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Continued from Part II……


Strictly speaking, Rothenburg o.d.T  is true fairy-tale town in Germany. However, from our town Fussen to Rottenburg takes roughly 4.5hours/trip, frankly we really did not have this luxurious time for the visit. If you are driving, then it would be estimated 2hours drive from Neuschwanstein to Rothenburg (source). The travel distance by train will be shorter if departure from Munich which is roughly 2.5hours/trip that involved multiple train transits. Again, we did not have the time while we were in Munich, so just leave this fairy tale town to my future trip.



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Nevertheless, we could still feel the fairy tale atmosphere and find fairy tale features in so many towns of Germany. As we only moved around somewhere near-by, so here I would be sharing the 1-day casual trip from the castle village – Fussen – Oberammergau only.


Is a rainy day too. This is Alpsee lake just next to yellow-orange Hohenschwangau Castle. In winter, I think people can skate on the frozen lake too. 

 .The King Ludwig II museum next to Alpsee Lake, probably the most classy building in the village

The painting on the restaurant cafe

Other buildings in the village


Later we took a bus to Fussen town. Due to rainy day, the town was extremely quiet in the morning and only few people were on the street. Here I share the pictures that I took on the first day, a beautiful sunny day and a more lively town. Fussen, being the last stop of Bavaria Romantic Road, is also very close to Austria border.


The wall painting that you can easily spot, just opposite to the Tourist Information Center

The cheerful bakery


Then we took  bus 9606 on 12.45pm to Oberammergau, from what I searched from Deutsche Bahn, this is the shortest route to reach Oberammergau from Fussen. The bus also pass by the UNESCO world heritage Wieskirche, the Pilgrimage Church of Wies with spectacular Rococo-style interior. As you can see, I only took a snapshot of the church in the bus.



After 1.40 hours ride, we were finally reached Oberammergau bahn. Along the bus journey, there were many magnificent scenery of Bavaria Alps and beautiful Bavarian houses, saw a lot of wall-painted houses too. According to what I search online, we have to take bus 9622 to Linderhof palace from Oberammergau but I was not sure if this was the correct bus stop that we need to transit. Anyhow, due to the time constraint we made a decision to forgo Linderhof Palace and chose to explore this village, just for the sake of fairytale story wall painting.


Is this River Ammer? For Oberammergau is a village set in Ammer River valley

The wind was strong when we got down the bus, we were bone-shaking! Quickly we found a hotel restaurant and had something hot!

I did not see much of Cockoo clock during this trip, perhaps it is more common in Black Forest. I prefer Switzerland-originated Chalet-style of Cockoo clock by the way. Bought few chalet cuckoo clock magnets, lovely!

The village also famous of its Passion Play

A wood craftsmanship telling the story of Jesus birth in a small musuem 

A corner of the village

Many beautiful wall paintings, mostly on commercial building. We only able to identify Brothers Grimm’s   Hansel & Gretel and The little riding hood, may be a bible story too. How about you?

Oberammergau is famous for its woodcarvers too. So many adorable wooden crafts, love them all!

Apart from those wonderful places, this is the bus stop that we would unlikely to forget. Why? We thought returning to Fussen by 5.27pm bus (the shortest bus route back to Fussen) but for unknown reason, the bus never showed up at the end!  We reached the bus stop at 5.05pm and even double-checked with bus driver when we departed at Fussen, in fact we bought a return-ticket. The last bus is on 6.40pm and take nearly 4hours bus-train route to Fussen, anyway we both were waiting until 6pm and realized the 5.27pm bus would not come. Being freezing cold, we decided to take a taxi back (later the taxi driver told us it was 5°C outside (**c).  The cashier at the petrol station mart was extremely kind to help us calling a taxi. The taxi costs us €70, totally worth it because we could not afford to get sick during this busy time. Felt so happy when I saw the castle in the taxi, that said we were nearly “home”!


Lastly, due to geographically issues, I think the best travel way is to rent a car and drive in Bavaria, especially if you spend number of days there. For some places, there are few connections of public transport needed and might not time efficient. With car, you can enjoy the tour flexibility and the amazing scenic Romantic Road from Würzburg – Füssen. We wish we could but because we both are left-hand driving and unfamiliar with right-hand traffic, we better not to drive here. I had witnessed few people (should be from right-hand traffic country) were driving dangerously in left-hand traffic country, there was once the car was driving toward us in same lane! Scared all the road users.  Haha.



………… Part IV to be continued.


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