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When the blog statistic passed over half of million, I was thinking to hold my very first giveaway. Thank you for all your clicks to make this little blog shines!!


What to gift? Many brands and ideas were flashing in my mind but honestly, I was indecisive. In fact, I don’t have idea what your gals want. Then I recalled a reminder from my mum early this year – don’t’ give a thing to other that you don’t have love in it. So I grabbed the wisdom and hopefully you will like my giveaway too.


DANG DANG DANG ! In celebrating my 3-year-old beauty blog and introducing my sales blog, let’s have fun and join this giveaway!


All sponsored by BT’s piggy bank


A   Korea Leaders Clinie Mask Set – NMF Aquaringer, Vita Bright, Aloe Soothing, Vita Whitebeam & Aquaringer  (25ml x 5 sheets)
B   Korea Leaders Hand Cream Set – Firming, Clearing & Brightening   (50ml x 3 units)
C   TonyMoly Fruit Princess Gloss # 3 Mangosteen ,#5 Poemgranate, #7 Apple  (7ml x 3 units)
D   TonyMoly Fruit Princess Gloss # 2 Plum, #4 Apricot, #6 Cherry  (7ml x 3 units)
E   Hermes Voyage Moisturizing Balm Face and Body (200 ml, *Unisex fragrant)


Want to win them all? Or you will be contented and only focus on what you like most? In order to enter this giveaway, you must fulfill the Rule 1 :


(CLICK ME to go to the sales blog)

(CLICK ME to go to the Facebook page)


After fulfilling the Rule 1, you are already entitled to a chance to win Gift A. (“v) I hope you can win more, so here is the Rule 2 to win the rest.



Here is an example to this Giveaway


* One comment per person *

* BT will only reply to comment that did not meet the Rule 1 & Rule 2 *

* Winners will be selected via random drawing *

*Giveaway will be closed on  24th Nov 2011,  12pm   GMT+7*

* Winners will be announced on BunnyToo facebook page on 25th Nov 2011 *

* BT will email to the winners on 24,25th and the winners must reply within 7 days for shipping info *

* Shipping cost will be bounded by BT *


~ Have fun and Good luck ~


November 2011

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Hi, many things have been keeping my mind and time occupied these days, thus I need more time to response to all comments. Please bear with me, thank you.

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