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Travel : Bavaria, Germany (Deutschland)

Posted on: September 28, 2011


What is in your mind when talked about Germany? High Technology? Art? Beer? Fairy tales? … or others.


Our trip to Munich was fairly tight-scheduled, hence we could not be adventurous and ambitious, in fact most of the time I was just sitting in front of my laptop. Nevertheless, Bavaria was such a beautiful state that hardly to be ignored, not to say we were right in the world-known Munich Oktoberfest (16th Sept until 3rd Oct in 2011)!



Our flight was BKK – HEL – MUC, I particularly liked the 2-seating arrangement (2-4-2 format for economy cabin), that said no one will be sandwiched in the middle if you choose the seat at the side. I just wish the bread and sandwich were not cold, especially there was already very cold inside cabin. Anyhow, except the main meal, seem liked the only food/drink to keep myself warm was either coffee or tea (I allergic to liquor). Despite I normally take juice and water for long-haul flight, I got myself hot tea this time. As I was extremely busy and exhausted thus caffeine would not affect my rest during the night flight.



One interesting phenomena happened when we were on return flight flying from Munich to Helsinki in the evening. While we were still >10000 ft above the land of Germany, the sky of our right window turned dark faster than the sky of the left window. In other words, when it was still blushing, radiant sunset outside the left window, we had fully dark and black sky outside the right window. Interesting.



For shopping, the VAT in Germany is 19% and the minimum spending amount to qualify the tourist VAT refund for non-EU resident is €10. However I did not know the actual refund rate because I did not claim any refund this time. Bought several pieces of lovely small wooden souvenirs and local groceries but those purchases might not be entitled to tourist tax refund as the stores had offered no tax-refund cheque.


Image credit :  here


The public transport network in Munich is well-established and easy to follow if you are familiar with the names and directions. It is mainly S-bahn (Metro, green logo) and U-bahn (Subway, blue logo). When arrive at Munich Franz Josef Strauss airport (MUC), just follow the green sign of S-bahn that would lead you to the train ticket counter and station. Although the Munich city has proper-connected bicycle lane but I noticed most Germans do not bike, they drive and use public transport normally.



Well, I am scenic person and honestly Bavaria has too much spectacular natural scenery to offer. Basically we only spent 6 days in Bavaria, too little time I must say after deducted the time spent for other important things. Moreover, we lack of luck that had two rainy days during our three-day casual trip. All in all, I wish to visit Bavaria again and wanted to explore deeply those very beautiful medieval towns in good sunny day. Perhaps, more precisely saying, I promised myself will visit Germany again and dream to have a proper journey of Romantic Road !


:: My itinerary ::

Part I  :  Starting the fairy tale journey

Part II : To the fairy tale castles

Part III: To the fairy tale town

Part IV:  Oktoberfest


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