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Statute of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

That was a gloomy and drizzling day but we were cheered by the news of the Icelandic volcano had stopped releasing ash in past two days, so I was in the very good mood to explore and shop.

On the way to Bag & Purse Museum, I spotted this gallery. It was closed at that time but if you are cat lover like me, do check out the cats gallery.

Among all the world renowned and small museum in Amsterdam, I only visited very few of them. It was interesting to learn the history of Bags & Purses in Europe, despite this was a small and nice museum, we found the staff seriously lack of VAT refund knowledge. We bought souvenirs there more than €80 in single receipt but the staff seemed to be totally clueless about Tax Refund Cheque when we asked for it, and she ignored us at the end of product wrapping. What was the point to place a Global Blue Tax Refund Logo on the cashier counter?? This was the only flaw we got from this museum, unfortunately.

Bloemenmarkt (Singel Flower market), we didn’t shop any plant here because of the tropical climate and custom issues. However, we had a nice experience of knowing various type of flower bulbs.

Self-service please

Flower bulbs also sold in can form

or in form of ready-to-display

Small souvenirs were selling €0.50-€0.80 cheaper than other places like that we had visited.

A traditional cheese blender/grinder in a cheese shop at the flower market. You can test various Holland cheeses in different tastes before purchase.

Skins Cosmetics at Runstraat. Excellent service and bought my REN product here. They mainly sell imported brands like Aesop, Eve Lom, Dr.Sebagh…etc, overpriced but is the only place you can buy them in Holland.

A boutique in Runstraat. I liked this handsome cat, it looked up and down, right and left, but never look at me. Cool… or shy.

Pieter Cornelisz P.C. Hooftstraat. An upscale shopping street for luxury designer brands. Among them, the most popular store probably none other than Louis Vuitton, which had most customers during the afternoon.

Rijksmuseum museum at Museum-Plein , the “I amsterdam” sign is just in front of the museum. The world renowned Van Gogh museum also close by.

Diamond museum is next to Coster Diamond. It was about to close by the time we were there, so we didn’t manage to make a visit. However we did learn some diamond knowledge in Coster Diamond.

Vondelpark close to Museum-plein, the most famous park in Amsterdam.

We took a tram back to Dam square at Leidseplein as we were both exhausted and missed Asian food. We were attracted by Dim Sum Court at Zeedijk street, saying that eat as much as you like in an hour for €8.50 and honestly, we were quite regretted afterwards. I remembered I had read good reviews of this self-service restaurant on internet but seemed the reviews were very outdated. There were only less than 10 selections including a gravy, fried rice, noodles, french fries,  prawn cracker, five dim sums choices, curry, chicken and beef. Sorry to say the quality of food was the worst I had tried in my life as per Asian standard, though the dim sum was still acceptable.  This restaurant is only for those who only wanted to feed their stomach and didn’t ask for quality.

We went to Albert Cuypmarkt (flea market) the next day morning. Instead of walking and discover the shop along the way liked the day before, we took tram16 (€2.60/adult) directly from Dam Square to Albert Cuyp, the tram stopped in front of the flea market.

Good bargain of woman stuff here. I was amazed when I saw a booth selling handbags which have similar design with Hermes Kelly and Birkin bags. I won’t say they were replica because there was no Hermes logo print on the bag, I just passed by and didn’t give them a second look. I will tell you a story at the end of this post.

We had our lunch at Dam Square before going to airport. The New King Chinese restaurant at Zeedijk street (few next to the Dim Sum court and in front of the Chinese temple), it was relatively nice and people got to queue during meal hour. The prawn wantan was delicious but the rest were way too oily for my liking, by the way the white rice was served free if you order dishes. I always like Sze-Chuan soup (Chinese Hot & sour soup) but the Peking Sze-Chuan soup was less tasty in my opinion because it used duck meat instead of seafood.




Lastly, as promised as above, I wanted to share with you a true story happened in a developing country.

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”   A couple I know is doing well in their business and living affluently in a semi-detached house in a city. They have a study room that the working desk is facing to window with back yard view. One morning, they found their valuable belonging on the desk was stolen such as the husband very expensive Rolex’s watch and the wife’s beloved LV wallet. Oh! They must have forgot to close their window at night. They quickly called the police and together they went to the back yard for examination. Wow! The wife was so happy that she found her empty LV wallet on the ground… who care the stolen cash when the genuine LV wallet itself was far more costly …… all thanks to the rampant replica bags in the country.  “


End with a sigh


– Have a nice day –

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