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I made my trip  earlier intentionally for this world famous beautiful garden, Keukenhof. We flew an overnight flight and arrived at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam in 7.45am local time on 20 May, just able to catch the last day of the garden open.

Our flight had been delayed 2 hours the night before and by the time we finished the “dinner” on place , that was already 3am in Thai  time, which far beyond my normal sleeping time. Although we slept awake in the plane, the cool breeze in Spring did awake us quite a bit. We had our baggage stored in airport locker, which charged €8/24hours for a large sized locker before heading to Schiphol Plaza Bus Station.

Opening Period in 2011 : 23 March to 20 May

Theme for 2011 : Germany – Land of Poets and Philosophers.

Getting there : Take Connexxion bus 58 at platform B1/ B3 to Keukenhof. Bus leaves at the Schiphol Plaza bus station every 10-15 minutes. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes to Keukenhof.

Ticket : Bought a combi ticket at € 21/adult  saved me €5. The combi ticket included round-trip bus fare (Schiphol <> Keukenhof) and Keukenhof entrance fee, we bought the ticket from a hut that situated near by the bus platform.

The bus stopped right in front of Keukenhof entrance, there was no queue at the ticket counter on the day, but you might want to avoid a queue during peak season by purchase the ticket earlier.

We were greeted by two lovely “Jacqueline” at the entrance, sure we grabbed the opportunity to be photographed with them, of course, with your own camera and free of charge.

Various activities and festivals held in Keukenhof during the opening.

Most spring flowers had been removed, new bulbs would be planted for following spring.

Hence we saw more green than colourful view. How wonderful if we can bike along the tulip fields and stunning bulb-growing region (triangle formed by Leiden, Lisse and Haarlem).

But we could still enjoy some beautiful spring flowers in the garden…

… serene lakes, art deco, floral display, historical Dutch gardens, pale blue sky… and a delightful sunny day.

Wild ducks were enjoying fountain bubbles.

Should not miss those exhibit pavilions.

Among those pavilions, I loved the Lily Pavilion most… this picture only shown a small part of the stunning pavilion. The Lily’s scent filled the air and embraced your spirit when you step in. Oops, did I tell you Lily is my favorite scent of essential oil?

Feeling a little bit tire? Have a rest…

Old music box in the garden. Every new chapter of sheet music was manually operated by the man.

Couldn’t get enough of this charming garden still …

Love to re-visit the garden in blooming period.

The opening times of Keukenhof in 2012 is 22 March until 20 May, and the Flower parade will be hold on 21 April 2012. According to a local, tulips were not all blooming in March and most tulips will be removed in May, so best time to visit the garden is in middle of April and also, do expect a big crowd. Found out everything you want to know about Keukenhof from the above Useful Link.

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