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Spa Review: The Claridges Spa, Delhi

Posted on: April 17, 2011


Inspired by ancient Indian Baoli (reservoir) in concept and design, The Claridges Spa offers various therapies & treatments of face and body. The 15,500 square feet zone also include a beauty & hair salon, a yoga studio and a fitness zone. Moreover, skin and body care products from Aromatherapy Associates, lifestyle items like candles, Chinese tea, lounge wear, bathroom amenities & toiletries, books and music are available in boutique area.


The actual spa manual was slightly different from the list that I read online, but popular treatments were still on the list with better price. For those who read my blog long enough might know I never a regular spa visitor, imagine my last spa indulgence is in Chiang Mai 2 years ago, a nice half-day garden spa. Instead of visiting spa every month, I wish my every spa experience is memorable, a pleasurable moment that I would recall and remember in my life.     


Image from The Claridge Spa


So, I selected the treatment that I wanted to try most – Rose Revital, a ritual which using all Damask rose remedies from Aromatherapy Associates UK, most importantly rose is gentle ingredient for sensitive skin. Not only that, I also examined their product ingredients before I committed into this very pricey package.


I made an appointment on the next afternoon but 3 hours prior to my treatment, they called me up to delay my appointment to an hour later. I was not happy to be honest as my scheduled activities after the spa treatment would be affected too, but since that was the best time that the staff in charge could make it, plus I was keen to try this rose ritual, hence no cancellation.



I reached the spa on time. A pair of slipper was given to wear before proceed to the changing & locker room at lower ground. For security and privacy purposes, all my belongings were locked in a locker with my own 4-digit password. Now I had only a large towel and the slipper, nothing more.



Steam, Sauna and Shower


There were complimentary steam and sauna for hotel guest. Love the 10 minutes warm steam in twinkling steam room. When I came out from the steam room, I was asked to press my palm on ice (the ice rock placed in a decorative bowl outside the steam room) and then press the palm onto my face to cool the heat down.


I drank a glass of water before continued to sauna room. Frankly, I never liked sauna. The room was terribly hot that my sensitive skin felt tight within 3 minutes, but the staff insisted I should have 5-minute sauna to see the effect despite I told her I have sensitive skin before starting the sauna session. Nevertheless, I started to sweat in 3-5 minutes, so she had her point. Still, I felt so release when I walked out the sauna room.


Lastly, I had a full shower. Good opportunity to try Aromatherapy Associates Balance hair care and their body wash. The Balance hair care was reminded me of Haba squalane hair care or perhaps just alike other natural hair care, the body bath gel didn’t foam much and left a greasy film on skin. After shower, I was changing in wearing an oversized robe.


Image from The Claridge Spa


Rose Revival Ritual


The treatment room is at the other corner of spa, therefore I got to pass by the boutique and reception area, then entered the main entrance of spa rooms. Of course, I will be seen by others in lobby, that was why I asked to wear a robe.


My treatment therapist was awaiting me in the room. We had a 2-way communication at the beginning of treatment, then most of the other time I just had little nap and be relax.


My treatment room is small but nicely aligned with a bathroom attached. Although scene outside the room was boring white wall but the Jasmine aroma, the exotic terrace-ceiling design, the soft lighting, and the mind-calming music with mixture of Buddhist chant and eastern-meet-Western classical were all helped me to relax.


The treatment started with Rose renew exfoliating grain for body scrub. My body was fully covered by a towel, the soft-spoken therapist only flipped off the towel of a body part that got to be scrubbed and then covered back before proceeding to another body part. This was first time I had my breast scrubbed in spa! I am rather conservative but my therapist made me felt secure and comfort to it. After scrubbing, I took a short shower to rinse off the grain.


This thoughtful therapist was sensitive too. She probably felt my cold feet so she adjusted the air-conditioning to keep the room temperature cozy for me. Then I had a full body massage and wrap (no plastic wrap, just covered by 3 thick towels) with Rose enrich body butter. Praise her body massage skill was excellent, I asked for shoulder focus beforehand and she really did a great job to soothe my sour shoulder with precise pressure.


While my body felt very warm under those towels, she continued a mini facial. Started with facial scrub by using Rose exfoliating grain, then followed by facial massage with Rose revitalizing face oil. While letting the face oil moisturized my skin, she perfom head and scalp massage. The face oil smelt fantastic but her facial and head scalp massages were not really up to my high expectation, although I could still feel the significant tension relief. For me, those veteran therapists who handle many customers everyday have best skill, practice makes perfect.


Lastly, my therapist removed some excess face oil from my face with a warm and damp towel, and the treatment ended with a glass of water (or tea, at your preference). She also wrote me a Lifestyle advice and gave me some suggestions. What a comprehensive service from The Claridge Spa. I could not be more relaxed after enjoying 2-hour Rose pampering.



My therapist had worked in Thailand for 4 years (there are spas everywhere in Thailand since early 2000) and returned to work in India 1 year ago. Besides India is a popular destination for Yoga medication, due to the rapid growing economy, major cities of India have many luxury spas around in recent years. Guess who keeps the beauty of those gorgeous Bollywood stars? I browsed a SPA edition at their small reading corner and I liked those exotic spa designs. I’m not spa knowledgeable, but beside aromatherapy spa, I wish to try various spas in future like stone massage, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage, oriental Qi massage, special massage for Jetlag and sport person. Well, except tailored package for pregnancy and kid that  I’m not eligible to.


Talking about the result, I please to say my sensitive skin didn’t react to the treatment, in fact, my skin was glowing beautifully. Skin was incredible smooth and supple, even after 24 hours (I had an overnight flight on the day)! I reached Bangkok in early morning, you know you can’t really sleep well in airplane, but my skin looked radiant luminously still! That was impressive! Especially I always have dull or pale skin after/during flying.


Nonetheless, I was a little bit disappointment that they didn’t offer rose petal bath to make me feel like queen of rose. In term of privacy, I found there is no private changing room in the spa! In most scenario, therapists would leave alone the changing area for me, but what if there are other guest has treatment at the same time? What if there is male guest at that time? What if other spots me when I need to grab bath towel that was hanging outside the shower room? Anyway, I seemed to be the only guest at that time, so no much worries. However, I’m not sure if they have proper procedure to ensure the privacy of individual guest during peak time.


At the end of this spa treatment, I bought two products that used in Rose Revival ritual. No force-selling, it was just because I really love the pampering of rose aromatherapy. Will review the Aromatherapy Associate Rose revitalizing face oil and enrich body butter in near future, please stay with Beautyknot if you are interested in these two. Lastly, is the Rose Revival Ritual well worth the steep price? Like those offers in luxury hotel spa, the program definitely cost more than normal spa saloon with similar standard of services, with the price you can actually enjoy an aromatherapy in one of the best spas in UK. However speaking of the lovely result, in my personal opinion it is yes for those who are seeking luxurious rose indulgence with premium product. I don’t know when I will visit India again, hence I don’t mind to splurge this time. I opt for spa retreat in remote island next time.




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