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Daiso Soy Milk Bath

Posted on: February 12, 2011



My mum said she especially addicted to soy milk when I was in her, so I believe I loved soy milk ever since I was still a fectus. Besides, I also addicted to tofu or bean curb since I was a kid but for skin care, I was not fascinated.



I am not sure how many of you have the same feeling with me that you do not feel excited (being lazy to clean and wasting water is bad idea) for bath therapy when you have a bath tub at home. Anyway, I bought this Soy Milk Bath at Daiso Singapore for SGD2/(25g x 3 sachets) and tried it last month because the weather was quite cooling in tropical Singapore (?!!) during the rainy season.



The ingredient list (in Japanese language) is short and fine to me despite it contains colourant and fragrance.


The content has beautiful and bright orangy colour, dissolved in warm water instantly. Also, it has mild sweet scent of citrus while I was expecting sweet or astringency taste of soy milk.



With the similar great experience like DHC Body Shaping Program Bath Salt, it alleviated my physical muscle pain of my shoulder, I had rosy complexion due to stimulated blood circulation, my overall body felt lighter, relaxed and refreshed. In all 10~15 minutes soaking, the time passed easily because I was playing an ipod game, one game session just ideally fit the time frame.



This is great value purchase for bathing fun. However, not everyone is suitable for this type of therapy, at least not pregnancy woman. I found a little bit of old dirty blood (which had not been completely cleared off in last menstruation) was purging within 1-2 days and my menstruation of the month had been followed smoothly afterwards.


Parhaps I should try hand made fresh soy milk and dilute it by water for bathing. (“U)




4 Responses to "Daiso Soy Milk Bath"

I’d love to have my very own bath tub as I love bath soak… that will have to wait till I own a bigger house hehe. But yes, I think if i own one, I wouldn’t be that excited anymore.

I haven’t seen this at my local Daiso, but seems interesting enough for a trial purchase 🙂 Do you travel to Malaysia and Singapore alot?

Hi Nellz,
May be just a bigger bathroom to accommodate a bath tub?

Singapore Daiso has more variety of product ranges compared to Thailand’s. The one I shopped in Singapore was located at Ion Orchard. I didn’t know Malaysia has Daiso too. Ya, I travel quite a lot these few months. (“v)

There has been some controversy over protein milk which says that it contains phytoestrogens which can affect the human body. –

Take a peek at our blog page as well

Hey Ken, thanks to share info here.

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