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Part I: Starting the fairy tale journey

Posted on: September 29, 2011

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When talking about most extravagant castles and palaces in Bavaria, we must get to know the Bavaria King Ludwig II (1845-1886) , who also known as “Fairytale King” or “Mad King Ludwig”. Click the link to read more if you interested.


Due to our very limited time, we only managed to visit two of the King’s castles, Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein. In fact, we were staying a hotel just at the hill side, getting to the castles was very convenient.



Getting there:

We took the train route (Deutsche Bahn):: Departure at Munich airport – transit at München Hauptbahnhof (Munich central station) – arrive at Füssen. The one-way RB train journey took approx. 3 hours plus from Munich airport to Fussen, €15.50/adult (bought the ticket at ticket counter).


A lot of corn fields along the journey to Fussen


This is a beautiful lake near to Fussen, unless we rent a car or else it is unlikely for us to stay far away from train station

After traveling nearly 20 hours of transit flights and trains, we were finally there, Fussen.


From Fussen bus stop, take Bus 73, 78, 9606 or 9651 to the mountain (around 10 minutes ride). Be aware, you need to check the bus schedule and see if the bus goes to Hohenschwangau Neuschwanstein Castles (the first stop) because the buses might or might not pass by the Hohenschwangau Neuschwanstein Castles depending on their schedule.



When we arrived at Fussen in the afternoon, we just missed the bus to mountain. Since we had nearly an hour spare time to kill before the next bus, we stored our baggages in the station locker (€3/24hours max) and had a short explore to the Fussen town. Thanks to the very good weather, 28°C with mild breeze, hence I could have some bright sunny pictures to share here.



Lots of hotels, restaurants and shops, also Tourist Information Center etc can be found in this small town. On the busy street, I saw some people were “peeping” at a door, only knew it was a small beautiful church after I took a quick glance too (and a quick snapshot ”b). Why everybody was so curious? Later we found there was a wedding held in the church because I saw many well-dressed guests and flower boy & girl! Although I did not meet or know the bride and groom but sincerely, may God bless their marriage with joy, peace and love.



Phew~ we managed to check-in our hotel before 6pm. We were blessed because the bus was fully loaded and we almost could not get into the bus! The bus fare is €1.90/adult, or return ticket €3.80/adult.



This is our hotel, Alpenstuben. The hotel location is simply excellent, located just around the corner of the bus stop, about 5 minutes walking distance. A family-run hotel, exceptional good services, very friendly staff and provides nice breakfast. Nothing can be better when we were warmly welcomed after a tiring long journey from another part of world. The reception area is actually a counter in their restaurant, no lift only staircase, warm room in autumn, room is small, suitable for those who are travelling light. Overall, pleasant stay.


This is the romantic view from the balcony of our hotel room, we were on 2nd floor.


Night scene of the castle from my hotel room. That was thunder storming the night yet the castle seemed to be full of mystery…


Castle in early morning fog


Castle of the rainy day




……… Part II to be continued


2 Responses to "Part I: Starting the fairy tale journey"

Wow, you’re going places!
I particularly like the castle on a rainy day… so mystical looking 🙂

Hi Nellz,
I liked those in postcard most, haha

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