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Aha ~ My new hairstyle

Posted on: August 31, 2011

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Hi all, I just said bye to my long hair recently. I got exactly airy, pear-shape, medium-length hair as shown in above picture now!


Hmn… a little bit too short than I expected. My new hair stylist moved his scissor before we finalized the length (!!), surely I got to be more alert and well communicated with him next time.



In order to create the “bob” and light effects, I had Japanese perm (梨花烫) at hair tail and coloured the hair to brunette. Surprisingly my SO liked my new hairstyle very much, though I personally still preferring long hair (“b). Only thing is that this new hairstyle did require proper makeup to compliment the overall look, so basically I forced to have proper eye makeup on when I stepped out the house.



My hair stylist taught me step-by-step how to blow my hair (after shower) at home, hence I can easily create the volume and thickness in just 10 minutes, with just a hair dryer and my fingers! It was pretty easy to manage I must say and the hair didn’t get tangled in strong wind too (haha).  However, the hair did get slightly flattened after an overnight sleep. Dampen the hair a little bit and take a quick blow normally can fix the issue and restore the fullness. Besides, I noticed the hairstylist applied a little bit baby powder (talc) onto my hair when he blew my hair to dry at salon, it gave the hair more volume but in the meantime, my non-oily hair got more drying. Good tips for greasy hair but definitely I won’t do that for my hair.


         (Left: Haha, I can still tie up the hair!)

(Right: hair is slightly flattened when woke up in morning)

This new hairstyle can last for 6 months, so my hairstyle may be re-styling in this way (as shown in below picture).

Wanted to share a little bit trivia about my new hair stylist here. He is recommended by my sister (he is my sister’s hair stylist too), owned his own salon in a residential area and constantly upgrading his skill by attending various hair courses. During the four hours’ time spent in his neighborhood hair studio, I asked him a lot of questions and here are some interesting info that I got to know from him. Be warned, I didn’t study and verify the info with trusty source particularly in more detailed chemical explanation, hence welcome to leave a comment if you obtain different opinion from your hairstylist or you think his answer is untrue. (“v)


Hair is dead tissue?

I read somewhere before that our hair is dead tissue, that sounds really odd actually. According to him (the hair stylist), it was correct for rebonding hair only because the extreme heat to straighten the hair had destroyed the inner hair structure, hence rebonding hair looked like “paralyzed” and remaining absolutely straight and flat in all circumstances, until you cut it off. Colouring, perming, curling, styling don’t change the inner hair structure, so these hair are still alive!  (Glad to know my hair is not dead tissue!)


Oily hair and dry hair, which is better?

I saw few whitish flakes came off from hair scalp and he told me they were dead cells of hair scalp, which normally happen to dry hair scalp. Oily hair scalp tends to loss hair compared with dry hair scalp. According to him, the most troublesome and tricky hair work was always associated with boldness because it was very difficult to create a nice hairstyle for the customers who have boldness issue. (My goodness! I haven’t thought of boldness yet…)


Is hair treatment necessary?

I believe all hair stylists would tell hair treatment is necessary. With no exception, he said it was worth to invest in periodical hair treatment for healthy balanced hair scalp. Hydrate the hair with nano-technology product and seal in the moisture with oil or silicone based product. We can DIY at home but hair salon has proper equipment, hence the result may be varied. (So we still can have treatment done at home with good product …)


Silicone bad for hair?

He also advised me try to avoid silicone-based product if possible because silicone builds up and accumulates on hair over the time (silicone has ability to bond to hair), which resulting limp hair and might obstruct treatment ingredients to be absorbed in hair. Moreover, a new hair colour won’t be easily pigmented on hair (Does this means silicone also prevents bad ingredients to be absorbed by hair then??).  Generally silicone-based product is helpful to keep the hair more manageable. (I actually pondered if this was the reason why my normal drugstore hair care lost their softening effect after using for a while as most budget drugstore hair conditioner/mask were heavy silicone-based)


Should I wash my hair everyday?

