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Dr.Scholl MediOtto Compression Stocking

Posted on: September 6, 2011


Long, slim and sexy legs? Two of my best friends have beautiful legs as shown in the picture, well, they are both 5 feet 7 inches tall. I have given up the day dream because I had tried my very best to achieve slimmer leg since I was 13 to no avail.


According to Dr.Scroll, this sleeping leg therapy is ideal for the relief of tired, swollen legs while achieving toned and slimmer looking legs. Support your leg with low compression level (measured by hPa, an universal measurement unit for pressure). The ankle area is designed flat, making it suitable for sleeping position. Lavender color facilitates sound sleep. Toe-less sock design releases heat during sleep and cotton fabric delivers superior comfort.


It is clearly not made of 100% cotton but I do not know the exact fabric composition either. The Dr.Scholl MediOtto Compression Stocking comes in 2 sizes, M size or L size. I am rather short and have normal small feet, hence M size is right for me. It retails RM98 or S$46.90 in pharmacy, definitely  is a splurge especially you do not know if it really works. Anyway, due to few positive online reviews of this product, I bought it at RM78 during promotion many months ago and praying it helps to shape my calves.



The compression stocking gives slightly tight and very warm feelings  to the legs especially if you are sleeping with air-conditioning or  in cool climate.  Do adjust the stocking  position to fit the design of toes, ankle and knee so different level of pressure can be imposed correctly.



In medical treatment, compression stocking is inexpensive treatment of varicose vein and spider vein, aims to increase blood circulation and helps to alleviate symptoms caused by the veins, such as aching, heaviness, and swelling as well as help prevent worsening of the veins (source). However, over-the-counter compression stockings offer less compression than Prescription-strength stockings hence those may not be adequate for varicose vein treatment.



Since this Dr.Scholl MediOtto Compression Stocking does not fit for treatment purpose, does it help to relieve tired, swollen legs while achieving toned and slimmer looking legs as the product claimed? In my experience, wearing it every night for few weeks seemed to temporary reduce Edema issue a little bit but I did not think my legs looked any different. For fatigued legs?  Excuse me, a warm water soaking or a simple leg massage could be more efficient.


Besides, as I have sensitive skin and apply body cream at night, sometimes the legs sweat a little bit when the weather was getting very warm,  therefore the stocking must be washed every two days else my skin will feel itchy. Additionally, the stocking became slightly loose after stretching frequently, that is very normal resulting from wear-and-tear but in other words, it is not long-wearing since the pressure level imparted by the compression stocking becomes inadequate over a period use.  So you know why I did not enthusiastic about wearing it diligently after few weeks.


In conclusion, the result is nothing fantastic. While I cannot tell its long-term effect, I can say one thing for sure, I will not buy it again.

2 Responses to "Dr.Scholl MediOtto Compression Stocking"

i was drooling over the pic of the model… such gorgeous pins!
I dont think my trips to the gym can give me those legs anytime soon haha.

RM98 for a pair sounds pretty steep.
I bought something similar for the calves from Taiwan last year for about NT99, but have not been disciplined enough to wear it frequently. I should i should… perhaps I would, soon.. 🙂

HI Nellz,
Need a cup? (kekeke..)

I had tried exercise method, a good way to tone the muscle and look fit but didn’t make the calves slimmer, haha.

Ya…RM98 is pretty steep but NT99 is a good price to try, after all we are not wearing it diligently… (“b)

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