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Holland Day 3: Erasmus Bridge (Swan Bridge), Kinderdijk (Windmills), Kijkkubus (Cube House), Rotterdam

Posted on: June 8, 2011

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Rotterdam is a modern port city in Netherlands, it was given opportunity to rebuild the city after World War II. While we were staying in Rotterdam, despite occasionally windy, it wasn’t drizzling like Amsterdam. The wind of the morning was rather chilly, still, we spotted few people jogged along the bridge with merely T-shirt and a short pant, must admit people with good health enjoys life more.

Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe.

The Erasmus bridge, it has swan-like curve so it also called Swan bridge.

We took Boottocht (with the yellow boat) from Rotterdam port to Kinderdijk (Windmills). It cost €14/adult for total three hours tour. One hour boat tour (with scene and building highlights on boat) to Kinderdijk, one hour leisure in Kinderdijk and then one hour boat tour return to Rotterdam port. It has two schedule per day from April to October, either 10.45am or 2.15pm. A good way to explore Rotterdam port and scenes along the canal.

The chilly wind was unexpected in the morning, unfortunately I didn’t bring my wind jacket for this trip, that was nothing better than sitting inside and had a cup of hot chocolate, although I wished to sit outside to enjoy the wider view. We had our lunch on boat on the return journey too. Meals were not included in the tour but the price was fairly reasonable.

What a relaxing Sunday.

Old buildings along the canal.

Nice houses along the canal.

Arriving in Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk is UNESCO-listed world heritage, it has 19 windmills built around 1740. Only one (the second on the right) can enter, we were told €2.50/person but in fact we paid €6/person. One hour in Kinderdijk only enough for visiting the windmill and souvenir shop. 

(Clockwise) Steep staircase in the windmill, various type of windmills, scene outside the window.

After returned to Rotterdam port, from the walk towards to Kijkkubus (Cube house), we were curious this botel (Boat + Hotel). My SO walked in to ask for direction and also the price, it cost €98/per night by the way. 

Kijkkubus (Cube house) was next to Blaak train/tram station. The access into the premises was free, I think only one can enter for visit, which was the museum-house. We paid €2.50/adult, the interior of the house was nice decorated and … small. The angular space probably just comfortable for one person and one small pet.

There were also a small chess museum (€2 p.p) and other commercial space like manicure salon, bicycle rental…etc. You can stay in Hostel Stay Ok  if you want to experience living in this cube-house.

Bicycle lane and old harbour view.

Did you see the cat?

Kijkkubus is designed by architect Piot Blom (Holland) and inhabited since 1984.

– Wish you have a nice day

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