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Liese Bubble Hair Colour (Dark Chocolat)

Posted on: October 30, 2010


After 5 year staying far far away from hair colouring, I thought it was a time to change my hair colour. Liese by Kao Japan (  is something new for me, dying the hair like shampooing? I  decided to skip my favorite hair colour, Garnier.



Dark Chocolat is the darkest shade among 10 Liese shades and I always choose darker shade, hopefully it would be appearing more natural eventhough my DIY hair colouring is uneven.



As the application is different from other hair colouring products, I strongly suggest you to read the instruction carefully before use. Besides its original Japanese instruction, It also included manuals of English, Chinese and Malay since I bought it in Malaysia for ~USD12.


Items included in the box : Solution1, Solution2, Former cap, Gloves, Nourishing Hair Lotion, User manual, Allergy Test Panel.


It has Skin Allergy Test Procedure to check if you prone to allergic before using it. From the product instruction, it ideally to leave on the mixture for 48 hours but I tested it for 3 hours only. Still, (%\<~excuse¥*/+me&><;&£), the dye actually was unable to remove thoroughly after leave on for 3 hours! That was probably why Liese advised user to apply oily moisturizer onto skin for stain prevention. Anyhow, as long as I tissue off or rinse the dye in minute, I have no worries to have the almost-irremovable mark.  By the way, the mark of my hand faded off completely in a couple of days.



The chemical smell is very strong during the application but dissipated gradually and I think the smell is not very noticeable after hair wash. I thought the povided hair conditioner is too little for my long hair but realized later it is actually a leave-on conditioner. To keep my post short and simple, below attached pictures will show you some details of the process.



Additional points of ……

What I love:

+ easier to rinse off the dye

+ soft and non-drying hair after colouring

+ genuine colour as promised on packaging

+ pretty packaging & reasonably priced

What I dislike:

– It might be dripping 1~2 drops during 30 mins waiting time.

– it stung the hair scalp slightly.

– difficult to apply evenly on inner part of hair.



7 Responses to "Liese Bubble Hair Colour (Dark Chocolat)"

I just used this too.. however it really isnt want i wanted :\
How long did yours lasted for until it started to fade? Or are there any ways to ‘remove’ it? if i keep washing my hair for the next few days would it fade a little? :\\

Hello zana,

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get your ideal colour, that must be pretty annoying since I had been gone through the similar experience before. (That’s was one reason why I loved darker shade, easily to remedy in case I don’t like the colour “b)
I afraid the colour won’t be faded away easily because Liese is permanent type of hair colouring. The quick way to change a hair colour is by hair bleaching (can be done at professional hair salon) then re-colouring. However, I suggest you to seek a professional opinion from hair stylist because the process would probably badly damage your hair that require intensive hair treatment. Wish you luck. (“v)

I test for the allergy test but mine is like nothing on.Is like it blend into the skin and is like I never apply anything at all..Is it a bad thing or a good thing?

Hi Angel,
I tested the liquid mixture of solution 1&2 on skin, so the mixture should be in dark colour after shaking well. (may be your shade is blonde or light colour?) If no skin irritation like redness, itchy, flare-up etc occurs, then it is okay to use. (“v)

How does teh skin allergy test work? What do you do? :O

Plus it’s my first time dying and I got marshmallow brown….now I’m not sure whether it’s a really light color :\

Hi Denise,
If I remember correctly, the allergy test method is included in the user manual.

Referring to my 6th, 7th and 8th pictures in this post, take few drops of solution 1&2 at 3:4 ratio and mixed them evenly in the ring of the pinkish Allergy Test card. Then use cotton buds to apply the mixture onto skin of hand. Leave on the mixture on skin for 48 hours (as suggested by Kao) or at least few hours liked what I did, if no irritation (redness, itching, bumps,… etc) occurs, then it is fine to use. In addition, apply some body lotion/moisturizer on the skin before the patch test can help to prevent the stain.

Try google “Liese Bubble Hair Colour marshmallow brown”, you can find many reviews about this particular shade. Be mindful, the result is depending on the before-dye hair colour as shown in my 4th picture, so you need to take note the the reviewer’s hair colour before they used the product. The 4th picture also mentioned result may also vary by hair condition, room temperature and how long the mixture had been left on hair. (“v)

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