytoo.
I am new to Korea skincare brands, good to know these brands. Can’t wait my Korea trip in less than 2 months!

B: I hope to keep my “budget”, no over buy in Korea hehe
C: I hope I can win this “beauty” giveaway
D: I only started using sunscreen last year, hope I can have more “skincare” start from this year
E: Vanity….hmn hope one day I can own my hermes birkin bag!

I had liked bunnytoo
Very interesting. I don’t google has this new template. Very nice to know more about quality Korean skincare too.

E: I am horribly vanity hence I want to win this 🙂

I had liked BunnyToo.
The packaging of the history of whoo is gorgeous! I am such a packaging sucker 😀

b:I don’t count my budget on skincare, may be I should…
c:beauty is in the eye of beholder 😉
d:skincare is important to prevent early aging
e:vanity and pride are different things

I had liked BunnyToo

Awesome blog! There are various things interest me.

B: I’m back again with more high-end skin care on a starving beauty budget
C: Beauty is within you
D: I has commitment to high-end skincare
E: My name is Ailis Vanity

I had liked BunnyToo
I like Korean oriental care too. I has terrible breakout last year, with all the frustration and desperation, my friend recommended me the history of whoo gongjihyang and my face has cleared up after using a week. I was happy, and I feel the best I have felt in ages!

b: I was trimming my beauty budget recently 😦
c: Beauty only exists in perception 🙂
d: Whitening skincare is a must in my beauty regimen 😉
e: Vanity is what other have 😦

Hope I will be the lucky winner ya?

I had liked BunnyToo
Beautiful products, I love the blog! I am big fan of Sulwhasoo, great catch-up on latest Sulwhasoo promotion anyway.

B: budget is not my concern as long as the product is effective
C: I love this quote,”Beauty is only skin deep, but it is a valuable asset if you are poor or have not any sense.”
D: I never afraid of aging because by eating properly, exercising and using good skincare product, I look good in any age.
E: Vanity is not must-have in my life but having a Hermes item is my dream too.

i had liked bunnytoo.
the tonymoly fruit princess glosses are so cute! I want win them all tonymoly has very cute makeup.

C: I am a beauty nut
D: skincare is important because it helps us age slowly
E: my sister always call me vanity girl

I had liked the BunnyToo page
Really Appreciate your effort in blogging, I enjoying reading them.

B: I love budget skincare which is affordable by student
C: Beauty is, always believe you are most beautiful
D: I hope you can share more skincare tips for oily skin
E: I don’t want to be a vanity girl but i dream to have all vanity things

I had liked BunnyToo
I love Korean makeup but sadly not sell in my country

C: A true beauty come from inside
D: The most important skincare is sunscreen
E: I have a beautiful white vanity table in my room

I had liked BunnyToo
I want to try the clinie mask, my skin is very dehydrated nowadays. They will be perfect to keep my skin moist and soft.

B: My favorite budget moisturizer is rosehip oil
C: Audrey Hepburn is timeless beauty
D: The most high-end skincare I wanted to try is SKII, but the History of Whoo and Sulwhasoo sounds good to me too.
E: I dream to have a vanity bedroom

I had liked BunnyToo.

Your efforts to list down the manufacturing date and picture taking are highly appreciable, although I’m not into Korean skincare but I hope you keep up the good job.

B: Budget doesn’t mean low quality but quality can be told in different ways depending upon the budget.
C: Beauty doesn’t necessary make you happy but it’s one beautiful thing in life.
D: Jogging so much, I’m in the sun all the time. Sunscreen is now my necessary skincare essential.
E: Vanity is the nature of personality traits, don’t hold it inside yourself too long.

I had liked BunnyToo. My id is Joyce Ling.

My venture into Korean skincare is BB cream, it is really nice thing to know premium Korea skincare and try if their product works on me. I would love to try Sulwhasoo and The history of whoo since I have heard a lot of raves of them. ^^

B: ‘Budget’ product sometimes is awesome!
C: Ooops…I just get my hair done in ‘Beauty’ salon yesterday.
D: In need of a good brightening ‘skincare’ product to start having hydrated and radiant skin!
E: ‘Vanity’ is having a Fendi bag in my hand!

I had liked the BunnyToo page
I stumbled upon your page while googling for product reviews…

B: I started to have a budget for beauty products since last year.
C: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
D: Skincare becomes my interest when I realised I have rosacea.
E: Fame, wisdom, love, vanity and power are mine.

I had liked BunnyToo.
I have just stumbled upon your blog, just thought I’d let you know, I’m really enjoyed reading it! I know some popular Korean cosmetics namely Skinfood, missha, TFS, Etude but didn’t get into their high-end brands. After reading your sales blog, glad to know about those LG cosmetics and Sulwhasoo.

B: Both budget and premium products sound good.
C: I wanted to become a beauty queen but that’s only a dream in young.
D: I used a drugstore moisturiser only since young which I hope I never too late to start a proper skincare routine.
E: Love this quote “vanity is my favorite sin”.

With warmest regards,

I had liked the bunnytoo.
I love the display of different kinds of Korean Skincare products,also love the arrangements!so cool!

B: I have my budget for my skincare,I want to be flawless everyday!
C: I hope I can win this “beauty” giveaway so that I can now try Korean Cosmetics!
D: Skin Care consist of cleansing,toning,and moisturizing and putting a reliable sunblock everyday!
E: Vanity….is synonimous to women.

I had liked the bunnytoo.
I love korean skincare and love the stylish template design. Their packaging really cute and attractive. XD

B: My budget is not a lot so I hope I can win this giveaway.
C: Beauty is having a good skin and good heart.
D: My skin care started in 16 when my skin becomes very oily.
E: Vanity… is me.

I had liked the bunnytoo.
I am packaging sucker, they are so cute!
B: Budget..hmn..I’m going to plan in this year end.
C: Beauty is related to both internal and external.
D: Skin care is what I get crazy with.
E: Vanity is human being.

I had liked the bunnytoo.
Your blog sale is original, with a complete description of product. It’s plaisant to visit and to read. Continue in this way !

B – When I look all these cosmetics, I want to buy a lot and my “budget” is always exceeded.
C – I have just discover the world of “beauty” skincare, and I like it !
D – “Skincare” help me a lot and make my face so fresh, so clean and so smooth !
E – With cosmetic’s blog, my vanity is overfull !

I had liked the bunnytoo.
I like you list the product manufacturing date clearly and always share your sincere opinion about the product. Your beauty blog is very inspiring, I have been following it nearly a year now and have learnt many tips. Do keep it up. 🙂

B: I have budget for everything so I can have resplendent life.
C: Beauty must be felt with heart.
D: Skin care is important step to maintain a good skin.
E: Beauty’s sister is vanity, and its daughter lust.

I had liked the bunnytoo.
Some of the product are very eye-catching and intriguing, the price is steep but I understand they are high-end brand. Nice template!

B: Budget can be balanced through well planning.
C: Everything has beauty but no everyone has eye of beauty.
D: Skin care isn’t important but necessary to keep skin healthy.
E: Vanity is lurid.

I had liked the bunnytoo.
Lovely design, lovely products.

B- Beauty blogs make my over-“budget”
C- I am new to beauty world but never too late for it
D- Skin care is my daily habit
E- Vanity only found in human being

I had liked the bunnytoo.
I think Asia skin care works better for my skin. Thanks for sharing all these Asian skin care in your blogs.

B: My budget and my skin age are correlated
C: Beauty is what deep inside
D: I spend more on skin care than cosmetics
E: Looking at my fashion collection, I know I am incurable vanity

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