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Any product or treatment is never an one-time-solution. Prior I went to this IPL treatment, I had taken three Nd-YAG laser treatments for skin tightening. Hyper-pigmentation is one of my major concern and I know the best way of  lightening/brightening is to minimize direct sun exposure, but you know I was not living like Vampire so I put my faith in Lightening/brightening/whitening skincare.


The clinic I had visited has two affordable treatments that I was interested in. Melasma clearing treatment with Nd-YAG laser and Brightening treatment with IPL. The Nd-YAG laser offered in this clinic is different with my previous GentleYAG laser treatment in another clinic; former is targeting pigmentation whilst latter one is meant for skin firming. What makes the difference here is depending on their technical specification of the treatment device. The therapist advised IPL treatment for my aging concern and she said it is more suitable for my sensitive skin.


Potential Risks: Although IPL is nothing new but I strongly encourage you to survey online for unbiased reviews if you never done IPL before. Potential side effects of IPL are temporary (few hours) swelling, redness, and increased visibility of small capillaries. In rare cases, blistering, bleeding, fat loss, hyper-pigmentation (darkening) and hypo-pigmentation (lightening) have been reported.

Expectation: Notably skin tightening/firming/lifting.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light): The IPL device in my treatment named Spectron II. I have no knowledge of various brands of IPL device so I am not much concern as long as it is safe and result-proven.

Clinic:  This clinic has an experienced dermatologist who is only taking care of those treatments that required done by licensed professional such as botox injection etc. A technical therapist who takes care IPL/Nd-YAG/Carbonize treatments in a single treatment room (Those technical therapists work on shift schedule between their ten branches in BKK). Additionally, several facial therapists who are responsible for facial/iontophoresis and reception. Overall this small-scale clinic is more like facial salon with a dermatologist stationed. They have their own skin care line and beauty supplement but they never tried to sell me anything.


  1. Remove makeup myself with provided makeup removal stuff (cleansing milk, facial cleanser) and facilities (basin, clean towel).
  2. The technical therapist slathered on generous “cool cream” over my full face.
  3. Different technical therapist used different thing to cover my eyes (!). Some used wet cotton pads, another used plastic eye-cover. I could still “see” the light beam of IPL during treatment with both methods, I must say that was very uncomfortable to eyes.
  4. The whole IPL treatment had not imparted single pain, it was pain-free due to the “cool cream” applied on skin, else it would be a little bit warm. At the end of the treatment you probably smell something burning (depend the parameter setting of your treatment) but overall it was painless, I felt it was milder than facial steaming.
  5. Once the IPL treatment was done, I cleansed my skin again. Approximately 10~15 minutes for IPLsession.
  6. Because I took the package, so the whole treatment included iontophoresis and deep collagen mask besides the IPL. I proceed to a “public” facial room that can accommodate 7 customers.
  7. The facial therapist applied creams onto my skin from time to time throughout the iontophoresis. No pain but I felt a little bit stingy that most probably caused by the little electrical-shock on healing acne spot. When skin was clear of blemish, no stinging at all. Once it was done, she used wash sponge to remove the cream residue. This session took approximately 15~20 minutes.
  8. Lastly, the facial therapist covered my eyes with wet cotton pads and placed a collagen mask sheet over the face. After removing the mask, facial therapist massaged the remaining essence into skin, followed by moisturizer and powder. Approximately 45 minutes for this session.

Time & Cost: THB2500 per Brightening treatment (IPL, iontophoresis and facial). I signed the package for THB5500/3 treatments. Advise the IPL treatment done every 2~4 weeks for optimal result.


1st treatment (300510):

Well, despite slightly flushed skin after the IPL session, my skin was feeling comfortable generally. The redness replaced by remarkably brightened, even-toned and rejuvenated complexion after completing the first treatment. I would say the brightening treatment was indeed effective but my freckles became more visible due to the lightened skin tone. Most surprisingly, my skin looked very well hydrated, bouncy soft, plump and firm, aging pores were greatly refined, the dynamic dry lines undereyes said bye to me (temporary). The amazing good effect faded off slightly after few days. Comparing to previous GentleYAG treatment, the positive improvement of skin texture from this IPL package is easier to be noticed. Nevertheless, my skin was started stinging again! I was not sure the irritation was caused by IPL treatment or irritating ingredients of facial, that seemed to devalid the good effect of my previous GentleYAG treatment.


2nd treatment (200610):

The 2nd treatment was done by different technical practitioner, which is more meticulous and in fact, she is the best amid the three. She explained every step and kept asking me if I was in pain, she is lovely. Like 1st treatment, the overall brightening result was greatly appreciable right after the treatment. My skin was well-behaved during the rainy season, basically no dehydration issue and I could feel my skin was more firm and moist.


3rd treatment (140710):

Again, the 3rd treatment was done by another new technical practitioner. The treatment result was quite consistent, the improved firmness was fantastic too. There was certainly a difference between firming and lifting. In my beauty interpretation, firming = soft + plump + good elasticity + moist + more defined contour; and lifting = look 5~10 years younger + tightening + more defined contour + flatter skin. Indirectly, firming doesn’t diminish fine lines and wrinkles totally (lifting will) but it does impart rejuvenated complexion, thus look more youthful as well.



From what I could see and feel, I summarized these points as following:

  • Improvements:

Skin firmness (good elasticity), slightly more defined facial contour (particularly in first two weeks), smaller pores (I believe that’s due to improved skin moisture), my skin sensitivity had been improved (most probably the joint benefit with GentleYAG treatment) that I rarely suffer any skin tingling nowdays. 

  • I didn’t see the improvements on these aspects:

Facial veins, freckles, mild melasma on cheekbones and fine lines (may be). However, during July to Aug months in Bangkok, almost rainy everyday (May be the IPL helps), my facial veins, freckles, mild melasma on cheekbones were very less visible.


Personally I think IPL is a wonderful photo-facial for maintaining skin firmness and it is helpful to delay aging, you can see the best result with a treatment every 2~4 weeks. The cost is depending on many factors, such as the type of IPL device, reputation of the clinic, practitioner ‘s experience and skill, number of treatment, or your budget for skin treatment…etc. Since my last IPL treatment, at least 3 months has passed at the time of writing, I think my skin was slowly going back to pre-treatment stage, perhaps slightly better still.


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