I asked him this question because I was a little bit worry if I over-cleansed my hair since I shampooed my hair every day. He told me to wash the hair everyday to prevent oily scalp in tropical climate and also remove the silicone build up from hair styling product and conditioner. Nevertheless,  he told not to leave on the shampoo on hair scalp for too long because the detergent wasn’t good for hair scalp. He/the assistant actually washed my hair in quicker way comparing to other hair salon, no 3-step washing (shampoo, conditioner, treatment) and no head massage too. (Ya… I always not shampoo my hair more than a minute because I wasn’t a miner worked in mines)


Dying the coloured hair?

I just dyed my long hair at home with Garnier kits nearly 3 months ago,  of course the dying was uneven and not even meet a professional hair-colouring standard. Ehm… my main intention was to hide the grey hair, after all not many (any??) women can tolerate grey hair despite the hair stylist said I don’t have to worry about my minimal grey hair yet. Forget the harmful hair bleaching, professional hair stylist with hair-olouring qualification able to work with colour system and mixed a custom-blended colour. That means, in order to create the colour C as end result, the new custom-blended colour A will mix/swatch with customer existing hair colour B then come out the desired colour C. As this was my first-time dying the hair in hair salon, so I never knew hair stylist needs to have special qualification for this. I think next time I should just leave the hair colouring to my hairstylist if I wasn’t sure the end-result of DIY hair dying.  (Or I just stick with the DIY hair-colouring kit that worked fine for me)


Treatment is essential after hair colouring?

I always thought treatment after hair colouring was aimed to repair & strengthen the coloured hair or to protect the new colour. However, he only used a lightweight ampoule to massage on my hair scalp after hair colouring. He told me the ampoule aimed to balance the alkaline pH from hair colouring chemical in order to maintain healthy growing environment for hair root. (When I DIY at home, I always avoid the dye chemical contacted with  hair scalp)


What is the difference between normal shampoo and shampoo for coloured hair?

Interestingly he said the only major difference between normal shampoo and shampoo for coloured hair was the pH. According to him, shampoo for coloured hair was non-alkaline or less alkaline than normal shampoo because alkaline-pH cleansing product has stronger cleansing power which wasn’t good for maintaining hair colour. As conclusion, using pH gentle hair care can prolong the hair colour, not necessary must grab a shampoo for coloured hair. (So we should question what is the “special ingredient” next time when product marketing department told us their shampoo has “special ingredient” to protect the colour treated hair)


How long the colour will fade?

Among the colour base, red, purple and blue colours were the easier to colour fading. So if you want to have long-lasting hair colour, avoid these three colours series. Colour fading doesn’t mean to reveal the original hair pigment because the original hair pigment had been changed during irreversible chemical reaction of hair colouring. In fact the fading dye will look dull and less attractive.  (I see…let’s wait and see what happen to my brown shade after few months)



At the end of the chatting with my hair stylist, I found there was a lot of similarity between hair care and skin care, after all the main component of our hair, skin and nail were protein. At this moment I was still using normal drugstore shampoo because that was what I can afford but I started adhering to natural botanical-based conditioner/hair treatment since several months ago because I had seen the difference. The bottom line is, when you are the user for 365 days per year, you can speak from your own experience what is good for your hair.

~ Have a nice day ~

8 Responses to "Aha ~ My new hairstyle"

Your hair looks great and thanks for the haircare tips too!

Thanks lyn! I liked the hair more now,(“v)

thanks for sharing! your hair looks great!~ 😀

Thanks Locke! Really like the Japanese perm (“v)

Hi beautyknot^^ nice hair style. And the tips are also very helping thanks 🙂

Hi inge,
Nice to hear from you again. Love your new blog layout. (“v)

Wow – your hair looks so good! I have a bob too, but my hair is flat all the time 😦 so what kind of perm is this called, and is it only at the ends?

PS. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while but this is my first time commenting ^^ nice to meet you~

Hi Joyce,
Nice to meet you too, you’re a sweet girl and have a nice blog. (“v) Thanks for supporting my blog all this while.

Yes, my hair stylist only used plastic hair curlers at the bottom part of hair. It is 梨花烫, which introduced by Japanese. No idea what the perm called in English but I assume Asian hair stylist particularly Korean and Japanese would surely know about it. May be just show the picture to your hair stylist and check with him/her? (“v)

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