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I am hesitant should I post this review because I believe many of you never heard of this brand. Korea has so many cosmetics brands and too many BB creams flooding the market. The hit of BB cream is still going go that lately we saw some international brands have followed the trend with their very first BB cream.

I post this review anyway, so next time other people can get a little bit of info about it if they are interested. This is also another purchase of my sister in Korea. Neither we nor Korean couldn’t find any information about this BB cream online, haha. However it is cosmetics by Korea Samsung Fire, the largest non-life insurance company in Korea, therefore I do have certain degree of confidence of using this BB cream. My sister bought this for KRW30,000/40ml, expensive for BB cream especially it is not a popular brand.

 It has beige tone as you seen in this picture

(Left) Bare   (Right) with Le ciel BB cream

The BB cream felt lightweight and smooth touching on skin. Skin looked translucent in natural sunlight but looked rather pale or yellow toned in fluorescent light. That said, it didn’t provide the very high coverage to change/camouflage your skin tone but it created more natural sheer finish. Others commented I looked no foundation makeup on when I actually wore this BB cream. Overall the skin texture still appeared slightly smoother, less redness but freckles are still fairly visible.

…∞∞ Testing ∞∞…

(Left) with Le ciel BB cream on   

(Right) Bare skin, just after went through 14-day-no-skin-care experiment, thus please excuse the skin has many blackheads.


The ingredient list is in Korean

As this BB cream belongs to my sister hence I only used it for a week. I didn’t have breakout or sense any irritation from using it. Overall it didn’t impress me and my sister, we expect good coverage from BB cream.

October 2011

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Hi, many things have been keeping my mind and time occupied these days, thus I need more time to response to all comments. Please bear with me, thank you.

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