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Preview : Dior Travel Studio Makeup Palette (Collection Voyage)

Posted on: May 20, 2011

Being a frequent flyer, I had been trying hard to keep things light for travel. As for cosmetics, I was always thinking how to compress everything that I need in a single pouch. That is not easy, a bulky powder foundation has already eats up a lot of the space of my small cosmetic bag. Therefore I often ended up with three, one for skin care, another for makeup stuff and last one for toiletries.

Since when I had been wanted to try Dior makeup but every time I was distracted by other brands. Nothing better than a makeup palette that included every makeup essentials, this Collection Voyage gives me more than what I wanted to try from Dior! I got this USD66 at India Indra Ghandi Airport last month. While enjoying the weak US currency at the given time, this makeup kit is very complete and perfect for me.

Click pictures to enlarge

With Natural Light

With Flash

The makeup palette included:

1 Diorskin Forever Compact 7g ( #020 Light Beige )

6 Eyeshadow ( #822-009, #959-042, #194-233)

3 Lipgloss 1.5g ( #151, #183, #579 )

1 Diorshow Mascara 5ml ( #090 Black )

1 Mini Eyeliner Pencil ( #090 Black )

1 Mini Lipliner Pencil ( #513 Linen )

1 Foundation Brush

1 Lip Applicator

1 Eyeshadow Applicator

The makeup palette is made of plastic material that the sleek surface would easily attract the finger print, a little bit bulky (14.1cm x 9.1cm x 2.7cm) and has certain weight. There are two layers of compartment, the upper compartment holds the mascara, eye shadows, compact and lip glosses, whereas lower compartment keeps the eye and lip liners, together with makeup applicator. In order to slide out the lower compartment, you need to push the “Push” button once and then pull it out, once you are done, push the “drawer” back inside until the “Tick” sound is heard.

For more about Dior Travel Studio, please check out my scheduled reviews of the following days, thanks.



Part I   Dior Travel Studio (Eye shadow, Mascara and Eyeliner)

Part II  Dior Travel Studio (Compact, Lip liner and Lip gloss)



4 Responses to "Preview : Dior Travel Studio Makeup Palette (Collection Voyage)"

I love compacts too but it’s tough to find the “perfect” one…ie. right shade of blush and esp the right shade of foundation/pressed powder. The price for this palette was very reasonable!! I used to travel with a Chanel compact (the only thing it didn’t have was foundation and mascara) and it really helped me to downsize my cosmetics bag(s).

Hi astrorainfall,
I know what you meant, it was a surprise for this comprehensive Travel Palette actually. Lancome has similar one with a little bit cheaper price, as I never tried Dior so I ended up with Dior. The foundation shade might suit fair skin better but the rest of colour choice is pretty safe for most people I would say. So far the palette was working fine for me but I found there was slight messy of the powder that required a clean wipe after every use. (“v)

very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Thanks Ridha (“v)

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