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As I was moving concurrently in between several countries in past several months, hence I just purchased drugstore body lotions/oils at the local supermarkets. Even in tropical humid climate, my skin was strugglingly calling for moisture in air-conditioned environment, body lotion is must-have else my skin would be uncomfortably taut and dehydrated, sometimes it flaked a little bit due to dryness. Following items were some of those that I discovered, thought of sharing them briefly here. (Click the pictures to enlarge)


1. Eversoft Organic Olive Oil (RM8.20/100ml)

When you see an organic skin care with unbelievable low price, do double check the full ingredient list. It actually consists of mineral oil, organic olive oil, vitamins and fragrance. The multipurpose oil can be used for hair, body and lips but I tried it for hair and body only. Surprisingly it was lightweight but a little bit greasy until it fully dried out on my combination + easily dehydrated skin. It moisturized my body skin decently but not sufficient for very dry skin like hand. However, my nail looked pretty healthy and nice. In addition, it did a great job to de-frizz my hair. While I thought this was a good value product, unfortunately it seemed to exacerbate my skin rash, stopped using it for body thereafter.




2. SPS Olive Oil (RM4.90/120ml)

I need a makeup remover when I was in rural area in Malaysia, looking an olive cooking oil (to remove my makeup) in rural supermarket was kind of impossible task. That was fully justified because imported cooking oil wasn’t affordable to most villagers in developing countries, even myself only use local produced sunflower oil or soy bean oil for cooking. Anyhow, I still managed to spot this. Although it named “Pure Olive Oil”, it wasn’t as pure as I understood, it consisted of artificial fragrance at least. The oil consistency was fairy lightweight, definitely differ from Extra Light Olive Oil, I wasn’t sure if any other stuff added because no ingredient listed on packaging. However, the packaging did say this was suitable for makeup removal, protecting skin against UV and for hair moisturizing. So, did it remove makeup? Yes, it did remove my light makeup (brow makeup, sunscreen and makeup premier /BB cream) easily and I just used it for removing makeup only.




3. Dream Whitening Lotion with Papaya Enzyme (Rp28000/200ml)

I bought this and used in Indonesia, it smelled nicely and easily settled onto skin without greasiness. That was the problem for me, too refreshing and too lightweight that didn’t moisturize my skin sufficiently overnight. It said to be suitable for normal skin but I think it best for oily-normal skin in hot weather. Overall this is pleasant to use but the fresh citrus scent sometimes made me feeling nausea, I am the minority who is sensitive to some perfume, including many modern perfumes.




 4. Johnson’s Bady Lotion with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E (Rp153000/200ml)

Johnson’s Aloe Vera lotion used to be my school time favorite, so when I saw this similar version, I thought nothing can go wrong. I immediately grabbed one without hesitant, realized later it wasn’t moisturized sufficiently overnight for my skin, imagine I used this up in just 3 weeks. It has signature scent of Johnson’s Body Lotion and suitable to those want light moisturizing.




5. The Aromatherapy Company Hand Therapy (150ml/<A$10)

I liked this natural product, made with 100% pure and natural essential oils. It smoothed on and settled on easily, no greasy touch. It has subtle natural lemongrass scent and meant to repair dry and cracked skin. The creamy texture wasn’t heavy so I used it like body lotion too. It helped to soften minor cracked heel but didn’t remove it, it helped to moisturize heavy-work hand but wasn’t sufficient to prevent hard spot. Overall, I like this.




6. Advanced and Leimei Lotions (150g/<A$10)

They were given by my mum whose travel to Australia every year during summer or fall. Both contain fragrance that smell like baby powder and the lotions settled on fairly quickly. No greasy touch and very nice for humid weather, enough for cozy temperature in Australia too.  


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