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I could be Guilliver in Lilliput one day. Established in 1952, Madurodam has also known as miniature of Holland, is an outdoor exhibit depicting culture and history of Dutch old town, harbour,  polder, both historical and industrial buildings. Everything is precisely 25 times smaller than in reality at scale 1:25. I think this is a fun place for all ages who young at heart.

Getting there : Take a train to Den Haag Centraal, then take tram 9  (€2.60 p.p round trip) at Platform E. The tram stopped right in front of Madurodam. When return to train station from Madurodam, wait the train in opposite direction in front of Madurodam.

The entrance fee is €14.50/adult and a brochure would be given as a guide. Best to follow the number sequence so you would not miss every single building although some were under going renovation. I had been distracted by others so I didn’t really see the details of every one of them.

Flowers were blooming in Spring-summer, accompany the typical canals.

Colourful mosaic of the “Sweets Tin” in Den Haag.

Kuiperspoort (1586), centre for barrel makers and wine merchants for many years.

St . John’s Cathedral in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch). Slot a 10 cent euro coin in the machine box and see the religious processional in motion.

Beautiful landscape in Madurodam but I couldn’t remember what is the place? Please let me know if you know where is it. Thanks.

Weighing house and cheese market at Alkamaar.

Those small inhabitants reminded me of doll and doll house in young age.

Take a peep at the master piece of Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Modern buildings and Rotterdam port

Kilometres per train per year : 16,000

Trains, trams and trucks were moving on track in the miniature land. A train was passing by the church in below picture.

A clog factory. Drop a €1 coin into the machine box, the clog factory will produce a pair of mini ceramic clog and deliver by truck to you, just remember to pick up your purchase when the truck passing in front of you.

What a fun idea of purchasing a souvenir ( ︠   ︡  ﺭ )

A better idea of miniature sizes. I think small kids were more interested in something moving, at least their eyes were starred at the moving objects in the Madurodam. ^^

Had an authentic Italy dinner while returned to Rotterdam, yummy!

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