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I first learnt about benefits of using oil for cleansing from a beauty book that written by a Taiwan ingredient guru. By using carrier oil as an emollient base for massage, soften and moisturize the skin, meantime drawing out impurities and unclogging the pore, plus dissolving waterproof makeup effectively. I have been doing this almost everyday with kitchen grape seed oil for more than a year.

As I was staying in other countries in next several months, I got problem to bring along 500ml glass bottle cooking oil together, hence I bought a new one in local supermarket whenever I stayed in the countries. As grape seed oil is not assessable as olive oil so I decided to take Extra Light Olive Oil as replacement.

Comparing to normal Olive Oil, Extra Light Olive Oil (ELOO) is “Extra Light” in term of consistency and flavor, the nutrition value and fat content are no different. I had bad experience with thick-textured olive oil for skin care, whereas ELOO has much lighter consistency but still thicker than grape seed oil.

Following the same routine: massage for 2~5 minutes, tissue blotting and then cleanse with a same facial cleanser, I still can tell there is a sheen film left on skin. In fact, that is perfect for easily dehydrated skin. Grape seed oil seemed to absorb sebum too well that my skin could still feel tightness after cleansing in less humid weather, this ELOO is capable to keep my combination skin balanced, no tightness or dry lines after cleansing. Interestingly, I found surfactant-based cleanser (eg: Kracie Purenavi Cleansing Gel) cleanses the oily residue/film much better than soap-based cleanser (eg: Utena Charcoal Facial Scrub).

Neither ELOO nor Grape seed oil broke me out, they just helped my skin being bouncy soft and less blackhead hassle. For now, I actually use commercial makeup remover to wash my hands (after applying water-resistant makeup/sunscreen) and to cleanse my makeup puff/sponge only.

~~++:: Cleansing Test ::++~~


Shimmering lipstick, shimmering lip gloss, water-resistant foundation to form a Gangster bunny


Applying a teaspoon ELOO onto the makeup


Massaging the ELOO, the makeup dissolved easily


Wiping the residue with tissue (for face, just blotting, don’t wipe, then follow by facial cleanser). There are still minimum shimmering particles leftover, so second-cleansing with facial wash is required.

I am happy to find a healthy, natural, effective and cost friendly way for everyday skin care. Great to learn ELOO is excellent in dry weather and grape seed oil is suitable in humid weather. In addition, ELOO is a good oil for high heat cooking due to its high smoking point (468°For 242°C) and its very light flavor.



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