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Skin Exfoliating with Cocoon

Posted on: October 27, 2010

This is nothing new but I always hesitant to pay more for full size product, hence I was quite excited when I saw this travel size in Daiso (THB60/4pieces).

I was expecting it’s fragrance free but it has kind of unpleasant chemical smell, so does it release any harmful stuff to skin while rubbing the skin? I don’t know.


Direction for use:

  1. Use it on cleansed skin after washing your face or removing your makeup. It’s most effective if you use it during bath.
  2. Soak it in hot water of about 40 degrees Celsius for about two to three minutes.
  3. Put your finger into a moistened and softened cocoon and softly massage any areas you are concerned about, such as the nostrils.
  4. Proceed with your skin care routine after using this product. 


According to the product packaging, each cocoon can be used three to five times. Do not store it in hot and humid location or expose it to direct sunlight.

Lets try.


After softened in hot water, the cocoon remained in its original shape but became slightly softer. I prefer using it on cleansed and dampen skin, only focus on nostril and inner cheeks that easily prone to blackheads.


Cocoon is made of 100% silk, rich in amino acids, you can have mild peeling effect of natural silk as it meant for removing dead skin cells and pore-clogging dirt. Think about using loofah for body exfoliation in shower. I used one cocoon for three consecutive nights, the skin seemed to be a little bit smoother that the pores were looked smaller, although those stubborn blackheads were still required manual squeezing. Sometimes I could feel the skin notably smoother right after scrubbing.

Overall I think cocoon for daily exfoliation is a gentler way (might be too mild) comparing to using facial scrub, particularly some facial scrubs contain gritty and edgy fruit particles that can be sharp to skin. However I don’t think this is something that can replace normal exfoliation or deep cleansing.

2 Responses to "Skin Exfoliating with Cocoon"

heys, you frequently mention grape seed oil massage as part of your regiment for easy removal of blackheads. haven’t gone through all your product i might have missed your review on it. what brand is it, btw and is it only available in Thailand?

would you recommend its use for oily skin types with tendency for black/white heads and breakouts?

Hi denise,
You can check out my grape seed oil review here. Unlike olive oil, we got limited choice of grape seed oil in Thailand, in fact the Borges was the only choice in few supermarkets that I shopped frequently so my review was particularly based on the brand, but I believe the brand really doesn’t matter.

Personally I think it is fine for oily skin as long as you have done proper periodical exfoliation (either scrub or chemical exfoliation, or even manual blackhead squeezing). I found out later there were many raves about using kitchen grape seed oil for face on makekupalley, try key in “grapeseed oil makeupalley” in google search engine, you will see regardless of brand, each scored at least 4.5/5 in general. Obviously, I am not alone.

You can try anyway, if it does not work for you, grape seed oil is very good oil for cooking too. (“v)

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