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Continued from Part III…………


Arriving in metropolitan Munich, I could definitely smell the festive mood of Oktoberfest (The beer festival). The festival is held on an area named Theresienwiese (U-bahn, U4), which is located near Munich’s main train station, Hauptbahnhof. This site has all the info you need to be fun in Oktoberfest. I am non-drinker but the beer tent also serves mineral water (carbonated water) and juice, remember the festival is for all, not just for drinker. (“v)


We were at Marienplatz, the central Square, also a popular shopping district. A nice sunny day, aroung 15°C in the evening.

The popular Rathaus, we were catching the 5pm Clockenspiel.

From Marienplatz we took U-bahn transited at Karlplatz then got to Theresienwiese. Nice to see many Bavarians in their traditional costume. We bought the multiple-trip ticket €5.40, valid inside white zone and until 6am of next day. The Oktoberfest just next to the exit.

These are those bigger, well-decorated beer tents

As you can see, the place was crowded. In fact, by the time we reached there, we can still enter most of the tents but sorry, no empty seat! It was even a low-traffic Wednesday. If you come at late evening, you cannot even enter the tents because they are closed due to overfilling. Nevertheless, that was still a joy to see Bavarians were celebrating, singing, dancing and beering!

When we wanted to return to train station, we just followed the crowd without any idea which station they were heading to. It was roughly 20 minutes walk, ah, we were going to different train station.

A surprise we saw a beautiful sunset over the bridge

It is Heimeranplatz station. The train station just near by the bridge.

We went to Olympia-Einkaufszentrum near to our hotel. All shops and department store in the shopping mall were closed on 8pm. We came back on next day for some grocery shopping before departure.

Had our dinner in a nice Italian restaurant

The view from my hotel room, did not go to the Olympia park eventhough it was closed to our hotel, fatigue and busy.

~ Thank you for reading my travel trivia in Germany ~

October 2011

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